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Oct - Dec 2001


December 29, 2001.

Here's a message from Parafriction:

The Wolfenstein 3D DomeThe Wolfenstein 3-D Dome Opens!

And you never thought you would see hell freeze over... It's official! Brian Lowe and I announce today that The Wolfenstein 3D Dome, a joint website eventually replacing "Mr. Lowe's Homepage" and "The Final Solution", has opened it's doors at it's domain: http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk/. Special attention to you is asked because with this grand opening you can win yourself a prize.

We thought it would be nice to have a little contest. A wallpaper contest, that is. If you have a touch of Monèt in your veins, make (a) wallpaper(s) that uses textures from Wolfenstein. Screenshots of you playing, an edited existing shot, grabs from add-ons, VSWAP/VGAGRAPH images, RTCW images, just think up something. Do whatever you want with your own Wolfenstein 3-D wallpaper to make it stand out, just until you think your wallpaper is thè masterpiece and upload-ready.

No contest without a prize -- if you win, you'll receive a video of Hitler's Third Reich: Blitzkrieg over Poland and the Wolfenstein 3D Hintbook. Plus a secret prize not even noted on the Dome. So it IS worth to enter the contest!

Winning is simple. After we get in at least 30 wallpapers or the contest ends at the 1st of February 2002, it's time for everyone to vote for their favourite wallpaper by mail. For the rules, click here.

And what's more, there's also a 'Wolf3D Mansion style' EZBoard Forum. You can post stuff there too. Feel free to send comments to brian@brlowe.globalnet.co.uk .

I would personally like to thank all who helped for your dedicated support, criticism, and enthusiasm through the many ups and downs in the development of the Wolfenstein 3-D Dome.


December 27, 2001.

Zach Higgins has a new site to promote his TC Projekt: Vertilgung. Though still under construction, there's already info about the set plus lots of pics and a links section.

December 25, 2001.

Happy Christmas everybody!! Zach Higgins is working with James Ingham on Projekt: Vertilgung and there's lots of new features:

plus, "something we're not telling you yet"... as well as a lot more stuff. Here's a screenshot:

There are more shots here.

James Ingham tells me his Wolfenstein 3D Galaxy site has temporarily closed down and will be moving to the same server as Chad's site.

December 23, 2001.

Bobby Bucksnort has released Reinstaad Demo. There are three well designed levels. This is a fast moving set with many imported graphics and sounds, and some source code changes. You can get it here.

Here's an email from Chad Allard...

My site, The Wolf3D Realm, finally has a new host! Over the next few days, I will be moving all my files there. Once there, I will be doing major construction to the site.

The site's Grand Opening has been made for Jan. 1, 2002.

Chad Allard (Webmaster - Wolf3D Realm)

Thanks Chad for the above info - I'll post the new url here when it's ready.

Patrick Gray (of PG's Wolf 3D ) has given his first monthly site award to this page.


Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D News

Thanks Patrick.

Here's a pic from Luke Strauman's upcoming TC Himmler's SS.

There's another new pic, plus some earlier ones, here.

James Ingham sent me some pics too - from his upcoming TC Project Verdammt.

There are more pics here.

December 22, 2001.

Here's a new Wolf 3D site - it's by Patrick Gray and is called PG's Wolf 3D. There are many sections, including downloads.

There's a new ten level add-on by Patrick not available elsewhere, plus a compilation of Boss levels from the original set. Also available are Doom 2 wads of some Wolf3D episodes and Spear. I made some pics from these here. They may take a while to load.

PG's Wolf 3D

Due to Geocities new bandwidth rules there may be times when the site is not accessible. Patrick has asked me to add the following..

"I apologize for the problem with accessing the site when there is too much traffic in it. I hope to fix this soon. If it doesn't allow you in, please check back soon."

December 20, 2001.

Sam Feichter's Gorenstein 2 has been updated. There are now ten new levels (the complete first episode), and some new graphics have been added.

For those who already have an earlier version, there's an upgrade available, or you can get the complete new version here.

The release date of Paal Olstad's next TC The Tower should be around Christmas. There are just a few final adjustments to be done.

Luke Strauman has sent me the first two pics from his upcoming TC Himmler's SS.

Release date should be X-mas Day.

