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Sep - Dec 2000


 December 30, 2000.

Lane Lawson has released Wolfenstein: Iron Edition. It has around 20 new levels (most of the first 2 episodes, and a few on the third one). There are also many graphics, sounds and source code changes. There's a lot of pushwalls too! All files are included. Upcoming sets by Lane include Stalin's Reign and Gothenstein.

I recently dug out a 1992 shareware set called Newmaps. There are ten new levels, and there's some good ideas but it's really only for those who want to play/collect every set. It's version 1.0, but all files are included in the zip. I added a cheat file (use CTRL/TAB/ENTER to initialize) as some levels are quite difficult to get out of. Find it here.

Operation Uberfaust is a new scenario for the Mac by Juan J. Alva. The original version had a minor bug (a pushwall that didn't work) but this one has that fixed.

Parafriction's new site The Final Solution is now online. It's well designed and has many sections, including news, source code info, features and links etc. There's a lot of info on Parafriction's new set, also called The Final Solution (which is mentioned below). It can also be downloaded from here.

December 28, 2000.

The Final Solution by Parafriction has been released. As mentioned earlier, the set has 20 continuous levels, many new graphics and source code changes etc. This is a very good set, and all files are included.

December 24, 2000.

The latest set by John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Sr - Mutantstein II is due for release early in the new year. The title screen is shown opposite...

There are more pics here. John tells me a new Spear trilogy is planned. It's to be called The Grienholdt Covenant, and will consist of three 10 level episodes.

The Final Solution by Parafriction should be released within a few days. The set has 20 continuous levels, many new graphics and source code changes etc. News of its release will be posted here and on my main page.

Totengraeber II has been released. I've not played any of it yet, but I hear it has 48 brand new consecutive levels, and a host of graphics and source code changes. More details and the download are available at BJ Rowan's Bunker.

A new set of Project Holleregen pics have been released by Eric Vaughn. One is shown below...

You can see the others here.

Paolo Cadeddu emailed me to say he is working on Japanstein again. He hopes to finish the set during the Christmas break.

December 17, 2000.

Kenny Riley has released some pics from his forthcoming project Hinrichtung. Here's one of them...

There's more pics and info on the project here.

I updated my Spear page. For those who would like to know more about the origins and conditions of the Spear... there's an article by grailknight2001. Look for the link The Seven Conditions That Are Key. It sounds heavy, and it is!! And if you're still interested after that, there's a Yahoo Club at KNIGHTS IN QUEST OF THE GRAIL.

Greg's final version of his Einmacht shareware set will be released soon. There'll be more news posted here as soon as I get it.

December 9, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released A Madman's Dream. There are ten new levels, plus many new graphics, sounds and source code changes. A very challenging and well designed set. All files are included.

The upcoming set Project Holleregen by Eric Vaughn is progressing well, and some pics have now been released. The title screen is shown opposite. More pics here.

Parafriction sent me this email...

Hi Brian, here's an announcement...

Dear members of the Wolfenstein 3D Community, when I started my club, Parafriction's Coding Alliance, a while ago, people visited often. After a fight between me and another member, it seems many people left the club( they didn't remove their names from the list, but simply don't visit again). That's rather sad, 'cause I hoped to get more members and more understanding of the source code among the people in the Wolfenstein Community (phew, I'm sounding like a 70-year-old filosoph, eh?). So people, please come back to my club. There won't be any more fights, that's a promise.


Parafriction's club is at Parafriction's Coding Alliance.

I updated my eXTRAS page with a new section on the early 80's Apple II program Castle Wolfenstein. Here's a link to a page with info on one of it's sequels Castle Smurfenstein Home Page.

Ben Blaufarb's site has moved to Planet Quake, and it's now called DLA ONE. There's a page dedicated to Tekkoudan, and there's other sections for Ben's earlier sets.

December 3, 2000.

James (Jimboages) released some pics from his Hell Fire project. Click on the banner below that James sent me to see the whole set.

The following message by kicken_kyle was posted on The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club...

I'm making an add-on using for the Spear of Destiny registered version. I need people to make maps. Don't worry, your name will be posted in the add-on. I just need maps I can import using floedit. Heres the guidelines:

November 24, 2000.

This month's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear Of Excellence Award goes to Paal Olstadt for his Poet's Wolfenstein Page, and excellent levels tutorial. Well deserved, Paal.

