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February 25, 2001.

Daniel's Wolfenstein 3D Page has moved to a new url. The banner has been changed too...

Several other links have been deleted or changed. In particular, Castle Wolfenstein 2000 now works as it should, as does Nate's WolfenCHAT.

Fortune City has been experiencing problems with some downloads lately. Sometimes, the downloads get cut off before the full file is received. Another Wolf 3D site on the server Mike's Wolfenstein 3-D Page, has put up a temporary page until the problem is sorted out. Anyone wanting files I have on Fortune City, please email me. If the problem persists, I'll move the files to another server.

February 20, 2001.

Sam Chiang has sent me a new pic from his The Matrix set. It shows a new guard, and a new M16 gun (replaces the machine gun)...

Sector 27 Demo (by Fgkjrujkuejrn) has been updated. New features include:

Thanks to Fgkjrujkuejrn for providing this info.

Here's two more pics from D Trade's War Zone...

I received an email today from Butch Nordstrom. He made the first ever add-on set for Spear Of Destiny. The set has five levels and is called bnsodnew, though I'm told it was originally released as Sodbutch. Butch has become interested in the game again and is considering making more levels for the set. The original set is available here. Requires the full version of Spear.

February 16, 2001.

D Trade is working on a new set called Warzone. Episode three will be titled Project. Other episodes will be announced later. Here's a pic...

Sam Chiang's Home Page has a new url at http://www.expage.com/scg000. Anyone who is interested in helping out Sam with some levels for his upcoming set The Matrix, please send him an email at selong_chiang@yahoo.com. For info and pics on the set - check out January 20 news items.

Weiland Chiang (Sam's brother) is also working on a new set. This one will be called Return Of Hitler. Here are two pics...

Will Jeffries has sent me a two level demo of his Project Auferstehung set. There are new actors, graphics, title screen etc. More new features will be in the final version. You can get the demo from Fortune City. It's also available here.

Yet another upcoming TC is Hitlerstein by Johnny Groves. John hasn't been into Wolf 3D much lately but has now decided to make another set. There's no storyline as yet, but you play as Hitler. That's all I have on this at present.

An updated version of Eat At Joes (v1.38) has been released by Cedfoo. The Eat At Joes page also has detailed info about this set and news of other upcoming projects.

Jean Morel has sent me another pic from Wolf 3d (Shareware SE)...

Jean also has three further sets planned.

Sam Feichter has returned to the Wolf3D scene. Gorenstein 2 will finally have new levels. Hitler's son takes over in this one, and decides to bring back Dr. Schabbs creations. This set will be available in about 2 weeks. Sam is also planning some other sets...

Finally, Sam send me this award. Thanks Sam...

February 10, 2001.

John Hedgehog's second W.O.T.H. set has been updated, due to a fault on the sixth episode (level one). You can get the updated version here. For those who already have this set, there's a map files only version available.

Jean Morel has sent me another pic from Wolf 3d (Shareware SE). There's also a list of weapons:

Here's a Start.exe file, made by Davy Key, for the cheat/debugmode for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear, Blake Stone etc. I've tried it for both the full and shareware versions of Wolf 3D, (also the Spear demo) and it works fine. If you want to ask Davy about it, here's his email davykey@hotmail.com.

Fgkjrujkuejrn, who sent me the Sector 27 Demo recently, could really use some help with both the source code and levels so he can get the full six episode set completed. Please send an email to fgkjrujkuejrn@yahoo.com if you want to help out.

February 9, 2001.

Sector 27 Demo is a new seven level set. Graphics changes include a flame thrower, SS Guards with chain guns, and automatic drone guns. Source code changes are mostly 'changed text'. It was sent in by Fgkjrujkuejrn. You can view the doc file here. The set will be extended later to include all six episodes.

February 6, 2001.

In an email to AReyeP, Todd Hollenshead (CEO of ID Software) has clarified ID's position on what it considers acceptable use of the Wolf 3D Source Code.

Here are the questions that AReyeP asked Todd...

Q1: Obviously the distribution of the original game files is an infringement of copyright, and is akin to distribution of stolen goods. What I really need to know is id's stance in relation to stand alone total conversions that feature new weapons/sounds/graphics etc? The problem here is that in order to make such an add on, nearly every file (exe, graphics files and sound files) in the original game has to be altered.

Q2: It seems that id share a close relationship with the huge number of fans creating mods/total conversions etc for newer games such as Doom, Quake etc. I've played many Doom/Quake/Quake2 mods/total conversions, many freely available off PC Gaming magazines, and made by devoted fans. Most of them feature graphics/music etc from the original games, but all give due credit to the fact that they are indeed utilising the copyright property of id software (or whoever else depending on the game). Some have been "stand alone" games (or total conversions), others have been simple add ons or levels, and some have been just plain weird! I'm hoping there's no problem with people making similar things in relation to Wolfenstein. I'm hoping you can clarify for me what is acceptable, and what is not.

