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August 30, 2000.

I posted the original 1991 shareware game Duke Nukem (261Kb) from Apogee/ID Software. It's amazing how far we've come in just nine years!! And it works with my Windows 98. Here's a pic...

The third (and final) part of John Bucksnort's Wastelands Trilogy for Spear has been released. It's called Journey To Evil. There are seven new levels, plus graphics and other changes. All files are included.

August 26, 2000.

David Gebler sent me a set of pics from his forthcoming add-on Biokrieg.

Spifferaneous' Wolfenstein Empire has moved to a new url.

Pictures, sounds, downloads and links are among the features on this Wolfenstein 3D site. Here's it's new banner.

News from the SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB.This months best site award has gone to David Webler for his Wolfenstein 3D Insanity site. Well deserved, David.

John Hedgehog needs a Wolf3d Sound Creator.

Must be an expert with Wolf3d Sounds, Bosses, Guards etc..(But Not Changing Source Code) - And Must have a very good add-on, E-mail Your Resume to: mosco@renc.igs.net.


August 24, 2000.

The March is a new 8 level set with lots of new graphics, sounds and source code changes. By Bob Daum. All files are included.

Ben D. Harper's tour (of his mind) is back on a new URL.

John Bucksnort has sent me a set of pics for his forthcoming Spear set Journey To Evil. He also sent me this info and pic on his latest project Beyond Tobruk:

Hi Brian - My new Wolf 3d project... Beyond Tobruk is making lots of progress, all graphics work and code changes are done... some graphics are as in the Wasteland series, but I have added NEW CEILING COLORS, SEAMLESS LEVEL FLOW FOR THE 21 LEVELS, AND EACH LEVEL NOW HAS NEW MUSIC. Here's the new title screen... John.

As mentioned earlier, a number of links weren't working in my links list. I've removed 9 links (including, sadly, the one to Ben Harper). More add-ons no longer available from those links have been added to my Fortune City site. They include W3d_cc1 and Temporary Insanity.

Adam Z. has released his first set Escape From SOD. It's for the Spear demo. Both levels are new, plus there's a number of Lost Episodes graphics. All files are included.

August 22, 2000.

There are a number of sites in my links list that aren't working anymore. I will be checking these out at the weekend. I'll update the list and post any sets no longer available. Wolf316 and Pots N' Pans have already been posted on Fortune City.

August 20, 2000.

Here's news on Japanstein by Paul and Peter. Paul has finished all the sprites while Peter has done the first ten levels. Paul tells me the set is still a long way from completion - maybe October.

John Bucksnort has released the second part of his Spear set Wastelands - Part Two. It has 7 new levels. All files are included. Here's a message sent by John earlier today.

Hi Brian, here are some pics and info for Wastelands - Part 2. There are many new features in this set:


You can see the rest of the pics here.

More news from Little Snabes Robocop4:The New Nazi War. The first level is done and work is starting on the source code changes. There will be:

The Wolfenstein 3D Domain has a new URL.

My WolfBel3 set has just been updated again. The final Boss level has been completed, which makes 57 new levels. The remaining 3 levels are modified WolfBel levels. These are episode 6 - levels 7, 8 and secret. This will probably be the final update.

Here's a message from Sam Feichter.

News Update: August 20, 2000

I have announced my triumphant return to the Wonderful World of Wolfenstein!!!!!

Now, I am working on levels for a new game, Gorenstein 2: Escape From Dr. Shmuck! This is the REAL Gorenstein 2. The other one is lost, because my Spear of Destiny game erased itself! If someone would like to pickup the project and rename it Gorenstein 3, I would appreciate it. In this one, it's 2 episodes long!!

Here is a list of my new stuff:

Seeya on the Cutting Room Floor!

Sam Feichter




August 16, 2000.

Little Snabes has nearly finished the graphic mods for his forthcoming set Robocop.

John Bucksnort's new nine level Spear set Wastelands - Part One is ready. There are some Lost Episodes graphics and other changes.

Another new level has been added to my WolfBel3 set. This makes 56 new levels. All levels work OK, both on the PC and Acorn/Archimedes computers.

August 13, 2000.

A message from David Gebler...

Here is an update on the development of Biokrieg.

Biokrieg is currently at a 5-level demo beta being privately tested by my selected beta testers! It has more features than ever, including features found in DOOM, such as armour and separate ammo types for each weapon. The final version will contain 30 levels, so keep watching this space for more details of the release date.

-David Gebler, Webmaster, Wolf3D Insanity

-email smooth_nite@hotmail.com

August 10, 2000.

Here's a set of pics from Parafriction's set The Final Solution. They may take a while to load as there's 15 of them!!

John Bucksnort has also sent me a set of pics for his forthcoming Spear set Wastelands.

Here's an award I received from the SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB. Thanks guys.

August 8, 2000.

