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Play mods in ECWolf easily (Without unzipping)

Provided the mod you download doesn’t use a modified exe file of it’s own, you can actually play it directly inside ECWolf without even unpacking the downloaded zip file!
This can be useful if you want to save space and easily switch between mods on the fly.

Step 1: ECWolf.WL6

To be able to do this, you have to add an extra file to the zipped mod.

Open notepad, and immediately save the file as “ECWolf.WL6”. Make sure you leave the file blank, and the “Save as type” field is set to “All Files”.

If the mod uses a different extension (WL1, SOD, WL3) simply change the extension of the ECWolf file to match.

Drag and drop the newly created file into the zip of your desired mod.

Guess what? You’re done! Now, if you drag the mod’s file (In this case, acktung.zip) over your ECWolf exe file, you will be able to play the mod!

REMEMBER: This will only work with mods that do not have their own executable file.

Have fun!

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