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May - June 2001


June 30, 2001.

Guillermo Buteler has a new Wolf3D webpage. It's called simply Wolfsite and has levels and links. More sections will be added. There's a beta version of Guillermo's new set Losing An As, and an updated version of his first set Nazi's Death Valley.

June 29, 2001.

I just released an Acorn compatible version of Pablo Dictter's From Schabb's Hand. This also works on a PC. You can get it here. As with the earlier version, it needs the full version of Wolf 3D to play on a PC. The new levels are on episode two. Pablo has a website at Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site.

Luke Strauman sent me the following screenshots from his upcoming set The Sorcerer's Wrath...

Brent's Wolf3D Headquarters isn't working anymore, but Brent has now teamed up with Kenny Riley to host a new site. It's at liquid2K.com.

Pablo Dictter is making ten new maps for Wolf 3D. From a quick look at the first four levels he sent me, they look pretty good. I'll post some screenshots here soon.

Here's an award James Ingham sent me for my main site. Thanks James, it's much appreciated!!

You can find James site at James' Wolfenstein 3D Page.

June 26, 2001.

Alex Gilchrist has returned to the Wolf scene with the release of NewYzSod for the Spear Demo. Both levels are completely new (they are not just YzSod updated levels) and there are some graphics modifications. All files are included.

You can get this new set from Alex's new site The Wolfenstein 3D YZ Edition. There's also a number of pics from RTCW.

June 23, 2001.

I've received some emails recently concerning the availability of the registered set. This can still be bought (by downloading online, and by mail order) from The 3D Realms Online Store. Rise of the Triad and many other sets are available from there too. Most are priced at $10.00 each, though Wolf3D sells for $15.00.

Another new Wolf3D club has been started on Yahoo. This one is called Yet Another Wolf3D Club!!

Operation Endauferstehung is a new set from Esnal Pla. The final version will have the following features..

There are only 2 new levels in the present version (levels 1 and 9 from the first episode), but the quality of the levels is good. Although there's a number of graphics changes, the atmosphere of the original set is still there. You can get the set from Operation Endauferstehung Home Page.

There's a new Return To Castle Wolfenstein trailer to download. The zip is 14Mb, but if that's OK then you can get it from xxx4life.

June 18, 2001.

Viper sent me the following info about his Megastein 3-D series...

Chapter One, The Road to Despair, is coming along nicely. I have 15½ levels done, the ½ being the incomplete Map15 (Prison Admin). Map15 will be more elaborate than many other levels. It has several styles:


Cell area: Desolate and messed-up looking, with gibs on the floor, water spilled everywhere, and wells for P.O.Ws to drink from filled with blood and gore. Walls are SoD Lost Episodes blue stone and jail cell textures.


Offices, living quarters, etc.

Neat and well-lit hallways with fancy decor. Walls of multicolored brick and the occasional spray-painted graffiti sign that reads "Reid Muß Sterben! (more on that later)" Offices and living quarters themselves may be messy. Higher-ranking officers choose their own decorations in an office, so you may see a cow carcass placed neatly in a corner. Bathrooms have those pretty gray walls that I added. Toilets look like the toilets from your home (this is the future, but not the future future). Probably the best-looking area of the level.


Basement storage

Neglected, abandoned-looking place. Has vines, cobwebs, etc. Walls are the nice dark gray stoner slab texture from Project Totengraeber. Little lighting.



I have decided to release the storyline. Here it is:

It is 2012. 6 years ago, Prof. Wilhelm Uberkopf and his neo-Nazis took over Germany and established a dictatorship. He immediately declared war on every country on the face of the Earth that would not ally with him and World War III began. The Allies have been doing well. Until now.


You are William Reid, a tank pilot. 3 days ago, you were captured while snooping around the Nazi fortress of Totenhaus (Dead House) trying to collect info on Sebastian Krist's Operation Totenkrieg, It was rumored that POWs were brought from Totenhaus to Krist's labs down a road known as the Road to Despair. At Krist's bunker, they were killed and raised from the dead as three-armed zombies. Soldiers that have died in battle are also zombified. Not only will Uberkopf have a nearly unlimited supply of goons, the zombies attack with no concern for their own lives and fight until dead. If Krist's project is succesful, the Allies are doomed. Worse than the regular zombies are Eisenmanner (Iron Men), huge 4-armed zombies with Gatling weapons in their chests. Capable of taking 70 bullets, one of these could wipe out a whole platoon of regular troops or even a tank!

