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Versions of MapEdit

This guide lists all the publicly released versions of MapEdit, and their changelogs.
This list exists for historical reasons, if you’re interested in using MapEdit to modify your games, you should go here.

Version 2.0Author: Bill Kirby
Edits Shareware 1.0 only
Version 3.0Author: Bill Kirby
More complete object-list
Version 4.0Author: Bill Kirby
Still only supports Shareware 1.0 files
Floorcodes added
View Floorcodes toggle added
This release went open source (MAPEDIT.PAS), updated source files can be found in other versions up to 7.2
Version 4.1Author: Bill Kirby
Support for Registered Wolfenstein
Support for Carmack Compressed WL1 and WL6 files
Version 4.1aAuthor: Dave Huntoon
Expanded object list to make more in-game objects available in the Editor (Mutant 4 Moving)
Spear of Destiny compatibility added
Version 4.2Author: Ralf Seidel
Released: 1993/09
Quality of life changes
Version 5.0Author: Bryan Baker
Display of Critical Statistics
Version 6.0Author: Dave Huntoon
Added functionality (Help, Copy, Paste, Exchange, Write/Read)
Version 6.1Author: Matt Gruson
Added more functions (Map/Object Mode toggle, scroll legend display, right mouse button support, Shift + left mouse button memorizes value from map)
Version 7.0Authors: Bryan Baker & Dave Huntoon
Expanded statistics features,
Read/Write filename may now be specified
Improved program error reporting & logic during startup
Version 7.1Author: Bryan Baker
Version 7.2Author: K van den Helm
Support for Spear of Destiny demo maps (.SDM)
F1 Help Function
Last version to include source code (MAPEDIT.PAS)
Version 8.0Authors: Bryan Baker, David Huntoon, Warren Buss
Released: 1994/06/12
Support for Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold added, with documentation
Many hotkeys added and changed
Added MAPEDIT.INI file support for changing editor defaults.
Data Definition files now commentable.
Version 8.1Authors: Bryan Baker, David Huntoon, Warren Buss
Released: 1994/08/16
Middle-mouse button support (Map/Object Mode toggle)
More functions added (Rotate, Mirror)
Program to create/modify MAPEDIT.ini included
Various UI changes
Version 8.3Authors: Bryan Baker, David Huntoon, Warren Buss
Support for Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Corridor 7, and Operation Body Count added
Corridor 7 map-transfer utility and documentation included
Requirement to include "EGAVGA.BGI" with MapEdit eliminated
Version 8.4Authors: Bryan Baker, David Huntoon, Warren Buss
Bug fixes for Operation Body Count and Corridor 7 map support.
Operation Body Count and Corridor 7 documentation changed, includes Debug Mode guide
New Statistics for animation count (Operation Body Count and Corridor 7 only)
Version 8.5Author: Chris Chokan
No longer requires TPPatch to run
Version 9.0Author: BrotherTank
Based on the source for 7.2
Goal was to reach feature parity with 8.0 versions of MapEdit, then expand the editing capabilities
Does not support Corridor 7 or Operation Body Count
Big thanks to Chris Chokan and Serpens for helping source so many different downloads! This list is what it is because of them.
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