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3DRealms is porting Rise of the Triad!

In news we forgot to post, it looks like 3DRealms is taking it upon themselves to bring the original Rise of the Triad: Dark War to modern systems and consoles!

In a candid and not at all planned video, a 3DRealms worker shows the game running on a Nintendo Switch, and saying it’ll be coming to Playstation, Xbox and PC.
He also discusses improvements being made, including widescreen support, and whatever “revamped multiplayer” may entail. It’ll be interesting to see if this source port will support mods and map packs.

After SVKaiser’s port seems to have fizzled out, it wasn’t clear what the future of ROTT on modern systems was going to be. This is a great sign, and a chance for the game to get a deserved renaissance.

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