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Releases: 8 ports named after their creators (MacenWolf)

There’s no shortage of Wolfenstein 3D mods that incorporate the author’s name into the game. Yesterday, Serpens released another large collection of 8 ports for the MacenWolf project, chosen for their naming conventions.

These projects will each work with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter (Updated to the latest version), and can be discussed on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.

Brobst’s CC is one of two games in this collection that are attributed to John Brobst.

It is a two map adventure, that will probably have you die at least once.

Download Brobst’s CC (ModDB)

Also by John Brobst, the project Brobst’s Marathon is another levelset spanning two maps.

It’s also another quite challenging experience.

Download Brobst’s Marathon (ModDB)

kevin 1

Kevin’s Training is a set of six maps by Training Kevin.


Download Kevin’s Training (ModDB)

seth 1

A set of levels originally made for The First Encounter (As are a lot of the smaller sets), Seth’s Levels For Wolf-3D is exactly what it says on the box, and was made by none other than Seth.

Download Seth’s Levels for Wolf-3D (ModDB)

Scott’s Revenge is a crazy game by Scott; one level that really just has to be played.

Be prepared, though I doubt it’s something you can prepare yourself for.

Download Scott’s Revenge (ModDB)

tom 1

You will never guess who made Tom’s Wolf Map. That’s right; Tom.

This set includes three levels to play.

Download Tom’s Wolf Map (ModDB)

vik 1

A single map, Vik’s Fun House is another affair originally built for The First Encounter.

The project was made…by Vik.

Download Vik’s Fun House (ModDB)

tim 2

Tim’s game, Tim’s Wolf Maps appear to be the star release in this set. The project itself spans a whopping 38 maps spread out over multiple scenarios, and due to it’s use of procedural generation, warranted an interesting chunk of discussion in the accompanying MacenWolf article.

Download Tim’s Wolf Maps (ModDB)

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