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Mar - Apr 2001



April 30, 2001.

James Ingham has started a new Wolf 3D page at James' Wolfenstein 3D Page. It's not finished yet, but already has a number of sections.

Here's news from John Bucksnort...

Tribute will be released within 3 more days... Parafriction and I are co-authoring a new TC that will be titled KURS Liebeck... work has already started on it.

Also, I have been working on an updated version of Evil in Iron- "The New Evil"...It retains the first 10 levels and an additional 10 levels have been added..It will feature several source code changes and and all new sounds... The same graphics from the older version are retained with changes only to the doors to provide a bit more medieval look to the castle... The source code changes bring a new life to this set as the older version had no changes.... the episode structure has been removed, providing 21 seamless levels, new ceiling colors and music... there will be pics of the new doors available in a week or so... Have a great weekend... John.

John's Tribute set mentioned above has just been released. You can get it here.

April 26, 2001.

Parafriction is working on a new version of The Final Solution (3.0), and has sent me the following update...

As some of you undoubtly know, The Final Solution is being renovated. There are some really smooth features, like:

For anyone who wants to beta-test the new version, mail me at parafriction@yahoo.com

Thanks. Parafriction.

Parafriction also sent me a set of pics (15 of them!!!). You can see them here.

Another upcoming set is Lightwalkers. It's by Luis Valoyes, who comes from Colombia. Sixty new levels are planned, plus totally new graphics, a new storyline and some source code changes.

There's more info and pics at Luis's Lightwalkers Website.

Philipp Luy has a new website called CHAOS Software. It includes info on the group and its add-ons, pics, downloads and links.

The Vyper 3D Site has been around for some time, but hasn't been mentioned here before. It's by Scott Vyper and as well as info and pics, there's a 10 level download called Vyper3D.

The set has many graphics changes, some not seen elsewhere, and some source code changes. The brown guards are still there, but upside down as in Chokage!!! Alternative download site.

April 24, 2001.

Viper has sent me a set of pics from his upcoming set The Road To Despair. Here's the title screen...

You can see all of the pics here.

April 22, 2001.

Here's an update I received from Jay about the Wolf3d Deathmatch project.

The TC is practically finished - everything works except for the modems. Serial games work perfectly though - you can select game limits, ie. time, frags, or none.

You can also talk to the other player, and we're considering releasing a beta with serial gameplay until we resolve the modem problems.

If anybody is interested, mail me at jay01@webmail.co.za





Sam Chiang will be giving monthly awards for the best Wolf3D websites. Yesterday, he gave the first award to Daniel's Wolfenstein 3D Site.



Here's some other news from Sam:

My current Wolf3d site will be going down, meaning that I'm not going to update it anymore. So basically it's no more. There are some server problems that's keeping me from editing the site. I will be making a new one soon called "Wolfenstein3d Heaven". (If anyone else has planned to make their site called that than I'll change it.) So be sure to stay tuned.

-Sam Chiang

April 21, 2001.

Tribute is a two level demo released by John Bucksnort. The levels are well designed, and there are some new sounds and Spear graphics. The full version of the set should be finished in a few weeks. Some of the levels will be done by Harry Mass Senior.

Jagdpanther is now known as Yellowjacket. His new site is called Yellowjacket's Tavern. As well as Wolf 3D and Spear, there is also a section for Civilization II.

Philipp Luy has released a four level demo of his upcoming set OPERATION: Zusammenkunft. The levels are well designed and nicely decorated, though the 4th level has no actors as yet. There are lots of graphics changes - some have come from other sets, but some are original. Source code changes are not reflected in this set, but will come later.

Some news from Sam Feichter...


A bad thing happened on Saturday. My computer crashed. That means that Gorenstein II is postponed. Anyone who wants to help with levels and GFX and sounds, PLEASE DO!

Well, at least Project Verdammt isn't gone, since it's on Mike Ingham's computer. (Did you know that I was helping?) Gorenstein will NOT be cancelled though. I might be set back a little. (Ok! Maybe a lot!)


