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Game Music

If you use any files from this list, be sure to give proper
credit to converters and original authors!
IMF files over 64kb are not compatible with "vanilla" DOS
Wolf3D mods, but work with DOS4GW, ECWolf and Wolf4SDL

Credit to Majik Monkee, JoeWolf, XGThug and Brothertank for this appropriate image.

Need music for your game? Here you’ll find a collection of .wlf and .imf files ready-made for your project!

ASTRO_WLF_PACK_vol1AstroCreepSome original music by AstroCreep. Some are songs that have featured in his released mods.
NEW_WAVE_WLFAstroCreepConversions of various 80s pop and industrial music
ZELDA_WLFAstroCreep74 converted songs from The Legend of Zelda I & II, and Link's Awakening.
MARIO_WLFAstroCreepConversion of various songs from the Super Mario games
SMETROID_WLFAstroCreepConversion of music from Super Metroid
CONTRA_WLFAstroCreepConversion of music from Contra/Probotector
TETRIS_WLFAstroCreepConversion of music from the gaming classic, Tetris.
SONIC2_WLFAstroCreepConversion of music from Sonic The Hedgehog 2
ROCK_WLFAstroCreepConversions of over 50 covers of various industrial and metal songs from Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Pink Floyd, and others.
METROID_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Metroid
Wolf3D Music Pack #2Ronwolf1705Contains music for Barry Christian's Atomprojekt
BIOMENACE_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Biomenace, by Apogee Software.
KEEN5_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy, by id Software.
MACWOLF_WLFAstroCreepMusic from the Macintosh version of Wolf3D
KEEN6_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Commander Keen in Aliens Ate My Babysitter, by id Software.
DOOM_WLFAstroCreepMusic from The Ultimate DOOM, by id Software
HERETIC_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Heretic, by Raven Software
Blake_Stone_(DOS)VGMPF.comMusic from Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, by Apogee Software.
NITEMARE_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Nightmare 3D, by Gray Design Associates
ROTT_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Rise of the Triad: Dark War, by Apogee Software
MONSBASH_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Monster Bash, by Apogee Software.
DOOM2_WLFAstroCreepMusic from DOOM II, by id Software
Wolf3D Music Pack #1Ronwolf170512 songs, varying in theme (some inspired by classic Wolf3D)
Blake_Stone_2_(DOS)VGMPF.comMusic from Blake Stone: Planet Strike, by Apogee Software.
MSTRYKER_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Major Stryker. Missing one track.
HEXEN_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Hexen, by Raven Software
KEEN4_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Commander Keen in Secret of the Oracle, by id Software.
DUKE2_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Duke Nukem 2, by Apogee Software
COSMIC_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Operation_Body_Count_(DOS)VGMPF.comMusic from Operation Body Count, by Capstone (The Pinnacle of Entertainment)
HOCUS_WLFAstroCreepMusic from Hocus Pocus, by Apogee Software.
Corridor_7_(DOS)VGMPF.comMusic from Corridor 7, by Capstone (The Pinnacle of Entertainment)

If you have music you’d love to share on this list, please use this form or message Zombie on Discord.