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Write for WolfSource

WolfSource is a website focused on Wolfenstein 3D and it’s modding scene, and I would love to host musings and writings from anyone with something to say.

If you want to write about:

  • Thoughts on map design
  • Creating your games, discussing cancelled projects, post-mortems, etc.
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Humour pieces
  • Wolf3D-related opinion pieces (eg Why OBC is good)
  • Community related pieces such as events that have been held or taken place, reminiscing.

Or almost anything else related to Wolfenstein, it may very well have a place here! There’s no requirements or expectation of repeated submissions. If you feel inspired, WolfSource is here.

Please feel free to get in touch with me either on the WolfSource Discord, or via email if you’d like to get your writing on the website.

“I want to review a mod!”

If you want to write a mod review, The Wolfenstein 3D Blog would probably love to hear from you!

“I want to contribute to a Wolfenstein 3D modding database!”

That’s oddly specific, but the community has you covered. Check out The Wolfenstein 3D Wiki (hosted on FANDOM) and see if you can help out!