For you Doom II owners out there, have you played Goldeneye Doom II? Regardless if you have or have not, download the EDGE version! The difference is more weapons (DK5, AR33, Dostovei, PP7 (unsilenced)). GET IT AT DOOM WAD STATION!!!


Bye all,



B. J. Blazcovick's Hideout has been offline for some time. The server it was on 3d.portal.com suffered a serious outage and was down for about a week. It's since been restored, but many of the host sites including the Hideout are yet to come back online. X-human tells me he will be getting it back up.

Here's a message that Philipp Luy (author of OPERATION: Zusammenkunft) posted on Map n level editing.

Hi to everyone in the club, to all visitors too... it´s me Philipp and here I have some news for you :-).

My upcoming SET/TC for WOLFENSTEIN 3D - OPERATION: Zusammenkunft is progressing well. The first 4 floors are finished, and we have a perfect working 5th difficult level including respawning :-). There are some fine new graphics,too. There will be a demo soon.

The second is, that I and my best friend have founded CHAOS Software !!! PROJECT: Zusammenkunft will come out for CHAOS Software and there will be a homepage with more info very soon.

OK, that´s all... cu

Philipp Luy.

April 18, 2001.

James Ingham has started again on his Project Verdammt set and he tells me Chris Chokan and Parafriction are to help out. Here's a pic that James sent me...

There are more pics here. Updated April 20, with four extra pics.

Here's an email from Lord W...

Hi, I'm the webmaster of Fortress Wolfenstein.

It's a french-speaking site about the Wolfenstein series (Wolf3D, SOD and Return to Castle Wolfenstein).

In my website, you can find all the news about Return to Castle Wolfenstein (29 screenshots available - some of them have been sent to me directly by Activision France, fully translated interviews of creators and good articles, downloadable movies, etc...) - all that is in the "Wolf3D2" section.

Also available is news about the Wolf3D creators and community (for example : the Wolf3D2 - which later became Rise Of The Triad - design project, available on the 3DRealms website, and also news scripts from generalist sites, .plan files and news from Wolf3D creators and their current games - Doom 3 for John Carmack, Daikatana for John Romero, etc..., and lots of other things) - all that is in the "News" section.

There are french-speaking descriptions of Wolf3D and SOD enemies, objects, weapons (with self-created animated gifs), translated version of the Read This! and the episodes end screens of the game, lots of files to download, a soon-available tutorial to edit the source code, websites URL where fans can buy Wolf3D and SOD, lots of links, lots of original music and sounds midi and mp3 files to listen and download, all the cheatcodes, etc...

The website address is : http://wolf3d.altajeux.com


Fortress Wolfenstein

Tout sur la série Wolfenstein et ses auteurs en Français


Thank you very much



Lord W



April 16, 2001.

AReyeP (Steve) has sent me a set of pics from the new TC he's working on with MCS. It's called Spear Resurrection and judging by the pics, it looks like it'll be a pretty good set.

There are more pics here. For more info on the set, check out AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D.

April 14, 2001.

For those who have Quake II, there's an add-on which shows what the first ten levels (the shareware set) of Wolfenstein 3D look like with a more modern engine. At present only the walls are shown, there are no objects or actors yet, but these may come later. More info here.

Here's a set of pics I made from Mutantstein III/Nightmare's End. Many thanks to John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Senior for providing a set of such good quality.

Philipp Luy is working on a new upcoming set called OPERATION: Zusammenkunft. There will be 9 regular levels, plus a secret one. It will have new wall-textures (not many), and many cool features

Thanks to Philipp for providing the above info.

For those interested in keyboard music, Chris Chokan's Angelfire site has a large number of files to download. Though not Wolfenstein 3D specific, pcjumper.wav is included, plus an updated version of lurking (click on - /music/zipped for more sets).

Here's another pic from Quinnsey's upcoming TC The Undercover Missions.


Quinnsey's site is at The Undercover Missions TC Homepage.

April 9, 2001.

Mutantstein 3 has been released. This new six level set by John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Senior is of excellent quality. The levels are very well designed and there are more new graphics, sounds and source code changes. Here are some pics I took while playing level two.

