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A new ECWolf Fork, and a mod to try it with.

It has been a while since a major release of ECWolf. In that absense, linuxwolf has studied the engine and started building his own fork of ECWolf, adding new features to expand modding potential.

Thus far this new fork of ECWolf enables the use of “damage types”, allowing for “damage resistant” enemies, and separate death animations depending on the damage type assigned.
Parallaxing skies (As seen in DOOM) are currently implemented but still being tweaked.


Expanding the capabilities of ECWolf is important, and hopefully we’ll see some amazing new mods come out in the near future using this new fork.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of the new features in AstroCreep’s example mod built in this new variation of ECWolf.
The mod plays on the original maps, but randomizes enemy types (Adding multiple enemy variations), has neat destructible objects (Shoot the table. SHOOT THE TABLE!) and adds three new weapons with their own damage types and death animations!

AstroCreep’s Wolf3D Demolition also requires either a copy of Registered Wolf3D, or Spear of Destiny to play.

linuxwolf is a member of Team Raycast and the developer of the in-engine Map Editor EisenEdit.
It is great to see someone dedicating time to creating tools specifically to help the community at large. If you agree, take a moment to look at linuxwolf’s Patreon page and consider pledging a dollar to fund their development efforts.

linuxwolf’s ECWolf fork – Source, documentation on the new features.
AstroCreep’s Wolf3D Demolition Download
DieHard Wolfer’s forum thread for Wolf3D Demolition
EisenEdit on WolfSource

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