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Jan - May 2000


May 27, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released Tragedy At Istanbul. This is a 'stand-alone' Spear Of Destiny set. All files are included in the exe. There are 11 new levels (including the 1st secret level which I made), some new graphics and a new title screen. It's a well designed, fairly difficult set. Some of the keys are in secret rooms. A set of pics have already been issued. More levels will be added later.

Will Jeffries emailed me this week with news of an add-on called Wolfenstein:Auferstehung. It's got new graphics and heavily modified levels. There's also a new health bar, and title page etc. It's currently being beta-tested and should be released soon.

Adolf Hitler's Revenge is a new 60 level add-on from Guten Tag Inc. There are some new graphics and sounds, plus a changed title screen. All files are included.

A couple more pages have gone, including Astro Core, and Dead Animals Smell Bad. The add-on previously on Dead Animals called Escape From The Labyrinth is still available from my main page.

Robert J. Daum sent me a ten level set called SR-BOB. Bob has helped Harry Senior with the SR's Wolf series, including making many of the levels. This set is very difficult. Keys are often in hidden rooms, and you get the occasional Boss too. Some of the features used in the SR's Wolf series (the black floor colour, for instance) have been retained in this set.

I checked out level 3 of Hitler's Reign, after Jim Pope asked for help in finding the gold key. The room containing the key was not accessible so I've issued an update for the map files which solves the problem. Thanks Jim for pointing this out.

Operation: Knightwolf has been updated again (now v1.9). This set from Paul Gibson now has 10 new levels. More new graphics and sounds too. Find it here.


Barry Christian has released his sixty seamless level set The Road To Neuschwanstein. Though there are source code changes, the atmosphere of the original game is followed closely.

May 19, 2000.

Three dossier type pages were lost this week. They were Redefining John Romero, and The Joystick Interviews (two pages - one on John Romero, and one on John Carmack). Several other sites have also been unavailable, including Brandon's and Astro Core. I'll check these again next week. Also, Kurt's site has moved and has been renamed KFNetworks. It has many sections, including one for Wolfenstein 3D.

John Bucksnort sent me some new pics for his Tragedy At Istanbul set, which is for the full version of Spear. There are 6 more levels to do, and these will be completed soon. I am doing the 1st secret level and this is nearly done too. Alterations have also been made to some of the Boss actors.

My Favourite Wolf3D TC poll is still getting new votes. Totengraeber leads, but Beyond WolfII SE now shares second place with Western Wall 1.

Max Zhukov is working on a new set called Nazi Alert. This will have ten new levels and some new graphics. Here's a pic that Max sent me:

Anyone who emailed me using the link on this page during the past week, please send the message again. I lost the info on 3 Wolf 3D related messages as they were on my old computer. The link on this page has now been updated. Thanks.

Send me E-mail! - Brian


May 13, 2000.

[Win]Elchtest sent me a 2nd pic of his new flag, for the Wolf3D Project I featured a couple weeks ago.

Assault on Auchfitz is a nine level set (no secret level) for shareware Wolf 3D 1.4, done by Little Snabes . The levels are well designed, and it's a little more difficult to play than the original set, but there's a lot of first aid and ammo lying around. All files are included.

Tragedy At Istanbul is a 15 level set (2 secret levels), being made by John Bucksnort, for the full version of Spear Of Destiny. The first level is completed. Here's a set of pics that John sent me.

The Favourite Wolf3D TC poll on my main page is still getting new votes so I'm keeping it open for a while yet. Totengraeber is still ahead by one vote from Western Wall 1, which is in second place. Beyond Wolf II SE, and Buzzbomb are next.

Tim Vesper emailed me this week regarding his shareware add-on No Place To Hide. It seems the version I had on my page was not his original set. (Somebody had modified some of Tim's graphics). I've now posted Tim's original set and deleted the other one.

The Wolf 3D and Quake Club has a new logo. It's pictured below. The club has gained a lot of new members recently and now has close to 70!

The Spear Of Destiny Fan Club has been started by John Bucksnort. It's 'A place for anyone who loves The Spear.' Good luck with the new club, John!

May 10, 2000.

John Bucksnort has released his new set The Bunker for the Spear demo. It's self-extracting with all files included in the exe. From what I've played thus far, it looks like a very well designed set, and difficult to beat.

