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Author: linuxwolf
Version: –
Last updated: 2019/03/21

Game Compatibility


  • Edit maps from inside the Wolf3D engine.
  • Supports individual editing of ceiling/floor textures (advanced modding)
  • Visual menu for choosing object/wall tiles.

  • Live 3D Preview (Semi-playable!)
  • Uses the game’s graphics files (VSWAP) to generate detailed map overviews.
  • Pathfinding – Draw the shortest path between two tiles, taking keys and locked doors into account


  • Based on TED5 and developed in the Wolf4SDL engine.
  • Originally created for use in Team Raycast games.
  • Currently only edits 64×64 map sizes.
  • Open source (GPLv3)
  • The 3D preview is interactive with WASD controls.