December 15, 2001.

Peter Johansson sent me an animated gif of Hitler. You can see it here.

DTrade has released War Zone III - Counter Attack. This is a ten level set with many graphics, sounds and source code changes. As with DTrade's earlier sets, there's lots of action and a lot of pushwalls.

December 10, 2001.

Zach Higgins has joined Verdammt Software.

Himmler's SS is almost done. There's just some levels left to to do. Luke Strauman, the author, sent me this pic of the title screen.

December 9, 2001.

James Ingham is helping out on Zach's add-on Project Vertilgung. So far the source code changes are:

And there will be more to come.

More news from James...

Project Verdammt

In other news, my Project Verdammt has been stopped for a while due to a massive bug. The menu's in the game work but when you start to play it simply crashes. I can't really fix this but if anyone wants a go e-mail me at james@verdammt.8m.net.


My new club

I also have a new club which is actually a group. It's called James' Coding Club.

I finally created a section for the Source Code. Borland 3.1 and the source code files have been posted and there are also links to sites having tutorials. It's at Wolfenstein 3D Source Code.

December 8, 2001.

Luke Strauman regrets to inform everyone that Sorcerer's Wrath won't now be completed*, but a demo of his latest upcoming TC Himmler's SS will be ready soon. Almost 75% of the code is already done!!!!!!

If you've any questions, email Luke at boytoy_east@hotmail.com.

*For those who are interested there's a one level demo version of Sorcerer's Wrath here.

Zach Higgins, author of Project Vertilgung has a new e-mail address. It's now at WolfenDude87@aol.com. For info on his TC, see the items listed Nov 29.

If anyone's interested in working on a TC, Ryan de Haast urgently needs someone to create a boss for Rising Evil. The boss has to be a scientist which uses a rocket launcher and a chain gun for protection. E-mail Ryan for more info.

Also, on Ryan's site Rising Evil, he's recently added an extra add-on section for those who'd like to post their add-ons. A number of TC's have already been posted and more will be added every weekend.

Planet Wolfenstein is a new site about Wolf 3D. There are many sections and although it concentrates on the recently released RTCW, there's a lot there too for fans of the original game. The current featured mod is Project Totengraeber 2!!

Fred Kenny's email address has changed. You can now email Fred at babyfweddy@msn.com.

Version 0.3 of the Q3A => RTCW and RTCW => Q3A Map Converter is now out.

The changes are:

You can get it, and see a full size version of the above pic here. Thanks to [Win]Elchtest for the above information.

December 3, 2001.

Michael Larcombe has a new website called Wolf3D Trench. It's well designed and has a number of sections. Not all the download links work yet though. You can find news of Michael's upcoming TC Ubel Eingefleischt (look in Projects).

Michael has a Monthly Wolf3D Award and he's given the first one to me. Thanks Michael, it's appreciated.

November 29, 2001.

Zach Higgins has released Project Vertilgung. This version has ten well designed levels (the first episode), and a lot of graphics, sounds and source code changes. A sixty level version is planned.

If you've any questions, comments, or bug reports, please email Zach at WolfenDude87@aol.com.

Spear Resurrection has been released. Here's news about it from Steve Walley...

MCS and I have finally finished Spear Resurrection (it's actually a sequel to the original Spear of Destiny, but we called it Spear Resurrection for copyright reasons). It's available for download from our site at AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D. It took a lot of time to make this TC, but we think it's been worthwhile.

Also, we're running a competition with it - the highest score achieved by Christmas will receive a collection of original wall and sprite graphics that didn't make it into Spear Resurrection, plus they'll receive a special "editor's" edition of the game. There's a second prize also. Details are at our website.

Steve Walley.

Pablo Dictter has released The SS Gonna Get You. It's a five level set including a secret level. There are no new graphics, but the levels are well designed. It needs the registered set to play.

Pablo has a website called Pablo's Place. Besides Wolf3D, there are many other games supported including Doom and The Heretic.

November 25, 2001.

Bobby Bucksnort's next set will be a Spear Episode Reinstaad: The Revenge. There'll be 10 new levels, plus a secret level and the Deathangel level, for a total of 12.

