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Serpens has released more ports for the MacenWolf project.

robertstein 2

First is a pair of mapsets by Robert Edvardsson called Robertstein – Finest and Robertstein – Tricky. Bundled together in MacenWolf as Robertstein, the sets together total 21 levels.

southeast 2

South/East Trick I and South/East Trick II were small mapsets made for The Third Encounter. They were created by Clubey to showcase a particular exploit in the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D, explained briefly in MacenWolf’s article.
The projects have been combined for MacenWolf, with seven total maps. It’s noted that the maps in South/East Trick I are included in South/East Trick II, but with an increase in difficulty.

These games can be played using either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter as a base. Make sure they’re updated to the latest version!

Download Robertstein (ModDB)
Download South/East Trick I and II (ModDB)

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Images from MacenWolf ModDB page


Release: Margarina V1 (DOS)

Margarina V1 is a map by DavidNes that has floated around for a little while, but has been officially added to ModDB.

An odd map, Margarina V1 is intended as a protest against the Isreali Government, symbolised by how easy it is to die. There are no changed graphics so as to keep the Vanilla (or as David puts it, “Margarine”) look of everything.

On the map, David says: “In this map we have a lot lot lot of enemies, it’s almost impossible to past the level, should you??”

The project will require the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, but can run with most source ports.

Download Margarina V1 (ModDB)


Release: Geheimwaffel (DOS)(NSFW)

Capping off TryHardWolfers’ releases on ModDB comes this new release.

Geheimwaffel is a three level game that has BJ obtain a weapon that transforms the level around him into adult themed elements.
The themes are an odd and bold choice, but the weapon concept is clever and it’s great to see some imaginative design go into what is typically boiled down to “does it hitscan or fire a projectile to do damage”.

Like other projects under the TryHardWolfers banner, this one is built on the DOS Wolf3D engine and will require an emulator like DosBox to play.

Geheimwaffel (ModDB)


This week’s release in the MacenWolf project is dedicated to the demo to a (possibly incomplete) project called Little Schabbs of Horror, by Jon Wigand with assistance from Laz Rojas and Jan Patters (As credited).

littleschabbs 2

Little Schabbs of Horror was to be a larger release for The Third Encounter, but so far Serpens has only been able to locate a five map demo. The project has new graphics and sounds, and a storylike included in the text files, as well as other details.

This version of Little Schabbs of Horror is playable using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter and MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

Download Little Schabbs of Horror (ModDB)

Screenshot from MacenWolf ModDB


Release: Teh Mawd Wif No Name (DOS)

Another release from TryHardWolfers has been added to ModDB, after an initial release in October last year.

Teh Mawd Wif No Name is a one level game with a Western theme. The map is small and rewards exploration, exhibiting some interesting ideas in the process.

This game is built on the DOS Wolf3D engine, and will require emulation from a program like DosBox to play on modern systems.

Teh Mawd Wif No Name (ModDB)


Release: The BJ that stole Xmas (DOS)

A late mention, The BJ that stole Xmas is a new release by the entity TryHardWolfers, who has just recently joined ModDB to post their project, originally released a few weeks ago.

Image 4

The project has you walking through a decorated castle(?) fighting tactically placed enemies. The objective in this game is changed in a way similar to Corridor 7; requiring the player to locate all the present items in a level to proceed to the next. BJ being green probably lends to a Grinch theme.

The game is made using the DOS Wolf3D engine, and will require emulation via a program like DosBox to work.

The BJ that stole Xmas (ModDB)

Screenshot from ModDB page


Serpen’s MacenWolf release this week features two mods linked by a common theme of “Hell”!

hell 2

Hell Wolfenstein is an early map set by Clubey (With uncredited contributions from other authors), featuring 8 maps originally made for The First Encounter.

Wolfenstein: The Hell to Heaven (As translated from Japanese) is as suggested a Japanese mod from all the way back in 1996. Created by a modder called Tomohisa Kishihata and collected by Clubey, this game spans 11 levels and was also originally made for The First Encounter.

Despite their origins, to run these games you will only need a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to play them.

Download Hell Wolfenstein (ModDB)
Download Wolfenstein: The Hell to Heaven (ModDB)

Screenshots from the MacenWolf ModDB page.


Release: Merry Crisis (LZWolf)

Christmas isn’t over yet it seems, with MysticalMist releasing a holiday-themed project called Merry Crisis.

Merry Crisis is 6 levels long and self-described as a “Mini-Mod”, and includes many changed graphics and resources (The credits list for those resources is included in the download). As the game is created using LZWolf, it takes advantage of features included in the engine, such as textured floors.

The game will require an up to date copy of LZWolf, and the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download Merry Crisis (ModDB)


Release: Untergang

This week has seen one of the quirkiest and interesting Wolf3D projects of 2020 be released.

Untergang is a project by Wolf3D community members (in no particular order) Nexion, AryanWolf3D, Serpens, Atina, Nep and Wolf3DGuy, calling their new development team “Team Straycats”.

Untergang itself is a very unusual game, building an abstract and at many times puzzling journey in the Wolfenstein 3D universe.
The game spans 19 levels, and each level introduces it’s own unique aspects to the environment and gameplay that will require puzzle-solving on top of the usual affair of running and gunning.

The game is built on Wolf4SDL, and will run without the need for any additional files.

Untergang (ModDB)
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Screenshots from Untergang ModDB page


Release: Munchkinstein (MacenWolf)

Despite it being Christmas, that hasn’t stopped the MacenWolf train chugging! This week’s MacenWolf port from Serpens is Munchkinstein, an odd game by Laz Rojas.

Munchkinstein spans 30 levels, and uses altered sprites from the PC version of Wolf3D (As seen above)

Munchkinstein is playable using an up to date copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

Download Munchkinstein (ModDB)
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Screenshot by Serpens (via ModDB)