RDK Software has a new banner, shown below.

rdk software - link

I just received this new pic, from [Win]Elchtest. It shows a new flag texture, for the Wolf3D Project I featured a couple weeks ago.

May 8, 2000.

Paul and Peter C. have released Tankstein. There are 60 new levels, but many of them are fairly small in size. Each episode has a different theme. These are Tank, Winter, Afrika, Night, Labyrinth and Tankfinal. There are a number of new wall designs, a changed SS guard, and - of course - the tank! There's a set of pics available.

There's a new Wolf3D page out this week. It's called Emperorlord Wolfpage and has downloads, links etc. Be sure to check out the info on the upcoming add-on Falcon's Rebellion.

The Bunker is a new set for the Spear demo. John Bucksnort will be releasing it shortly, but meanwhile there's a set of pics available.

May 5, 2000.

John Bucksnort sent me his second set Gottspear. There are six new well designed levels, plus some new graphics. They are difficult, but not impossible to beat. Some keys are in hidden rooms. All files are included (self-extracting), and you can get it here. There's a screenshot shown opposite, and a whole bunch are available here. John tells me he's working on some Spear sets too. One is for shareware, and one for the full version.

Paul Gibson sent me the following info regarding his Operation: Knightwolf set.

You can view Paul's new pics here.

Viktor Sandberg sent me a new set of levels made by his younger brother. It's called Adam Sandbergstein. There are six new levels, and they're pretty good. I'm told the creator is just nine years old. See what you think! They're available here.

The 3rd set by Harry Senior has just been released. It's called SR's Wolf3, and has ten new levels, new graphics and source code changes. You can get it here.

Paul and Peter have nearly finished their Tankstein add-on. It will have 60 new levels and many new graphics. And yes, it does have a new tank! There's a pic, sent to me by Paul, shown opposite. The set should be ready for downloading in a few days. Watch this space!

Barry Christian has been working on a new TC. It's called The Road To Neuschwanstein, and he sent me the following info about it:

The Road to Neuschwanstein(TRTN) will be a stand alone TC for Wolf3d with many source code changes, including seamless level flow, ratios on every level, new items, new keys, new guards, etc. There will be 60 levels that bring an atmosphere as close to the originals as you can get.

There's more info on Barry's Wolfenstein Levels Page, and a screenshot is shown below.


May 1, 2000.

Well, a second update for this week (it's a bank holiday here). Kenny has sent me some info on his latest project Operation: Ausfuhrung. Some of the new features are

There'll be a lot more to come!

Here's a new website - The Wolfenstein Page Of Death. It's by Little Snabes, and has add-ons, pics and some other info.

Now that Grossed Out is finished, John Bucksnort is working on a second shareware set. It's called Gottspear and will have 5 new levels, plus the secret one. There'll be some graphics changes too. He sent me a set of pics and one is shown below. You can see the whole set here.

April 29, 2000.

The Wolfenstein Domain has moved. It also has a new layout, and a new banner!

Kenny has a new banner too. It's for his Wolfenstein 3D Mansion.


My Favourite Wolf 3D TC poll now has over 90 votes. Western Wall 1 and Totengraeber are still neck and neck for the top place. Just behind are Nate's Beyond Wolf 2 SE, and Buzzbomb. I'll keep the poll open for a couple more weeks.

Luke Strauman has just released his second TC. It's called Project Esiam, and has 10 new levels, some new graphics and source code changes.

Ronny Zeitz sent me his new VSWAP for Rotzi2. There are some new wall and object designs, plus a number of new sounds for the actors. I find the German Shepherd sounds particularly effective. Below is a screenshot showing the new Hans Grosse. I am working on some new levels for this set. The first one is completed, and a secret level is nearly done too.

'The Sliver' has a new bulletin board The Sliver's UBB.

I just started a Rise Of the Triad page. After Wolfenstein 3D, I like this game the most. It didn't achieve the success it deserved because it was overshadowed by Doom. There's not a lot there yet, but I hope to develop it in the near future.

April 22, 2000.

John Bucksnort has just released his first set of levels. They are for the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D. The set is called Grossed Out. All levels have been changed, and I did the secret one. They're fairly difficult to play. Some keys are in hidden rooms, and Hans Grosse appears on several of the levels (hence the title). John also has a new webpage.

I just received news of a new Wolf3D Project which will be based on the Quake 3 engine. As you'd expect, the quality of the maps is outstanding.

Viktor Sandberg sent me a new banner for Arena Productions.