For those interested in the technical side of the game, the Open GL Wolfenstein Site has info, pics and downloads. It's hosted by DarkOne.

April 8, 2001.

Here's news I received from John Bucksnort:

Mutantstein 3 is a mere 2 or 3 days away... Info on the next set...Wolfenstein 3d: The Tribute a straight 10 level set with mostly all original graphics. There will be sound replacements, however, and my usual source code changes... (ceilings, music, actor strength).

It is already in the works... Sounds and vgagraph changes are done and 3 levels are done as well.

Here's a pic from a new upcoming set by James Ingham called Project Verdammt. More new graphics are planned, and Sam Feichter tells me he's helping out with these.

There's a set of five more pics here. James has since restarted this set - please see news item dated April 18.

Paal Olstad (Poet) has released a new one level set called Wolf Hour Epilogue. It has more than one Boss, and is very difficult to beat. Though meant as a separate set, Paal tells me the level is meant to played only after completing his Wolf Hour set. You can get both sets at Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

Nazi's Death Valley, a Spear Demo set by Guillermo Buteler, has been updated (bug removed).

March 31, 2001.

Here's a new Spear demo set called The Inner Circle. It's Philipp Luy's first set. The levels are well designed, and the guards are well placed. The style is similar to that in the original set. Philipp plans to make a series of more elaborate sets, and this one makes a good starting point.

March 29, 2001.

Mutantstein 3 should be released in about 2 weeks. Meanwhile, here's the title screen John Bucksnort sent me...

Here's the latest news update from Sam Feichter:

That's all,


For more info on Sam's sets, see Sam's Wolfenstein 3D Page.

Warzone II has been released by DTrade. It has nine new levels, plus a secret level. There's lots of new graphics, sounds and source code changes. As in the first Warzone set, it's difficult to play, and there are plenty of pushwalls to find. Here's two pics...

Paal Olstad (Poet) sent me the following email:


For those who are interested I have posted several source code tutorials lately. More will be added soon.

Some time ago I also posted a special version of my first set Wolf-Extra. This version includes all the big levels and a selection of small ones.

The special version benefited from a few source code changes, but... BY A VERY UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCE THE WL_GAME.C FILE USED TO COMPILE THIS VERSION WAS WRONG, THE CONSEQUENCE BEING THAT THE SECRET LEVELS WERE WRONGLY PLACED. This is now corrected. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused those who have played this version of Wolf-Extra. Please download it again!!.

Lastly a set called Wolf Hour Epilogue will be posted shortly.

Best regards Paal Olstad (Poet).

Thanks Paal, for the info. Paal's page is at Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

March 26, 2001.

Here are 2 more Spear Of Destiny sets from John Bucksnort. They complete The Greinholdt Covenant trilogy. The second set is subtitled The Formula and has 12 levels.

The third set is subtitled The Dawn Of Death and has 7 levels. Both sets have lots of new graphics, sounds and source code changes. As with John's earlier sets, both are fast moving and difficult to play. Some keys are in hidden rooms. Harry Mass Senior helped out with the second set.

Barry Christian's The Wolfenstein 3D Vault has a new banner...

March 24, 2001.

I posted several Wolf3D shareware sets that have become difficult to get hold of recently. They are at Easyspace Shareware, and include Halloween, and Lost Episodes.

Philipp Luy has founded the NEXUS OF WAR Project Group, to work on new maps/episodes etc.

The web site at http://nexusofwar.hypermart.net has just been started but will be updated as more info becomes available.

The weekend chat on Die Hard Wolfers has now become a regular feature and is being held at the following time each week:



I won't be able to make it every weekend, but I should be able to make at least half of them, including the one tonight.

Barry Christian of the The Wolfenstein 3D Vault has awarded my main page Wolfenstein 3-D Vault Featured Page of the Month Award for outstanding page content and development. Thanks Barry - it's appreciated!


March 17, 2001.

John Bucknort of the SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB has awarded a 'personal achievement award' to DTrade for his Warzone I: Sudden Strike set. Well deserved, DTrade!!