You must escape from Totenhaus and stop Krist at all costs.

NOTE: 3 labs are in Totenhaus. You must destroy them. They are at Map05, Map13, and Map20.


The new enemy sprites that will be in future releases wouldn't be there if Benjamin Blaufarb hadn't released them for download.


June 16, 2001.

James' Coding Club has moved!!

June 15, 2001.

Viper has released The Road To Despair v0.5 beta with 12 levels!! Not only does it have 4 more levels, it also includes more changes to the VGAGRAPH and VSWAP files.

As with the earlier version, it plays as an add-on to Project Totengraeber, is a difficult set with good level design, well placed guards and some new graphics. You can get it here

More info from James Ingham on Project Verdammt !! James is working on something in the code which makes you:

Also, James is trying to get the Chainsaw to need Petrol Cans (Separate ammo type) so every now and again you need to pick up a new one (Petrol Can)!!!

June 13, 2001.

From Schabb's Hand is a four level set (including the secret level) by Pablo Dictter which plays as episode two of the original Wolfenstein 3D.

The levels are well designed and nicely decorated. The set could easily be called episode two - part two, and would certainly please those who prefer original graphics. You can get it from Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site. Requires the original full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Viper has sent me the following pic from his set The Road To Despair...

There are 8 new levels which play as an add-on to Project Totengraeber. It's a difficult set with good level design, well placed guards and some new graphics. You can get it here, or from The Wolfenstein 3D Vault.

June 9, 2001.

James Ingham tells me work on Project Verdammt will be delayed for several weeks due to exams. However, here's more info on what's been done so far:

And finally...

The mutant, is now a drone gun or something (from Sam Feichter) and the great thing is....

it doesn't move but it still shoots and moves around in angels! VERY COOL!!!

Pablo Dictter now has a Wolf 3D site. It's called Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site. There are several pics from one of Pablo's Spear sets, downloads and links.

Here's a new banner Jean Morel sent me for his site The Wolf's Stone...

Jean has added a new Wolf 3D Little Known Facts section.

June 8, 2001.

Michael Larcombe is currently working on his first TC: Escape From Stutthof. The Storyline involves Pilot R.W. Wright (not B.J. Blazkowicz) who was captured by the Nazi's after crash landing on an escort mission, and taken to their prison complex: Castle Stutthof. There will be 10 levels, just like a normal Wolf 3D episode, except most of the graphics in VSWAP will be modified or replaced.

Other features include:

For Blake Stone fans, Guy Brys has finished the 4th episode of his Guystone set. Guy is also working on a 5th episode. You can get the updated set from Guy's Home Page.

Luke Strauman sent me this title screen from The Sorcerers Wrath...

News I just received from Sam Feichter...

Hey all!

I am making a new game, which is going to be easily one of the best I have made! I don't know about source code changes yet, but it's cool.

The name is Heil Hitler!!!. It is a three episode game in which you have to chase Hitler through hordes of Gestapo soldiers, rabid dogs, and the new Armored Schabbs!

Also will be Hitler's Bodyguard, which is the "code name" for Hitler's invention of a robot, using those nifty mecha suit things that he and Schabbs (in this game) wear, except that it's silver. Hitler's is still cyan.


News on Gorenstein:

I am waiting on the source code before I start editing again. I heard from James, the one who is compiling it, that the missle launcher will not work anymore, and that he can do a non-projectile weapon, and he can do the text still.


News on Hall of the Nazis:

The graphics are coming along.


News on Cowboys:

I cancelled this project.


Well, until the next episode,


The Road To Despair has been around for some time, but I had difficulties in downloading it until now. It's by Viper, and has 8 new levels which play as an add-on to Project Totengraeber. I just tried out the first level thus far but it looks like a real difficult set with good level design and well placed guards. You can get it here, or from The Wolfenstein 3D Vault.