AP Message Board

And there's one for Wolfenstein ARENA!! too.


Viktor also sent me this info regarding the new add-on Fear Of The Dark?

Rod is working on a NEW add-on called Fear Of The DARK?, and he gets pretty much help from ME. There's just the maps left to do. We don't know yet if there's going to be source code changes in it. But it will have 30 levels and as many new graphics as a TC.

We hope it will be out 5th may (the birthday of wolfenstein 3d(full version).

Rod's email address is rod@emaila.nu

I'm currently working on a web-page for AP too.


April 16, 2000.

Patch-O-Matic. This is not new, but I only just downloaded it. For Windows users, this download offers an ideal way to get 6 of the best S/ware sets in one ZIP. You get the original game included too, and it's menu driven. The sets are Halloween, Alien Wolf, Pacman/Demon Clowns, Xmas Wolf, Lost Episodes and Barneystein. Check it out on Mike's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Guy Brys has just released his new add-on called Guystein2. This is a sequel to his first set. There are twenty more levels with 144 guards on each one (solving a puzzle gives you the 2nd ten). Find it on Guy's Home Page.

Two new web pages have surfaced since my last update. The first is RDK Software. This has Wolf 3D add-ons, Starcraft maps etc, and is by Thomas Hubert. The other is Wolf3-D Headquarters, and includes the story of Wolf3D, other info and downloads .

I just received an email from Luke Strauman regarding Project Esiam. Here it is:

Hello I have some information on Project Esiam. Lighting effect, level ending item and a fifth weapon were added. I have decided not to put the seamless level progression in the game. Levels 1-10 are done. Things I have left to do: shot gun ammo and 20 more levels.

April 1, 2000.

Spacestein now has three new levels. I issued an update to this set after only one extra level as it will be the last for a while. Thomas Hubert will be making some more levels, but I am now concentrating on levels for Future Of Nazi and Rotzi 2. For those who have an earlier version, a (maps only) update is available here. Both updates include a doc file listing most of the new wall definitions.

After 41 votes, my Favourite Wolf 3D TC poll has given Totengraeber a clear lead. Western Wall I is second, with Buzzbomb third. There are eleven TC's listed and each one now has at least one vote.

Operation: Knightwolf (now v1.7) has been updated. This new version has 7 new levels (6 regular, one secret) from Paul Gibson. More new graphics and sounds too. Find it here.

March 24, 2000.

Thomas Hubert sent me his latest set Terror Returns. I've only had a quick look thus far, but he's put a lot of effort into the levels this time.

There's a new Favourite Wolf3D TC poll on my main page. I took the old one off because it seems you could vote more than once. Somebody pushed up the vote for Buzzbomb to 27 in one day! Early returns from the new one give the lead to Western Wall I, with Buzzbomb and Totengraeber equal second.

I started the Arena Productions club on Yahoo. (The idea actually came from Viggo Sandberg). The aims of AP were outlined last week, and it will give members a place to talk and post messages.

Luke Strauman, the creator of Operation Buzzbomb, emailed me yesterday. Seems he was unaware until recently of the bad publicity surrounding the set. Just to put the record straight, he said he did have permission to use graphics from the WolfenDOOM sets. He didn't copy them from Nate's BWII - which was the main criticism - it's just that Nate's set came out first.

Anyways, Luke's got a new set coming out soon. It's called Project Esiam and there's a set of pics available. Take a look, I doubt if anyone can accuse him of stealing graphics this time!

I came across a number of shareware Wolf 3D add-ons last week. Some of them are not new but it's the first time I've seen them. One is called Wolfenplum. It uses version 1.4, but all the required files are included in the zip.

Four other sets require s/ware version 1.0, and are listed on the Games From The God website. They are

ps. To download Trial By Fire, click on the above link. (The website link doesn't access the right file).

One more set, which I posted, is Spacestein. It's for the full version, and has new graphics and sounds by Maxim Zhukov. It has 2 levels which I made. Anyone who already downloaded an earlier one level version of this set can get a 2 level update here.

March 17, 2000.

This page has become pretty large and I will be putting a lot of the earlier news into a separate page. Anyways, for now, on with the news to date.

There's yet another (the 4th!) Yahoo Wolf 3D Club. This time, it's The Limited Wolf 3D Club.

I finally posted Future Of Nazi by Maxim Zhukov. This has the new VSWAP, with a lot of new graphics, and one new level which I made.