Barry Christian's The Wolfenstein 3D Vault has moved again (this time to Angelfire). Barry tells me he was not happy with the previous server, which was often slow loading and sometimes did not work at all. Here's Barry's new banner...

Sam Chiang also has a new banner...

Here's a new set based on Operation Buzzbomb graphics. It's called The End Of A Superpower, and is by YH. There are seven new levels at present, but this will be extended later. The levels are very different to the Buzzbomb ones - most have more open space. There are too many objects in one area at times, particularly on the first level, resulting in occasional loss of graphics, but there's some good design ideas too.

March 16, 2001.

DTrade has released Warzone I: Sudden Strike. There are nine new levels, plus a secret level. There are also a number of graphics and other changes. As with DTrade's earlier sets, this one is difficult with a lot of pushwalls to find. The secret level is accessed from the Boss level, so it's essentially a straight ten level set.

Here's two pics from DTrade's next planned set. It's called Warzone II...

DTrade has also released an update (12.3Kb) which fixes a level 2 bug on his Westlake II set.

For those who prefer frames, Daniel's Wolfenstein Site has a new frames version.

Armitage1974 has started a new Yahoo club Map n level editing. It's not Wolf 3D specific - it includes games like Duke Nukem too - but it's for those who are interested in level design, tips & tricks and for useful help and links.

March 12, 2001.

Here's two new pics that Quinnsey sent me. They're from his upcoming TC called The Undercover Missions.

Quinnsey also has a new website The Undercover Missions TC Homepage. This is pretty much under construction at present but has some links, pics and info on the set.

March 10, 2001.

Daniel has a new banner for his site...

Barry Christian's Barry's Wolfenstein 3-D Page has moved and has been renamed The Wolfenstein 3D Vault. Most of the pages have been updated.

It seems as though Tripod doesn't like Wolf 3D anymore. Barry Christian (see above) had to transfer his page to a new server, and Gary Ragland's old Tripod page has disappeared too! Gary's other page is still there though at Gary's Wolfenstein 3-D Center.

Here are three pics from Return To Castle Wolfenstein, sent to me by Harry Mass Senior. More info about this new upcoming game can be found at Castle Wolfenstein 2000.

March 9, 2001.

Harry Mass Senior has released his new TC Half Way. There are some changed source codes (two new keys etc), new wall graphics, and ten new levels. Access to the secret level is from level four. This is a very difficult and fast moving set. Just when I thought I'd reached the level one elevator, there was a whole new area beyond!!

Harry also sent me a set of pics from the set. One of the pics is shown below...

March 2, 2001.

Here's another Yahoo Club for Wolf 3D !! This one is called Die Hard Wolfers, and was founded by brothertank.

Chris Chokan has released an updated version of Chokage, with changes made to several levels. Some of Chris' favourite level changes include:

*these levels contain a hidden Skeleton Key that are found in unlikely, bizarre ways

Some other classic levels that Chris has upgraded include:

Chris is still working on changes, and the next one will be really weird: "you get to a certain spot in the level and when you go back... everything is different. There's an example of what this will look like hidden in a secret passage on E5L2 in the Gold shine area with the backwards guard".

The level will also feature doors that open poles (and other doors). An example of this is on on E3L7 inside the secret room with the dog behind the 5 poles.

Other changes are that the Blue SS Guards will become Nazi Reepers. Officers will become Speedopes (swimmers), and the dogs will become Chainsaw Dogs that float through the air.

More info, and the download is available from Herc's Super Chokage Page.

The Master is looking for an artist to help out with his upcoming Wolfenstein MOD Kurt vs. The Master.

"The artist needs to be willing to do major boss & other enemy (not any of the normal guards that have a bunch of frames like the Brownies, SS, etc.) recreation, possibly from scratch, and maybe some various other wall textures and things. And they have to be GOOD. They need to send some examples.

They can email me at: pepsip@iol-12.net


The Master."

Re: the Fortune City downloads problems, I've now transferred all zip files I had on there to another server. This is because Fortune City no longer allow zip file downloads, and have installed software to cut-off downloads. All files are now available on Easyspace.


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