The maps are done, the graphics and sounds are in place. Now all that is left is to staff the levels and put the objects in place, and some final minor tweaks to the source code. Expect it's release by Christmas, but meanwhile you can download info on the storyline here (13Kb).

Wolfenstein 3D Wiecznie Zywy is a site in the Polish language by Kuki. There'll be an English version soon.

Wolfenstein 3D Wiecznie Zywy Link

There are many sections, and there's a new TC to download called Project: Weltuntergang (see Downloads). It has twenty levels thus far, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. From what I played already, it looks like a pretty good set!! Here's a couple of pics I made...

ps - I've since had reports that the above link doesn't always work but you can also get the add-on here.

Yellow Jacket's Tavern is back on a new url!! There's add-ons and links, plus an update on a new project called Wolfpak No.1.

November 24, 2001.

I posted Scott's Return Of Dr. Schabbs (beta) as it seems it's been unavailable since the Black Hole was taken off. You can get it here.

Here's an email from Sam Feichter...


I need a development team for my new team "Poisoned Snake Software"!

I need editors for my Doom game, Castle of Doom! (ZDoom required)


I need:


I also need these for Wolfenstein games!


You MUST send me an example of your work to help me.

Plus, of course you get full credit for whatever is yours. (Midi composers and some script editors will only be put on the full credit list, due to some space problems.)

Any questions or offers, e-mail Samiam5446@msn.com!


Harry Mass Senior has released Closer. There are five new levels, plus a special secret boss level accessed from the fifth level. As always, there's plenty of action and many graphics, sounds and source code changes. Here are two pics I made...

November 22, 2001.

James Ingham has a new competition. You have to give a name to the boss in James' upcoming set Project Verdammt. The best name wins, and you get listed in the game credits!! See James' Wolfenstein 3D Galaxy for more details.

The WEB FERRET program available from my main page has just been updated. It's a useful freeware tool for searching the web, and this latest version covers more search engines than the previous one.

November 19, 2001.

Gary Ragland has released ten new levels for Episode 4. This is Gary's first set for some time (due to his college work) but the magic is still there! No new graphics or sounds etc, but with levels of this quality it doesn't matter. Enjoy! Needs the registered set to play.

Two of Nate Smith's sites are back online with new url's. They are

November 17, 2001.

Since Kenny's Wolf3D Mansion closed down, finding downloads for the source code has not been easy. Chad has helped remedy the situation by posting Borland 3.1 and some other files and will soon have tutorials and other info. Meanwhile, some other sites already have tutorials and I hope these links will help:

Zach sent me the following info on Project Vertilgung. It looks pretty good!!

Here's a pic...

More pics here.

Ryan (wolf3d_boy) handed his Quake1 Only Club to me after being taken ill with cancer. I sincerely hope he recovers. I don't know a lot about Quake1 but if anyone wants to help me make this club work, please join at Quake1 Only.

November 14, 2001.

Here's news I received from Sam Feichter...

Hiya All - It's been a while since I have talked, but with all this stupid homework, I have no time. Well, newly released is my demo of "Heil Hitler!". Please e-mail me what you think of it!

Well, I have made some awesome discoveries!

First, I am making my first ever WORKING Doom II TC! It's called Castle of Doom. It's about the Doom Marine ending up in Hell to save his kids from a giant castle, which has other castles, towers, sewers, labs, and caves within it! It uses stuff from Unreal, Wolfenstein (maybe), Ultimate Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and other stuff. The music is awesome! The opening level sure looks cool, and is hard since you start out with a pistol in front of many Baron's of Hell!!!

Another discovery is one that all you Wolfenstein fans have been waiting for! It converts Wolfenstein levels to Doom! Unfortunately, Doom has only 30-40 levels, and Wolf has 60. You will have to split it up. And it comes with a thing that has the walls from wolfenstein, and puts them in the wad! Now, you can make YOUR add-ons onto Doom levels, and easily edit it using DeHacked!

It's on the Doom GL page on Doomworld under Source Modifications. You need something that can handle RAR and ARJ files, though...

Well, that's all for now.


Thanks Sam for the above info. Here's a pic I made from the opening level of Heil Hitler. The demo has 5 levels.

November 10, 2001.

I posted Barry Christian's 4th set The Six Depths Of Terrorism after noticing that it wasn't available anymore. All files are included. Barry's three early sets are already available...

