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This week on YouTube (Week ending 2019/02/03)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

With Commentary

RussianStorm has published a blind playthrough of A Madman’s Dream. Commentary throughout. Side Note: Much like me, they got frustrated by it. Glad I wasn’t alone!
Some more gameplay and critique of Atomprojekt by DaClubOfDaMan1993, this time of Level 35. You can see the entire playthrough thus far here.
Frankomatic has just finished his playthrough of Blake Stone: Planet Strike for DOS. You can watch from the start here. Commentary throughout.

Without Commentary

T0MAT0 44 has put up a video of his Episode 5 speedrun of the original game. He manages it in less than 5 minutes!

Mykita Gaming is up to Level 8 of their playthrough of Project Totengraeber for ECWolf!

Did you see or publish your own YouTube video on Wolfenstein 3D or one of it’s sister-games? Let WolfSource know!

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