Harry Senior's new set The Abbey has five new well designed levels. There's a number of new graphics and special effects. All files are included.

August 7, 2000.

John Bucksnort's next Spear set is to be called Wastelands. John tells me he's already done three levels for the set, which will contain some graphics from Lost Episodes. Here's the title screen.

Here's an update from David Gebler...

First thing, guys, is that Project: Biokrieg will be delayed, because I went and accidently wrote over the entire project's source code with the original game code. This will delay beta testing by about 2 weeks. Sorry.

The second thing is, my site's source code page Wolfenstein 3D Insanity has been majorly updated, and now includes what I believe is the biggest set of tutorials on the web. I'll try and add more tutorials every week, so it will soon be your one-stop source for editing Wolf3D! Check it out!

-David Gebler, Webmaster, Wolf3D Insanity

-email smooth_nite@hotmail.com

A Touch Of Nazi is a compilation set which has 10 of John Bucksnort's favourite levels. It includes a level from the original Wolf3D set, but most levels are new. There are some by John, some by Harry Senior, and a secret level which I made. The Boss level is especially difficult. There's a lot of Spear graphics included and a changed title screen. All files are included.

I received this email today concerning a forthcoming add-on The Final Solution...

Dear Mr. Lowe,

I'm Parafriction, 14 years old, fond of all kinds of shooters (except for Quake. I really HATE Quake...), but especially like Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny.

I am programming the Source Code for Wolfenstein 3-D pretty well and found out a lot of cool stuff (which will be told on my website soon).

For a year now, I've been busy with an add-on for Wolfenstein 3-D. It's called The Final Solution, concludes 22 levels (20 regular, 2 secret, seamless level flow) and has a whole load of new graphics and sounds, of which 80+ graphics are made by myself. No, not crappy walls with dumb paintings on them, but serious walls. For example, the hospital graphics are made by me. It took a week to get them right.

I had inspiration from a book concerning a military hospital in Dresden during the 2nd World War. I also re-drew the UberMutant.

In most add-ons, he (or it, what should I say?) looks bad with the Spear palette still on it (I mean that light purple color on the green part of his suit). I thought that it would be nice to make all colors match on his suit. So I made them match. You can't see that the Spear palette was there, I worked those stripes away perfectly.

For some changes to the source code, read on.

The game takes place in Autumn 1942. A scientist called Dr. Jurgen Schabbs has found a way to resurrect dead soldiers. Your mission as B.J. Blazcowickz is to stop Schabbs and his already undead.

The whole story, which exists of 9 Read This! pages, will come along with the full version, which should be completed within 2 months.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll reply.




David Gebler has started a new Yahoo Wolf3D Source Code Club. The original club founded by Chris Chokan has been deleted.

August 4, 2000.

Here's some info on John Bucksnort's next set A Touch Of Nazi. It'll be for Wolf3D, but will have lots of Spear graphics and some Spear bosses. John sent me this title screen. Other pics here.

Auferstehung has ten levels, with some new objects, actors and title screen. Please note - only the secret level is totally new, the others have been modified. All files included. By Will Jeffries. pics here.

Return To Death Castle has five well designed levels, plus new graphics, title screen etc. All files included. By Bobby Bucksnort.

Yet another new set is Wrath Of The Hedgehog: John Hedgehog's Revenge. There are sixty new levels (made with the Randomizer, but all levels have been re-edited somewhat), with some graphics changes. Again, all files are included. By John Hedgehog. Find it here.

The WolfGL and WolfTrap's Source Code Tutorial pages have not been working for some time. I've deleted them from my links.

Here's an email I was asked to post.


-David Gebler, Webmaster, Wolfenstein 3D Insanity

-email smooth_nite@hotmail.com


-David Gebler, Webmaster, Wolf3D Insanity


July 30, 2000.

Little Snabes sent me the following award. He tells me he'll donate one every month.

Here's some news I just received from David Gebler about his new project...

Project: Biokrieg


The ever notorious Dr. Schabbs is recovering from a disaster in his mainlab. The castle that his lab was in (Castle Schaffung) is now in ruins - and most of the guards are now hideous mutants. Dr. Schabbs hides at the top of his castle, desperately trying to contact Hitler's generals. When he finally gets through, the generals are unwilling to help, but they do send a small group of guards to help him. These guards carry two chainguns each - but luckily, there aren't many of them. You have been sent in to eliminate the guards, put an end to Dr. Schabbs, and destroy the castle. Can you do it? If you can't, you're doomed!


Project: Biokrieg - COMING SOON!

-David Gebler, Webmaster, Wolfenstein 3D Insanity

Maxim Zhukov is working on a new add-on called ZombieStein. Here's some info and a pic which he emailed me recently:

My WolfBel3 set has just been updated with 5 more new levels. There's now 55 new levels in all. All levels work OK, both on the PC and Acorn/Archimedes computers.