John Bucksnort's next set will be A Madman's Dream. It will be released within 2 weeks. Meanwhile, John has sent me a set of pics. Here is one of them...

Here's a message from David Gebler that he posted on The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club...

Gebweb.co.uk has been fully re-designed and is now up and running at http://www.gebweb.co.uk - it is only a test version, so not all sections are currently up and running. Expect full functionality in the next month. You can apply for webspace there, too. We will soon be adding chat and message board functions.


OK folks, here's a new Wolf 3D site. It's called Jagdpanther's Wolfenstein Site. There's news, add-ons, projects info and links. There's also a set of good pics from the forthcoming add-on Projekt Wolf. And here's the site banner...

Yet another new site is Wolfenstein 3D by Harry Sr. This one is still under construction but already has a lot there. There's a nicely designed front page and an add-ons section listing all of Harry's sets.

November 19, 2000.

My Easyspace webspace is now nearly full so I've gotten another one at http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk. At present, there's just a copy of my Home Page, but I intend to replace it with something Wolf 3D related later. Any ideas from anyone ??

November 16, 2000.

Guystein 2 has been updated. There are now 30 new levels on episodes 1, 3 and 5, but I haven't checked all these out yet. (Guy Brys tells me there could still be some bugs in the set). More news on this when I've played it all, but if you want to try it out - it's at Guy's Home Page.

Jordan Buck has released a new beta version of his Escape From The Labyrinth set. There are now 18 completed levels, plus some graphics and many source code changes. All files are now included in the zip. Jordan hopes to release a final version in a few months but this could be delayed.

Here's a link for Mac fans that I came across by chance. There's stacks of add-ons and other Wolfenstein 3D related files. It's at Esplanaden Wolfenstein 3D.

This is not Wolfenstein 3D related, but if you liked the original Pacman game then try out this new 12 level set. It's freeware, and there's a lot of other stuff here to download too!! Pac World.

November 13, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released his Evil In Iron set with Doom graphics. I just made a set of pics - one of them is shown below. You can get the set here. All files are included. The set is also available from John's Page too at John Bucksnort Wolf 3D Page.

November 11, 2000.

Wolfendoom is a sixty level set sent in by AReyeP. (Steve tells me it's pronounced as RIP). All levels are new and very well designed. There's also a whole bunch of new graphics and sounds. All files are included in the zip, including some lengthy text files which have a lot of info on the set. Here's a pic from episode two...

November 9, 2000.

Here's an email from Parafriction...

Hi Brian, Here's a small (small?) update on The Final Solution.

Yeah, it's been a while, but here it is...

The game's engine is rather complete, but some extras still need to be added. I'd like to know if anyone could help me out with these. I don't have the knowledge for it.

I still need:

If anyone could help me with this, MAIL ME! parafriction@yahoo.com

The game's levels are now 80% complete. That is, all level layouts are complete, but some still need some treasure, ammo, enemies, etc.

See you around,


John Bucksnort sent me a title screen for his latest project A Madman's Dream. The set will have ten new levels. Graphics, sounds and source code will be similar to those in Tobruk, but with a few surprises.

Harry Senior tells me there's a bug on the fifth level of his Death Waits set. Harry sends his apologies and this update, which will put things right. The complete set with the update included is available here.

Eat At Joes has been a long time coming but there's now a new ten level download for this set at Eat At Joes. There's lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. (Many of the actors are cartoon-like). This set requires the original Wolf3D 60 level set as some of the files have been deliberately left out (copyright reasons, I guess).


November 4, 2000.

Here's a message from David Gebler...

Biokrieg's engine has been completed for a long time, but the problem is, I don't really have the time to design the remaining 27 levels that need to be done before it can be released. There must be someone out there who can lend a hand towards getting Biokrieg complete - so if anyone at all is interested in helping, please e-mail smooth_nite@hotmail.com - Thanks.

-David Gebler.

Just arrived is this new set for the Spear Demo. It's by Guillermo Buteler and is called Nazi's Death Valley. Both levels are new, and all files are included.

Wolfenstein Collection is a new 30 level set for Wolfenstein 3D. It's by MCS, who comes from Holland, and has many new sounds, graphics, music, and title screen. The cheats have been changed in this set (the ILM command is now MCS). MCS has spent more than 300 hours on this set, and this is shown in the quality of the levels. All files are included in the zip.

From what I've played, this set would particularly suit those who prefer the original game, especially in the first 3 levels. However, there are many surprises and those who like new graphics and source code changes will also find something here.