Many thanks to both AReyeP (Steve) and Todd for this info.

D Trade has just released his second set Westlake II. There are seven difficult levels, with a lot of pushwalls to find. There are also many graphics and source code changes too. Here's a pic...

Jay has been working on a Wolfenstein Death Match Multiplayer. Almost all gameplay aspects are finished - walking, turning, running, opening doors & secrets, shooting, frag counting, dying and respawning - all work simultaneously for 2 players (only picking up items & random spawn spots are left to do). The graphics and sprites are also finished, and the levels are almost completed.

The project was delayed a lot because of a few major bugs, so the source code needed an overhaul, but things are smooth again. If you like the screenshot shown above, you'll find more of them here. Thanks to Jay and Parafriction for providing this info.

February 3, 2001.

John Bucksnort has released The Greinholdt Covenant Part One. The set has 8 new fast moving levels, with many source code and graphics changes. There will be further sets in this series later.

The Wolfenstein 3D community suffered a huge blow last night when Nate Smith received an email from ID Software CEO Todd Hollenshead. Todd asked for Nate's three Beyond Wolfenstein sets to be deleted due to copyright reasons. I have taken off the sets from my sites. ID Software has now clarified its position on what it considers acceptable use of the source code - see Feb 6 news item.

February 2, 2001.

Here's two more pics Jean Morel sent me. They're from his Wolfenstein 3D SE (Shareware) set...

Jean is also working on a full version set called Dr. Nein. This will have

A revised version of John Hedgehog's W.O.T.H. has been released. I've done a lot of work on this set during the past few days and as a result there are changed Read This and End Game messages, plus more alterations made to several levels. You can get it here.

January 28, 2001.

Sam Chiang has released a banner to promote his Sam's Wolfenstein Page web site. Here it is...

A hint manual for Paal Olstad's Wolf Hour is now available. Paal is also working on a source code tutorial, which should be ready before spring. Hint Manual for Wolf Hour.

Jean Morel is working on two new sets. There's a new shareware set called Wolfenstein 3D SE (Shareware). Here's some of the features...

Jean has released two pics from the set, and here they are...

A new version of Parafriction's The Final Solution has been released. This updates level 8 which now has more guards, effects etc, and gold key access. All files, and a saved game from level 7, are included.

January 26, 2001.

Sam Chiang has released four more pics from The Matrix - Sam's upcoming set. Here's one of them...

And you can find the others, plus some earlier pics here.

Guy Brys has added a third new level to Guystone - his Blake Stone add-on. Check it out at Guy's Home Page.

Here's a message from Greg Yingling (wolf3d_fenatic)...

If anyone needs Sound/Music design, I would be happy to get any job that anyone would have.


Greg Yingling, Webmaster, Developer, Master Beta-Tester, Sound/Music

Designer, "Wolfenstein3d, Project: Einmacht "

Greg's Wolfenstein 3d Page



January 22, 2001.

Here's news of an upcoming 20 level set called Untergehende Traum (Crumbling Dream). It's being co-ordinated by Parafriction and there are 9 members thus far involved in this new project. Here's a pic...

January 20, 2001.

There are two new Wolfenstein 3D sites this week. The first is Daniel's Wolfenstein 3D Page (there's a banner shown below)...

The other one is Sam's Wolfenstein Page by Sam Chiang. Please note - both these sites are still under construction so there may be some links not working.

Sam Chiang is working on his first add-on called The Matrix. There'll be new graphics, levels and source code changes. Some levels have been done. Sam would like some help with the source code, so if you want to help out email selong_chiang@yahoo.com. Here's the title screen Sam sent me...

And here's two more pics...

D Trade's first set (there's some pics below) Westlake1 has been released. This is a very fast moving difficult set with lots of pushwalls included. There's six new levels, plus many new graphics and source code changes.

A beta version of John Hedgehog's second W.O.T.H. set has been released. (It's full title is Wrath Of The Hedgehog: Milly F. Fox Saves John The Hedgehog). Although the levels come from the first W.O.T.H. set, there've been many changes made. Also, there's a lot of source code changes. You can get it here.

Paal Olstad has released Wolf Hour. This is a one episode ten level set (uses episode three), and has many interesting source code changes, including a missile launcher. Some graphics have been changed too. For copyright reasons, Paal has left out the audio files, which you have to supply from the registered set. Available at Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

D Trade has sent me two pics from his second new add-on called West Lake II...