June 3, 2001.

Sam Chiang's Best Website Award for June 2001 goes to James Ingham for James' Wolfenstein 3D Page !!

Well deserved, James!!

WDOS has started a new project called Operation: Prison Runner. It's key features will be:

John Bucksnort sent me a set of pics from his upcoming The New Evil set...

There are more pics here.

Here's yet more news from James concerning Project Verdammt !!

June 2, 2001.

Here's news of the 2001 Official Wolfenstein 3-D Awards:

On top of the three categories that were on the poll, there are four other awards. The winners have received trophy banners for their sites.


2001 Wolfenstein Awards - (6/2/01)

BEST ADD-ON: Project Totengraeber - Brian Rowan


BEST PAGE: Mr. Lowe's Page - Brian E. Lowe


Extra Categories

BEST CODER: Parafriction - The Final Solution

BEST NEW SITE: James' Site - James Ingham

BEST CLASSIC: Schabbs 2000 - Gary Ragland


I am particularly pleased about the 'Extra Category' awards. Parafriction put a lot of effort into his TFS set, and James' site is the best I've seen for some time. And had Kenny's site been remodelled a few months earlier, he could well have had the 'best website' award. Anyways, here's the awards I received...


My main links page has been majorly updated. Hopefully, all the deadlinks have been removed. There's a half dozen new links added.

Due to problems updating his first site, James Ingham now has a new one at James' Wolfenstein 3D Page. I liked the original site very much and the new one has a similar style and content.

May 30, 2001.

AReyeP's site AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D has been revamped, and has a new banner...

AReyeP's  Wolf3D Page

AReyeP (Steve Walley) and MCS has an upcoming TC Spear Resurrection and here's some of the new features:


Coding Features:

 There are more pics here.

Luke Strauman's new site Wolf3D Heaven And Hell is up and it's looking good. There's news, projects, add-ons, source, links , and a special Spear section. Not everything is working yet though.

Jean Morel's new site The Wolf's Stone is now up too, and has several sections including links, and news of his projects.

Here's more features from Project Verdammt by James Ingham:

And here's two pic's...

Sam Feichter has released a zip containing more than 30 actor pics he converted from Doom. Instructions are included. You can get it here.

Pablo Dictter has sent me 4 Wolf3D deathmatch maps for Doom II. You can get them here.

Even though I updated my main links page a couple weeks ago, there are still some deadlinks on there. I hope to completely update it this coming weekend, and add the one's recently listed on this page.

May 27, 2001.

Here's a new Wolf 3D site from a veteran Wolf 3D fan!! It's at Veteran Wolf's Site, and has downloads, projects and links.

Jean Morel tells me he's cancelled his two projects The Wolfenstein 3D Shareware:SE and Project: Nein, but is now thinking of creating an add-on called Escape From Kolnitz: A True Story. He will also be hosting a new Wolfenstein Site, called The Wolf's Stone.

I guess I missed this earlier, but to celebrate Wolf 3D's 9th birthday, Planet Romero has a number of pics from the early years. Another site of interest is the Official S&F Prod. Home Page. It's not Wolf 3D specific, but has cheats, mods, add-ons and much more for many Apogee/ID games. There's an old graphics only add-on there for the shareware 1.0 version called Wolfwall (pic shown opposite) which adds a lot more gore, and some new wall designs. I've posted an all files included version here. No new maps. Thanks to Frenkel Smeijers for the above info.

Here's more updates from Sam Feichter...


Gorenstein 2 is going under some stuff for BETA 2. Still a 5 level demo, it will have a complete episode of the 6 done in about 2 weeks (which is when James Ingham is done with the source code he is doing for me).

I have put in the graphics for a missile launcher, and James is doing the source code changes for it, since whenever I mess with it, I accidentily screw it up, or delete the whole damn folder!

Well, anyway, there is a lot of cool new things in my two current games:



Hall of the Nazis



Gorenstein 2

Check out Sam's Wolfenstein 3-D Page for the latest 5 level Gorenstein 2 download!!  

May 26, 2001.