The earlier version of this game (before 11/04/00) had a bug. There's a small patch which will put this right.

Paal Olstad's page has a new banner. Here it is...

October 31, 2000.

Two new sets were released today. The first is by John Bucksnort and Harry Senior and is called Mutantstein. This has six new levels. The other set is called Death Waits and is by Harry Senior. This one has ten new levels. Both sets are difficult to play and have many new graphics, sounds and source code changes. Both also have all files included. For pics see October 29 news items.

October 29, 2000.

This month's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear Of Excellence Award goes to Brent for his Wolf3-D Headquarters site. Well done, Brent!!

Paal Olstad's next set Wolf Hour will soon be released. It will come with a new exe with several source code changes. There's a missile launcher using its own ammo, missiles, and some other new features not found elsewhere. There's more info on Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

John Bucksnort and Harry Senior have been working on a new set called Mutantstein: The Nightmare Returns. There are lots of changes including ceiling colours, music and sounds. It should be released within the coming week but for now John has sent me this set of pics. Meanwhile Robocop4, which John is working on with Jake, is also progressing well though there are still some new levels to complete.

Harry Senior has also sent me some pics. They come from a new set as yet untitled and are included with the Mutantstein ones mentioned above.

I received an award from John Bucksnort for this news page. It's called a Personal Achievement Award. John tells me this will be awarded from time to time, though not necessarily every month. Anyways, thanks John.

October 20, 2000.

Here's news from David Gebler...

There are serveral things I have to say in this message, so read carefully everyone. The first thing, is that the more observant of you may have noticed that the new Gebweb.co.uk Network has still not been uploaded, and that Wolfenstein 3D Insanity has not been updated in a while. This is because I am currently involved in the development of an exciting new product for authors. It's called E-Book Writer, and enables authors to write entire books and sell them without any publication costs at all. So if you're a first time author, you can still sell your work in our new file format, which we've called Standard E-Book Format. This isn't an advert, but as a side issue, if you're interested in beta-testing or purchasing a copy of this product, please e-mail beta@gebweb.co.uk and let us know. Note that only a maximum of five people will be required to beta-test.

My Wolfenstein 3D TC, Biokrieg, is nearly finished, but I could really do with a hand from someone who's good at designing levels. Please e-mail smooth_nite@hotmail.com if you're interested.

That's all for now. Until next time, bye everyone!


-David Gebler


John Bucksnort's main Wolf3D/Spear Page now has a new url. It's at http://www.jbucksnort.com.

Adam's Wolfenstein 3D site has been deleted. It seems there was a disagreement between Adam and Kenny Riley. Anyways, Kenny asked me to post the exchange of emails. You can see it here.

October 14, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released his latest set for Wolfenstein 3D. It's called Beyond Tobruk and has 21 new levels, plus lots of graphics and other changes. All files are included.

Here's a new Wolf 3D page. It's by Juan Alva-Guerra and it's called Juan's Vampyra and Wolf/SOD Page. Here's a banner...

WolfXL has been made available again. This is the original 60 level set but it works only as an add-on to Chokage. You can get it from my Fortune City site.

I missed last Friday's chat concerning the Wolf 3D Convention. It seems that many others did too but 'The Master' has posted an update about it on The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club.

October 6, 2000.

John Bucksnort and Little Snabes are well into their Robocop 4 project. John tells me that all source code and title screen changes have been completed.

Here's a new set called Untitled SOD Demo. This has two new levels for the Spear demo. It's been done by Martin Oxilia and is his first set. All files are included.

For 'Everything about Wolf 3D's Source Code', visit Wolf3D Coding World.This replaces the Wolf 3D Source Code Club. It is still hosted by David Gebler.

Scott Croneberger's Wolf3d Black Hole has moved servers. However, the redirect url is the same www.wolf3dblackhole.com.

September 29, 2000.

Leo Bourbeau sent me a couple of pics from his upcoming TC Discostein. Here they are...

Parafriction has started a new Yahoo Club Parafriction's Coding Alliance for those (like me) who are finding editing the Wolf 3D source code difficult. It's also a place to share acheivements made with the code. BJ Rowan has joined too so anyone needing help...

Coming soon is a new Spear demo set by Martin Oxilia. This is his first set. It should be posted here within a day or two.

Bob Daum's latest set The Ultimate has 10 new levels, plus lots of new graphics, sounds and source code changes. All files are included in the self-extracting exe. Here's a pic...