January 16, 2001.

The first John Bucksnort Personal Achievement Award of 2001 goes to Kenny Riley of The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion for the design and very professional presentation of his website. Well done, Kenny. It's well deserved!!


AReyeP (Steve) has made a new web page. You can download his new Wolfendoom TC, plus there's info and pics on his upcoming add-ons and a links section. It's at AReyeP's Wolfenstein 3D.

D Trade (who comes from China) will be releasing his first add-on soon. It'll be called West Lake 1, and here's a couple of pics he sent me...

January 13, 2001.

Luke Strauman has released a beta of his Wolfenstein: Special Edition set. The first level from the first four episodes has been completed. I particularly like the blue colour effect on the fourth episode. All files are included. For more info on this set, please see below.

Here's some bad news. Jagdpanther's Wolf 3D Site has been deleted. I'm not deleting the link to it yet because the site should be back up on another server within a few weeks. The site was on Fortune City. A while back, some TC's I had posted on Fortune City were deleted, and they didn't even inform me. I don't rely on them very much anymore.

Luke Strauman has sent me some pics and other info from his new set called Wolfenstein: Special Edition. It has a lot of new features designed to show how far Wolfenstein 3D has progressed since the source code was released. Here's what Luke has completed thus far...

Things that Luke still has to do are...

Anyways, there's a pic Luke sent me shown opposite. And there's some more here.

Basilisk II is a utility which allows Mac programs to run on a PC. It's quite a long-winded process though but for anyone who's interested there's more info about it on my utilities page. Please note Power PC based programs cannot be used in conjunction with this.

Juan J. Alva has sent me two more midi files. Both are versions of Putting It To The Enemy, which is the music from Spear level 17. I think the second one is better, so does Juan, but both are OK. You can get them here. #1. #2. There is now a third one too (guitar)!! #3.

AReyeP (Steve) has re-released his WolfenDoom set with source code, menu and other changes. This version replaces the previous one and it looks a lot more professional. Guess I'll have to do something similar with my three WolfBel sets!!

Here are some pics from John Bucksnort's upcoming set The Greinholdt Covenant Part One. The title pic is shown below, the others are here.

January 6, 2001.

Harry Mass Sr has released his new set Steel Cage. There are five new levels, plus a secret level. As with all of Harry's sets, there are many new graphics and source code changes and all files are included. For pics - see below.

Here's a new Wolfenstein 3D site with downloads, links and other info. It's called Tim's Wolfenstein 3D Page.

This month's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear Of Excellence Award goes to Harry Mass Senior for his Wolfenstein 3D by Harry Sr site. Well deserved, Harry!!

Juan J. Alva sent me a midi file of Victors Song. You can get it here.

A six level beta of Robocop 4 has been released by Little Snabes (Jake) and John Bucksnort. There's some good level design and a lot of new graphics/source code changes. All files are included. You can get it from John's site at John Bucksnort Wolf 3D Page.

Harry Mass Sr has released three pics from his upcoming project. It's called Steel Cage, and it'll have five new levels, plus a secret level. One pic is shown below...

You can see them all here.

January 1, 2001.

Here's the first new set of the new year, and the real millennium!! It's Mutantstein 2 by John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Sr. There's six new levels. Graphics and source code changes are as in the first Mutantstein set. It's quite difficult at times, and keys are often hidden in secret areas. Very well designed.

David Gebler asked me to post the following message regarding Wolf3D Insanity and his project Biokrieg...

To all members of The Wolf3D Community,

Wolf3D Insanity no longer exists. I am in the process of merging my site with The Domain http://nayt.dyndns.org/domain, and the site will be a lot better there! It's not complete yet, but check it out to see what's coming up! The Gebweb.co.uk Network http://www.gebweb.co.uk will be non-wolf3d, but for those of you are interested, will have some great C++ tutorials very soon, if you want to be able to create your own incredible TC! Also, on Friday 5th Janaury, you can view the first issue of PC Voltage! a new monthly computer e-zine on http://www.gebweb.co.uk/pcv/index.html .

Regarding my TC, Biokrieg, expect it to be released in early March. That's all from me for now. If anyone wants to e-mail me, the address is webmaster@gebweb.co.uk.

-David Gebler

Mike's Crappy Wolfenstein Page is the first new Wolf3D site for some time. It's still under construction, and here's the description that Mike sent me!!

A bad yet updated site which will soon get better..... it is the home of a wolf3d TC that has just started production...... for more info go here http://hometown.aol.com/madpuppy3/myhomepage/index.html.


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