Barry Christie has a new banner for his page. Here it is!

Paal Olstad released Wolf-Extra II. The set, which needs the full version of Spear, can be found on Poet's Wolfenstein Page. There's a hint manual available too.

Viggo_Sandberg has published his awards and as there've been problems accessing his site - they are repeated here.

Viktor Sandberg has also set up Arena Productions. Well, this is a team who makes wolfenstein 3d add-ons.

In Arena Productions, you can work on your own project BUT if you need help with graphics, maps, beta testers or source code you can

ask a member!


1. A guy in Arena Productions (AP) ALWAYS help other guys in AP.

2. You don't need to quit your own project, but you need to tell all about it for the other guys in AP if they want.

A member of AP can NOT tell about another guys add-on until it almost has been released (if the creator of the add-on tells you that you can't do it).

The members of AP now is:

Viktor Sandberg (me), Finn (von_finn), kenny, scott croneberger AND stressed


Send me E-mail! Viktor.Sandberg@emaila.nu 


March 11, 2000.

Thomas Hubert has been working on some new levels for Blake Stone. Here's a pic he sent me.

The full version of Ken's Labyrinth is now available free on Ken Silverman's Official Home Page. There's a number of other interesting downloads there too.

Ben Blaufarb now has a home page. He has a number of wall textures and sprites you can download for your own use on Astro Core.

Maxim Zhukov sent me a pic of Future of Nazi. Here it is. I'll be posting the set, with the first level done, in a few days. Maxim has asked if anyone would like to make some levels for this set. The VSWAP has a large number of interesting wall designs. Please contact him on maxzhuk@yahoo.com if you want to help out. There will be a sequel called Spacestein.

There's a new Wolf 3D website at The Ultimate Wolfenstein 3-D Site. It has info, downloads etc. The links section is still under construction. It's by Peter Compton.

March 4, 2000.

Maxim Zhukov is continuing with his Future of Nazi project. I've made a start on helping him with the new levels ( just one level, thus far - though Maxim has done some others). Many changes have already been made to the graphics.

Operation: Knightwolf has five new levels (4 regular, one secret). There's some new graphics and sounds too. It was done by Paul Gibson. Find it here.

Thomas Hubert has just set up a news page. This is the start of a new Wolf 3D site. It's at Wolf3d News.

Marty Beltran recently sent me updates for his Cool Wolf set. All the 1st episode, and some of the 2nd one, have new levels. There's also a number of modified graphics and sounds.

February 26, 2000.

Some late news from Kenny of The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion. I've just won his Best Site award. Here it is.

Thomas Hubert tells me he's nearly finished his current add-on Terror Returns. Maps are 99 per cent done, and the graphics are finished. After a little more testing it'll be handed over to Kurt for some source code changes. Screenshots should be coming in a few days.

I put up the complete set of maps - in GIF form - for the Spear set, including the Lost Episodes. Each map can be viewed individually, and there are 3 ZIP's available, containing all the GIF's for each episode. They're available here.

Kenny has posted a new set of Spear maps too! They're on his new Spear of Destiny page.

Re the Future of Nazi add-on, I will be helping Maxim Zhukov with some of his levels. More news about this when I have it.

This site has a new banner. Use it if you want, in your links.

Harry Senior sent me his SR's Wolf2 set. There are ten more levels and the graphics are as used previously. It's another very good set! Two Screenshots are available.

There's been a sharp reduction in the number of messages posted on the Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club recently. There have been periods of very slow loading etc, but it still gets 9 or 10 members visiting every day. So come on guys - post more messages!!

February 19, 2000.

I just received this email from Maxim Zhukov

Hello! Here is a news for Your Wolfenstein 3D page : I am making an addon "Future of Nazi". There already is public-alpha. But the project is still not finished and needs some cool level editors. Best regards, MadMax.

P.S. FoN page at http://www.geocities.com/maxzhuk/

Here's a screenshot:

No Place To Hide has ten very large levels, plus a lot of modified graphics (including many from Lost Episodes). Very difficult, but not impossible to beat. Although this set is shareware, all the required files are included in the ZIP. Get it from Shawn Moseley's Wolf 3D Page. Alternative Download Site

My WolfBel3 has just been updated and now has 50 new levels. A couple of minor bugs have been removed - such as a blocked passage on episode 1 level 8 when played on a PC. There's a new screenshot on the right.