September 23, 2000.

Discostein is a new add-on being made by Leo Bourbeau and Viktor Sandberg. It will be based on the 70's era. There are plenty of graphics changes, and some new sounds. Screenshots will be released soon.

Guillermo Buteler is working on a new set for the Spear demo. It will probably be ready by next week.

The SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear of excellence Award for October goes to Kenny Riley of The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion for his cool site.

Kenny's Wolf3D News section has a new Wolf3D Browser to download. It was made by The Master. Here's a pic of it with one of my pages.

September 17, 2000.

ZDTV has some info on the new Return To Castle Wolfenstein. There's also a video, introduced by producer Drew Markham.

Here's news from Scott Croneberger...

1) The Wolf3d Black Hole will move servers soon, but I will use www.wolf3dblackhole.com to forward it.

2) Return Of Doctor Schabbs full version is complete, visit my site www.geocities.com/wolf3d_blackhole/ in other projects to download it, and it only has 31 levels instead of 42. A lot better than beta 2.

Thanks, Scott.

And some news from Parafriction...

First, I'm redoing my site (with frames, animations and such). I'm also going to move to the GEBWEB network.

My website will be completely redone and more info and downloads will be added (it's finished, a screenshot will appear on the main page of the old site this week).

Until then... Parafriction.

Little Snabes Robocop project got deleted, but he and John Bucksnort are now working on an even better Robocop. Hope the project goes well, guys.

September 12, 2000.

The latest set from Harry Senior is Gates To Hell. It has ten new levels, plus many new sounds, graphics, and title screen. First impressions are that it's a difficult, but very well designed set. All files are included in the self-extracting exe.

Here's news from David Gebler...

-David Gebler


John Bucksnort has sent me a set of pics for his next Spear set Beyond Tobruk. Here's one of them...

Kenny's add-on Ausfuhrung has been renamed to Hinrichtung, due to translation problems.

September 9, 2000.

Ian Franken has a new Wolf3D site. It's called Castle Wolfenstein and there are many sections including news, downloads, links and editing.

Another new Wolf3D site is Return To Castle Wolfenstein. There's info on the game, weapons and a nice set of pics.

SOD floors dates from 1995 and has 21 new levels. It's been designed to work best with The Lost Episodes: Mission 2 vswap. This is a well designed, but difficult set. There are many pushwalls, and keys are often hard to find. By Jamie E. Edwards. Requires the registered Spear set.

This months SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB best site award has gone to Jake for his Little Snabes Little Wolfsite. Well done, Jake.

Here's a message from Parafriction...

Hey Brian. I received an email from Martin Fernandez (the author of WOLFMUS), in which he answers my question of creating MIDI versions of the Wolfenstein 3D Music Cues. He sent me the following info. If anyone knows how to do this, let him/her contact me. Thanks. Parafriction.

My Blake Stone page has been updated. Several non-working links have been removed and others added.

BJ Rowan's three sets Project Totengraeber, The Renovation and Conflict In The Fatherland have been posted on my Fortune City server as the links on his page to these files don't work anymore.

Guy Brys has moved his site to a new URL. It's now at Guy's Home Page. Guy has sections for both Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone. There's a new Blake Stone level called Guystone (increased to 2 levels) to download.

September 5, 2000.

Here's a whole bunch of news from Parafriction...

The Final Solution gets better and better. I've put a contest on my page where you can win the BETA version 1.4c of The Final Solution 3D. You have to translate a Dutch sentence (Dutch people may not involve the contest, though... then it wouldn't be a contest).

I also posted a new tutorial for the cheaters. It tells you how to disable the damn GOOBERS and Shift-Alt-Backspace code. All you have to do is alter 1 small line. Go check it out at my website!


Paal Olstad released his new set Enemy Around The Corner. Though just one level - it's a very good one. Lots of pushwalls, ghosts and bosses, plus a generous helping of regular guards. Requires the full version of Wolf3D. You can get it from Poet's Wolfenstein Page.

September 2, 2000.

Here's a new Wolfenstein 3D web site. It's by Jake, and is called Little Snabes Little Wolfsite. There's a new banner too.

Nate Smith's Wolf3d World has finally gotten back online. It's at a new URL, and it looks good. Well worth the wait!!

Harry Senior sent me this pic (below) from his forthcoming add-on Gates To Hell. Harry tells me he's already completed five of the new levels.


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