Pablo Dictter sent me some pics taken from his upcoming set The SS Gonna Get You. Here's one of them...

The SS Gonna Get You - pic

There are more pics here, and several others at Pablo's Place site (in the Projects section).

A new map editing tricks section has been added to the Wolf 3D Disaster Zone. You can also download The 13th Floor (a six level add-on, including a secret level), and there's news on two upcoming add-ons.

November 8, 2001.

James Ingham has a new page just for his games and other downloads. It's at Verdammt Software.

I received an email from Gary Ragland today!! Gary will have some time away from college soon and hopes to be able to complete a new 10 level set for episode four. If things go well, he'll also try episodes 5 and 6. Much appreciated, Gary.

Bobby Bucksnort's New Wolf has been released. There are 15 continuous well designed levels. There's also many graphics, sounds and source code changes. More difficult to beat than the original game. Bobby did most of the levels but I did the 13th and final one.

November 6, 2001.

Here's news from James Ingham...

I have some bad news on my site(s).

Fortune City think I'm uploading midi files which I'm not allowed to do, so they've prevented people from going to my source site and the frames page on my main page. Please don't mail me about this as I already know **duh**?

The problem should be dealt with shortly.

- james

James has since informed me that the problem has been sorted out. Also, that 14 of his tutorials and many others are now available from James' Source Code Page.

Mutantstein IV (Darkworld) has been released by Bobby Bucksnort. There are 6 new fast moving levels made to a very high standard, plus many graphics and source code changes. Here's a pic I made...

November 4, 2001.

Bobby Bucksnort's New Wolf will be ready soon. There are 15 levels and many graphics/source code changes. I've played many of the levels and it looks real good. Meanwhile, here's a pic from Bobby's next set Mutantstein IV (Darkworld).

Here's two recent items from The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club.

November 1, 2001.

Pablo Dictter has a new Pablo's Place site. There are many games supported, including Doom and The Heretic. Wolf3D is there too, and has news of an upcoming set called The SS Gonna Get You!!

October 28, 2001.

Fred Kenny has released WolfUSA2. Wall designs and treasures are red, white and blue (hence the title), and most actors are new.

The maps are from Fred's first set Wolffred (ie new maps on episode 3, plus altered levels on other episodes).

CHAOS SOFTWARE has moved!! Also, the Operation: Zusammenkunft Source Code is now available to download.

Neurotic Conversions is a general gaming page by T. Coco. Although he's an active member of the Quake 1 community, there's lots of info on many other games too.

October 26, 2001.

Merijn Heijnen's site now has news of his upcoming set Red Alert 2. Also, his add-ons now have 'all files included'. It's at MH's Wolf3d add-ons.

James' Wolfenstein 3D Galaxy has been updated again. Check out the link!!

Ken Rohrer has sent me a scenario for Mac users of Wolf3D. It's called Timbuktu.

AReyeP and MCS have released a number of pics from their upcoming Spear Resurrection TC.

More pics here. The full storyline and manual is available from AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D.

I posted two of Barry Christian's sets - Armageddon, and The Road To Neuschwanstein. They are both TC's and are now available at Easyspace.

October 19, 2001.

Pablo Dictter has released a new version of Escape!. This new version has the changed exe taken out, but the maps are the same as before.

As mentioned previously, the ten levels are well designed and in the style of the originals, and there are no new graphics. Requires the registered set to play.

Yet another Wolf3D Yahoo Club has been started. This one is called the Wolfenstein 3D Chamber, and was founded by Red Nebula Productions. You can "Talk about editing Wolf or about other's tc's". Also for those who are interested in Quake 1, there's Quake One Only, which was founded by Ryan.

October 17, 2001.

I posted Trial By Fire (by Hatch) as the link I had to it didn't work anymore. This is an early shareware set for version 1.0, and you can now download it from Easyspace Shareware.

It's a good set regarding placement of the guards, and there are many winding passages. The set does look dated at times though with its use of multiple portraits. No new graphics.

October 14, 2001.

My main links page is being majorly updated. Several links have already been removed and a few have been changed or added.

Here's news from James Ingham...

