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User-submitted art and resources for use in projects! (RESURRECT MMIMAGEWORLD PLS)

These files are provided by generous members of the community. If you use any of these for your project, be sure to credit the 
author appropriately.
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  • You must be logged in to upload
  • Keep images below 2MB
  • Filetypes: PNG, GIF
  • Screenshot Max Res: 640×400
  • Sprite Max Res: 128×128
  • Do not upload other people’s art!

For multi-sprite packs (eg a bunch of textures, or collection of enemy sprites), please link to it in the Download Link section of the upload form.
Alternatively, send it to the website via this form or send a message to Zombie on Discord.
Sprites packaged in .zip and .rar can be .bmp files.

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