The Wolfenstein 3D Hideout Fan Club has been started by Kenny. It has 13 new members already. He has a new web page too. It's at The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion. There are links, add-ons and much more.

The Wolfenstein Domain has moved from Xoom. Hope it all goes well guys!

February 13, 2000.

Harry Senior sent me a new set called SR's Wolf. He tells me both Nate and Spiff have helped out here so it's just gotta be good! There are 10 new levels, plus a lot of new graphics! All the required files are included in the ZIP. Here's a screenshot. I posted several others on the Wolf 3D and Quake Club.

Matt also sent me a set with 10 new levels (shareware - this time) called Wolf_2. This is an old set, but I've not seen it before. The style is similar to the original game, but it's more difficult to play. Although it's version 1.1, all the required files are included in the ZIP.

Thomas Hubert has issued some info about his new add-on. It's to be called Terror Returns, and here are some of its features:

February 8, 2000.

Kurt became the 50th member of the Wolf 3D and Quake Club. Thanks Kurt for joining! The club has seen several other new members join during the past few weeks, and I welcome these too. The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club is also doing well following its relaunch. It now has 32 members, with new ones joining most days.

I updated the cheats section on my Extras page, and added Wolfenstein Plus to the Site Search facility. Thanks to Ben for agreeing to this.

We lost a page this week - Jim's Wolf3D/SoD Page - but we gained one too. It's called Guy's Home Page, and is by Guy Brys. There's a Wolf3D section with an add-on to download called Guystein. There's a screenshot on the right. This set has 60 very large new levels, plus some changed graphics. There are no bosses but most levels have the maximum 149 guards. You only get 30 levels at first though (eps. 3 thru 5), for you have to email Guy for the code to unlock a 2nd zip for the other 30 levels.

I posted an updated version of WolfBel3. There's now 46 new levels. Thomas Hubert did episode 5 level 5. Thanks Thomas - it's a very good level!

January 30, 2000.

It's been a while! There's a new Wolf3D site at Greg's Wolfenstein 3d Page. It has info on the game, plus a number of links. News too, of Greg's forthcoming add-on. It's called Project Einmacht.

Spifferaneous released his new add-on Western Wall I . It has 30 new levels and doesn't need the registered set to play. There are a lot of graphics and source code changes too. A very well designed set. There's a screenshot from the first level shown right.

Another new set is Golden Eye. It comes from Robb, of Baltimore. This is a new 4 level set (which requires the full version). This set has very extensive, and well designed levels. Most levels have keys placed in secret areas and some of these are well hidden. If you like this set, please let Robb know as it may encourage him to do some more.

Nate Smith is working on a new add-on called Spetsnaz. This promises to be a very good TC, considering Nate's past output. Thomas Hubert is doing one too. This will have ten new levels, source code and graphics changes. More news on this when I have it.

The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club was closed down by Yahoo a few days ago. Rumours are still circulating about it, but it seems that somebody posted some naughty pics there. My commiserations to Dave, who worked so hard to get this club to be the success that it was. Nate Smith has set up Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club in it's place. Thanks Nate, hope this goes well.

January 15, 2000.

The Wolf 3D and Quake Club has a new logo. Thomas Hubert, the club founder, tells me that the original one was looking a little out of date. Here it is...

By chance, I discovered a set of graphics called Mortal Kombat for the Wolfenstein 3D full version. They date from 1992!!! The blue SS and undead guards have been totally changed (apart from the sounds), and so have most of the bosses. Some walls and objects have been changed too, particularly the wall portraits. As there were no new levels, I added those from my WolfBel2 set. Here's a screenshot.

I put a link to Xenu's Link Sleuth. I find it useful for checking broken links. It checks external links too, and it's free.

Thomas Hubert announced his awards for Best Page for Wolfenstein 3D. Here are the results:

January 8, 2000.

I posted Wolfenstein In Sweden. This is shareware and has 4 different map sets with one modified graphics set. The site this was on has disappeared.

THE sliver now has his own domain, and his page has been transferred to it. He is currently working on a new add-ons section. He also announced his Site of the Month award for January, and this time it was given to the Wolfenstein 3-D Domain. Well deserved!

January 1, 2000.

Another new year. Here's hoping it goes well for everyone. During the week, Kurt released his new TC Return To Wolfenstein. There are twenty new levels, plus some graphics and source code changes. You can get it from here.


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