July 23, 2000.

Bobby Bucksnort sent me a set of pics for his forthcoming set Return to Death Castle.

Assault On Hell has been released. This is a new 46 level set by Little Snabes. There's new graphics and sounds and a changed title screen. Episode 2 has three levels by John Bucksnort, and three levels which I made. All files are included.

Here is the title screen for Bobby Bucksnort's new set called Return To Death Castle. Bobby has three more levels to complete and the set will be released soon.

John Bucknort's  Footsteps To Despair has been released. It's John's sixth and final set in the Tragedy At Istanbul series. There's nine new levels, and lots of graphics and title screen changes.

The John Bucksnort Wolf 3D Page has been transferred to a new URL, and you can now download all his six Tragedy At Istanbul sets from there. There are a number of other downloads available too.

The Acorn/Archimedes version of Escape From SS Prison has been released. All ten levels now play OK on these computers.

David Gebler of the Wolfenstein 3D Insanity site gave some awards this week to other Wolf3D sites. Kenny got one, and I did too. Thanks David.

July 15, 2000.

Escape From SS Prison has ten new levels (which I made), and new graphics and sounds (done by Ronny Zeitz). Difficulty levels are similar to those in my WolfBel sets. All files are included. My apologies to Acorn/Archimedes users as the current version doesn't work on this computer. An Acorn-compatible version will be issued soon.

Bob Daum released his new TC this week. It has ten new levels and a number of new graphics and sounds. The brown guards have now become Bob's Girls. It's quite a difficult set to play. Bob is the co-author of the SR's Wolf series.

The link to Slayer's Mac section of the Wolfenstein Domain has been updated. He's currently planning a new page on another server but for now, it's at Wolfenstein Domain.

Also for Mac users, Slayer tells me there is a Wolf3D fan club at Wolfenmac - Yahoo Club.

There's a new Wolf3D site out this week. It's called The Wolfenstein 3D Lodge. It has a number of sections, including characters, add-ons, utilities, links and cheats.

Just heard news of another new site. This one is by David Gebler and is called Wolfenstein 3D Insanity. It has cheats, source code info, downloads and links.

Ben Blaufarb has released his new TC Tekkoudan. I've not been able to download this yet, but I'll update here when I get the set.

July 8, 2000.

John Bucksnort sent me a set of pics for Footsteps To Despair. This will be the sixth and final set in the Tragedy At Istanbul series.

Operation Siege is a nine level set with lots of new graphics. By Celtor. All files are included.  This is a beta version and will be updated later.

Jake sent me this title screen for his forthcoming add-on Assault On Hell. This promises to be a very good set.

Schabbs Connection has been released. It's the fifth set in John Bucksnort's Tragedy At Istanbul series. Nine new levels. All files are included.

MH's Wolf3d add-ons page has moved to a new URL. All of Merijn's add-ons are available at the new site.

July 5, 2000.

Himmler's SS is progressing well. Four levels have been completed and the set has many new features. Luke Straumann, the creator, sent me a set of pics. Look under June 13 for more info.

July 2, 2000.

John Bucksnort's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB has a new banner. Here it is:

Bobby Bucksnort has released his new add-on Nazi Ambush. The set is very fast moving, has 4 new well designed levels and a lot of new graphics. All files are included in the exe. If you like this set, Bobby has another one called Death Castle.

WolfMenu v1.2 is the latest version of a patch swapper program created for the DOS user who wants to launch all Wolf 3D patches and add-ons from one place text file info. It's been done by Andy Nonymous. A special version, including some difficult to find shareware sets as examples, is also available as Wolfmens text file info. This new 1.2 version supports Wolf3D v1.0, and the registered Blake Stone set. There's an upgrade and text file info for those who already have the 1.0 version.

KKK beta v1.0 is a three level set, including a secret level, plus lots of new graphics and sounds not found elsewhere. Source code changes to follow. All files are included. By M. Heijnen. Available here.

Guy Brys emailed me to say his Guystein 2 set has a lot more levels. You can get them on Guy's Home Page.

John Bucksnort sent me some pics for his fifth set in the Tragedy At Istanbul series. It's called The Schabbs Connection. I will be doing the first secret level for this set during the weekend. John also sent me a new banner for his Wolf3d and Spear page, which has been updated recently.


June 23, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released his fourth set in the Tragedy At Istanbul series. It's called The Bunker Files and has 6 well designed levels. All files are included in the self-extracting exe.

Paul and Peter C (who did Tankstein) are working on a new set called Japanstein. Here's an email I received from Peter:

Hi Brian, I and Peter are working for a new add-on: Japanstein! We changed all the sprites with Japanese soldiers, sounds, guns. Paul.