James Ingham has released a one level demo version of his upcoming set Project Verdammt. Here's some info he sent me...

There are 4 Weapons:

I got the graphics for the chain saw from doom! But i edited it so it looked like B.J's Hands. Please note: 'I Don't want any other add-on with my chainsaw images unless they have my permission, or there'll be bad comments about it on my site!!!

There are other features like:

In version 1.0 there'll be:





But it will be like this:




And a load more!!!!!! (alot ain't it)

Also, I might: This is a big Maybe!!! On the status bar i might have a line saying info, where when a Grey Guard come it would say 'GUARD APPROACHING' or something like that! And when you pick up some ammo it would say 25 Ammo Clip Picked Up! etc...


Thanks James for providing the above info. One other point - the demo's main purpose is to show the new features, particularly the chain saw. As such, most of the level design is pretty basic. You can download the set here.

May 24, 2001.

For those who prefer the original graphics and sounds, here's a set of four new Spear levels by Pablo Dictter called Chemical Reaction. The levels are well designed and the decoration is about right. The original full version of Spear of Destiny is required.

You can download the set from Pablo's Place. The site also has a number of Doom wads to download.

Sam Feichter has released Gorenstein 2: Attack of Josef Hitler. This is a four level beta (version 1.0). There's a pic shown below...

More pics, info and the download are on Sam's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

May 19, 2001.

Here's an update from Luke Strauman...

The Sorcerers Wrath is coming along great and I mean great. 7 weapons done respawning code done and 2 PROJECTILE WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!! And enemy's that come out of the floor.

The Wolfenstein 3D Vault has been revamped and looks pretty good. Here's the title screen...

The Wolfenstein 3-D Vault

For those who haven't voted yet, the 2001 Wolfenstein 3-D Awards are being hosted at this site.

Sam Feichter sent me the following update on Gorenstein 2 v1.0 BETA 1...

These are the features so far:

May 16, 2001.

Dungeon Cephalis is by Amirtes, and has ten new levels plus many new graphics and sounds. Spooky!! It needs the registered set to play.

There's more info and the download at Amirtes Realm. You can also download it at David Brooks Wolfenstein 3-D Page. There are more pics here.

James Ingham sent me four new pics from his upcoming set Project Verdammt. The status bar and border colour has been changed.

May 13, 2001.

It's that time of the year again. The 2001 Wolfenstein 3-D Awards are being hosted by Barry Christian at the The Wolfenstein 3D Vault. This year there's been a change of format - you vote online in a poll, which has several sections.

James Ingham is having problems updating James' Wolfenstein 3D Site. He now has a new site called James' Wolfenstein 3D Add-ons and News Page. Here's a Read This pic James sent me from his upcoming set Project Verdammt.

Anyone who'd like their upcoming TC included in the Read This file, please email James with the name and some info about the set, plus 2 pics. The best entries will be included.

May 11, 2001.

Luke Strauman has an upcoming TC titled The Sorcerers Wrath. It will take place in medieval times with magic and swords. There'll some really neat new features such as:


Here's a new banner for James' Wolfenstein 3D Site...

The site has been updated a lot recently and has a large number of new pics and an excellent downloads section. Four of the pics are from Paal Olstadt's upcoming set The Tower. Here's one of them. You can see the others on James site.

 May 5, 2001.

James Ingham is working on a new set called Doomenstein. There will be seven weapons...

This set will be completed before James other upcoming set Project Verdammt. More pics here.

An updated version of The Tribute has been posted. The original set had a bug on level 9 and this has now been fixed. You can get it here.

May 4, 2001.

Sam Chiang sent me the following website award...

Thanks Sam, it's appreciated!! Sam is planning a new website of his own, after difficulties with updating his earlier site. Good luck with the new site Sam.

May 1, 2001.

I just posted a set of pics from The Tribute, a recently released 10 level set by John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Senior. For more info and the download - see April 30 news item. You can see the pics here. Updated May 4.

This month's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear Of Excellence Award goes to AReyeP (Steve) for his AReyeP's Wolfenstein & WolfenDOOM TC Page. Well deserved, Steve.


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