"Since coding errors and changes, I'm starting the levels for Project Verdammt again. Some of the reasons are for Coding issues, Older levels had keys in hidden areas and lots of it didn't make sense.

This means Project Verdammt will not be released to BETA testers till at least January and will not be released till Late January.

There is also some other problems (which are being helped with) for Coding, and I may be adding some coding from OP: Zusammenkunft (which Phillip Luy said he would post up or tell me about, but I don't want all of their features).

Also, a Note to BETA testers, please mail me if you want to , but I won't be able to send the game to you until around Jan. But still please ask.

Thats about it for Project Verdammt.

- James"

James can be emailed at jamez_ingham@yahoo.co.uk.

October 12, 2001

AReyeP's site AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D has moved...

AReyeP's  Wolf3D Page

Steve tells me the new site has more webspace than the former Geocities one, and will allow for more development.

Kenny Riley has closed down The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion. This was one of the best designed of all the Wolfenstein 3D sites and will be missed.

On behalf of the SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB, Bobby Bucksnort has given a Personal Achievement Award to CHAOS Software and their OPERATION: ZUSAMMENKUNFT DEMO. It's for the great piece of coding, and utilizing things not seen in previous WOLF sets (gradient ceilings, and the respawning enemies especially). Also, for the full screen mode.

Lode Vandevenne is working on a new TC called Knochenstein (knochen is German for bones). The story plays in 2042, that is 100 years after the original Wolfenstein, and you are a great-great-grand-child of B.J. Blazkowickz.

There'll be graphic and sound changes and new enemies, but some of the original Wolfenstein features will still be there to keep the atmosphere intact. There'll also be some source code changes. At least 20 levels are planned. A site for Knochenstein will be made later.

Meanwhile, Lode has an unreal site called Lode's Unreal.

October 8, 2001.

James Ingham is needing BETA testers for Project Verdammt. If you would like to e-mail him about this then his e-mail address is jamez_ingham@yahoo.co.uk.

Also, to those who have already responded to mail him again.

October 6, 2001.

Here is the proof that the town "Wolfenstein" is real. It is a town in Austria situated approximately 30 km from the Czech border. You can see a pic of it here. Many thanks to [Win]Elchtest for this info. ps - If you like Quake then check out his page here.

Operation: Zusammenkunft Demo v1.0 has been released by Philipp Luy & Andreas Schuler (CHAOS Software).


This is a very impressive set. There are 5 well designed levels and many graphics changes, but also included are a number of very interesting source code changes such as...

There's much more detailed info included in the text file supplied in the zip. All files are included.

Ryan de Haast has a new website dedicated to his new Wolf 3D project Rising Evil. Although it's still under construction, there's info on the project (see story and features), plus links and some source code downloads.

October 4, 2001.

Juan Alva-Guerra has released his first Macintosh Wolf3d Midi composition. The tune is from Mac Wolfenstein 3D 3rd encounter (Level 5 episode 2). It sounds pretty good. You can download it here.

October 2, 2001.

Fred Kenny has released a new version of WolfUSA. The wall designs are still all red, white and blue but there's a lot more variation this time. Maps are from Wolffred, ie - new levels on episode three. The actors are now from the original game.

Here's a quote from Fred Kenny...

"In this one the TERRORISTS have disguised themselves as WWII German soldiers.

To mock the good ole USA, they painted the walls with the colors of the American flag. "

As with Fred's earlier sets, the full version of Wolf 3D is needed to play this one.

James Ingham has started a new club called The RTCW and Wolf 3D Fan Club. James' earlier club with a similar name was deleted by somebody, so here's hoping that this one will last.

October 2, 2001.

Fred Kenny has released a new version of WolfUSA. The wall designs are still all red, white and blue but there's a lot more variation this time. Maps are from Wolffred, ie - new levels on episode three. The actors are now from the original game.

Here's a quote from Fred Kenny...

"In this one the TERRORISTS have disguised themselves as WWII German soldiers.

To mock the good ole USA, they painted the walls with the colors of the American flag. "

As with Fred's earlier sets, the full version of Wolf 3D is needed to play this one.

James Ingham has started a new club called The RTCW and Wolf 3D Fan Club. James' earlier club with a similar name was deleted by somebody, so here's hoping that this one will last.


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