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4-player Wolf3D is now possible on Raspberry Pi

A member of the Raspberry Pi community named Lazd has converted the mod “SplitWolf” to RetroPie, the popular retro-game emulator.
linuxwolf and DoomJedi of Team RayCast worked closely with lazd to bring the game over, adding new art, assets, and support to the new version of the game.
Team RayCast made the original SplitWolf mod.


What does this mean? It means multiplayer Wolf3D on your TV, powered by a computer that costs $40 and fits in the palm of your hand. It even has gamepad support!

SplitWolf for RetroPie (GitHub)
ModDB Announcement and installation instructions (25/01/2019)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread

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  • doomjedi 2019-02-03, 5:18 am

    Well, I did assist in this as well, so I should’ve been mentioned.
    I made alot of new sprites for this version, especially to support Mission Packs/Return to Danger enemies, and was part of all development and testing as well.

    • Zombie Zombie 2019-02-03, 5:34 am

      My apologies! The post has been edited to reflect that.

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