Alexzx Arzola is also working on a new add-on for the registered set. It's Alexstein2 - The Revenge Of BJ. There's a beta version zip available which you can download from his page. The zip has new vgagraph and vswap files. If the vgagraph file doesn't work with your version of Wolfenstein (it didn't with mine) then use just the new vswap.

I came across this webpage by chance. It's called A Wolfenstein Travelogue, and is a story about playing the original game. All six episodes are covered. Text only, but still good.

My apologies to everyone for the slow loading of some of my pages (and the unavailability of the ROTT page) during the past few days. Both Globalnet and Fortune City had server problems. Everything now appears to working OK again.

June 19, 2000.

The Bunker Files is to be the fourth set in John Bucksnort 's Tragedy At Istanbul series. John sent me a set of pics. The new title screen is shown opposite.

June 17, 2000.

Evil In Iron has ten well designed levels and some new graphics, plus title screen changes. This is the third set in the Tragedy At Istanbul series by John Bucksnort. All files are included. Available here.

Nazi Alert is a new 60 level set by Maxim Zhukov. This is Max's third set. There are lots of new graphics. New sounds may come later.

June 13, 2000.

I received an email today from Luke Straumann about his latest add-on. Here's what he said.

Hi I have a new set coming out it is called Himmler's SS. It will have over 1000 lines of new code added to it. Some of the features are:

I will release a beta of Himmler's SS in a few weeks, but until then here's a screen shot. Luke.

Bobby Bucksnort has made two nicely designed levels for the Spear demo. It's called Death Castle. All files are included. Available here.

Cool Wolf has been updated for the third time. All first/second episode levels, and five from the third episode, are new. There's even more graphics changes . By Marty Beltran. Find it here.

June 9, 2000.

Peter Compton sent me a new banner for his Ultimate Wolf3D Site. Here it is:

Two shareware 1.4 Wolf 3D sets that were previously bundled with Andy Nonymous's WolfMenu v1.0 patch swapper program are now available as separate zips. They are Run And Gun 3 (10 new levels by Cliff Drumeller), and Death Maps For Wolf 3-D (7 new levels by Chris Gregg). I find Run And Gun 3 the better of the two, but both sets are OK.

Paul Gibson recently found an old shareware 1.4 set, with ten new levels, called Dungeons Of Death. It's fairly difficult to play, with lots of guards and many secret areas. All difficulty levels have the same number of guards. The creator is unknown.

Maxim Zhukov is making a set for the Spear demo. It's called Nuclear Winter, and will have new graphics and a changed title screen. Here's a pic from the first level that Max sent me:

WolfMenu v1.0 is a patch swapper program created for the DOS user who wants to launch all Wolf 3D patches and add-ons from one place text file info. It's been done by Andy Nonymous. A special version, including some difficult to find shareware sets as examples, is also available as Wolfmens text file info.

Guystone is a new level (eleven new floors) for the registered Blake Stone set by Guy Brys. It's available from Guy's Home Page. I've been told this level is very good.

SR's Wolf4 was released this week. It has ten new levels and more source code changes. It's quite a difficult set with well designed levels.

A new copy of Operation: Knightwolf v1.9 has been posted. Paul Gibson (the creator) said that the original copy had a level one fault. Anyone downloading this set before June 6, please replace it with this one. Find the new copy here.

John Bucksnort sent me a set of pics for his new add-on Evil in Iron. This is John's third set in his Tragedy At Istanbul series. Six sets are planned in total.

Paul Gibson will be providing in-depth reviews of Wolfenstein 3D add-ons at Wolfenstein Reviewed. There's only one review at present - John Bucksnort's The Bunker - but more will follow soon.

June 4, 2000.

(Win]Elchtest sent me a 3rd pic from his Wolf3D Project. This one shows a completed new wall design.

June 3, 2000.

Johnny Groves has a new web site. It's at the The Ultimate First Person Shooter. There are cheats and add-ons.

Maxim Zhukov has released a VSWAP for shareware Wolf 3d version 1.4. It's called funpack and has a number of new sounds, plus some changed walls and object designs.

Cool Wolf has been updated by Marty Beltran and now has 17 new levels. Changes have also been made to the Vswap file.

The Death Key (Tragedy At Istanbul - Part II) has been released by John Bucksnort. This is a well designed fairly difficult set. As with the earlier set, all files are included in the exe. There's a set of pics available.

Thomas Hubert tells me his RDK Software page has seen some major changes during the last week.

The Complete Wolfenstein 3D Strategy Guide has been released by The Master. This project took many months of hard work to complete. There are complete level walkthroughs for all levels, information for virtually everything in the game, and plenty more.

Scott Croneberger has a new page. It's the Wolf3D Black Hole. It has source code info, plus add-ons and links. Scott's new add-on Return Of Doctor Schabbs is available there to download. This is a very good 22 level set with new graphics and many source code changes. The set will eventually have 42 levels.

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