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WolfSource Roadmap

Some of the things being worked on for the website; feel free to comment and help shape the direction it takes!

Mod Listing progress

High Priority – Things being worked on right now

  • Modding Guides/Reference Links Pages
  • Mod Listings
    • ModDB Mods -Still ports to do but the main stuff is done.
    • Wolfenstein 3D Dome
    • The Wolfenstein 3D Vault
    • Dead Links
    • Host mirror downloads
  • Articles

Low Priority – In the future, or being passively worked on

  • An effective way to highlight YouTubers/Twitch
  • Further improvements to Mod Search
  • Coding Reference Page
  • New logo to flow with the website
  • Extend the features of the user profiles on the site (So far used for Job Board and Gallery)

Priorities may change, and are welcome to discussion.