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AstroCreep‘s new mod Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge is a total conversion of Wolfenstein that attempts to recreate the atmosphere of Nitemare 3D, a popular retro first person shooter by David P. Gray.

The 10 level mod uses the latest version of ECWolf and includes modified sprites, as well as music from the original game, and a whole slew of advanced features.
AstroCreep also provides an optional file you can run alongside the mod, featuring remixes of Nitemare 3D’s music he created.

The mod requires the latest developer version of ECWolf to run.

Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge on ModDB
Download Nitemare: Hugo’s RevengeMirror Download
Hugo’s Revenge Music PackMirror Download


Release: WolfROTT for ECWolf

Update 2019/04/10: Mod has been updated with fixed sounds.

AstroCreep has released a gameplay mod for ECWolf that adds a slew of features and visuals inspired by Rise of the Triad: Dark War.

WolfROTT works with most “vanilla style” mappacks, and features animated sprites (With super smooth collectible animations!), new weapons, as well as ROTT music.

Download WolfROTT_gp


The Key To Success contest results

Our first contest to create a key sprite is over! There were so many amazing entries, and after weeks of entering and voting, here we are!

If you haven’t already, check out the other entries! There are too many noteworthy sprites to list them all here.

Third Place

There was a tie between a few different keys, but in the end the winners of third place were these two animated sprites, both made by Nexion!

Eagle Key – Nexion
FacePrint Accessor X – Nexion

The FacePrint Accessor X was quite the interesting spin on the idea of a key; an engineered mask for bypassing facial recognition in a sci-fi themed game!

Second Place

Coming in second place, we actually had several tied entries again! Votes were close, and each of the following keys narrowly missed taking First Place.

Portal Key – Atina

3D Animated Key – Dunkelschwamm
Guard key/SS Key -ReddimusVonAggrevatii

Atina’s Portal Key sprite has over 180 frames to the animation! It really is a sight to behold.

First Place

Ultimately, there was just one winning entry. With 7 votes, the winner of our first contest is Wolf3DGuy with his 8-directional key sprite!

Wolf3DGuy made multiple entries in the contest, but this animated key rose above the rest to prove the favourite! Well done!

To all involved, thank you for making this first test contest work! It still blows my mind that so many people participated and every entry was of quality!

Congratulations all around!

Credit: Perfect BJ image by BrotherTank.
Sprites credited in the Key To Success Contest Gallery.
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Release: The Golden Parrot

Fraggeur has released his pirate themed mod, The Golden Parrot!

The game blends RPG elements with the Wolf3D engine, trying to create a really interesting and deep world. There are merchants, interesting mechanics (Like a nationality bonus for your character) and some very nicely designed areas that fit perfectly with the themes.

It’s challenging, but definitely worth trying out!

The Golden Parrot on ModDB.
Mirror Download.
The Golden Parrot forum thread on DieHard Wolfers.


Release: Project: X Insurrection

After eight years in development, Richter Belmont has released Project X: Insurrection.

Featuring many contributions from members of the community and other sources (A long list of credits is included with the game), the game is visually impressive, with very detailed and smooth enemy and weapon animations lending to the atmosphere.

It relies heavily on delivering story through PDA logs in a similar fashion to DOOM 3, and has an optional soundtrack that can be added to extend the game’s music library.

Game Download (Chapter Music: 1 2 3 4 5 6)
Project: X Insurrection forum thread on DieHard Wolfers.


Havoc has pushed a new version of their Map Editor, today.

The update reimplements colour selection for map symbols, and far more importantly fixed a small problem with support for Corridor 7.

Stolen screenshot from Havoc’s website.

Given that it is Corridor 7’s birthday today, the release is well timed.

Havoc’s Wolf3D Editor (HWE) is capable of editing almost every game built on the Wolf3D engine (excluding ROTT, sadly), and runs on modern Windows systems.

Havoc’s Wolf3D Editor download

HWE on Havoc’s Wolf3D Page
HWE on WolfSource


Corridor 7 is 25 years old today!

Happy birthday! The 30th of March marks Corridor 7 turning a quarter of a century old! Wow!

Corridor 7 was Capstone Software’s first game released in the Wolfenstein 3D engine, and had the player exploring a space station, and clearing out invading aliens.

Sadly you can no longer purchase the game, as Capstone Entertainment closed down a few years after the release of this game.
It is still available online though, and has a small fanbase even today!

Celebrate Corridor 7’s birthday by:

Edit 2019/03/31: These mods were updated with some minor changes. Be sure to download these for the latest versions!
"consider the rott collection complete lol" -AstroCreep

AstroCreep has released the final mods in his set of ports from Wolfenstein 3D to Rise of the Triad: Dark War.

Blowing up Nazis

Now, you can play through the levels from every episode of Wolfenstein 3D and then follow it up with the sequel, Spear of Destiny!

These mods require the base game of Rise of the Triad: Dark War to run, and are available on the ROTT Mods page.

Have fun!

Download Wolf3D EP5 Conversion.
Download Wolf3D Ep6 Conversion.
Download Spear of Destiny Conversion.


AstroCreep has ported more games to Rise of the Triad! You can now experience Episodes 3 and 4 of Wolfenstein 3D!

Along with that, Halten Sie and Escape From Totenhaus have been ported for play. Both mods were originally created by Laz Rojas before being ported by AstroCreep.

Escape From Totenhaus

All the mods are listed on the ROTT Mods page, and require the base game of Rise of the Triad: Dark War to play.

Download Wolf3D EP3 Conversion.
Download Wolf3D EP4 Conversion.
Download the Halten Sie port.
Download the Escape From Totenhaus port.

How to play

To run, just drop the files in the game directory, mount the drive in DOSBox, then type

setup.exe file NAME.wad

Where “NAME” is the name of the WAD file for the mod you are using (For example, Escape From Totenhaus would be “toten.wad”)

Navigate to Use Modified Stuff, then Choose Alternate Game Levels. Pick the .RTL file of the mod you are opening (For example, “TOTEN.RTL” for Escape from Totenhaus).
Go back to the main menu and choose Save and Run ROTT. Enjoy!


AstroCreep is continuing his series of ROTT ports, bringing us Episode 2 of Wolfenstein 3D this time.

The mod requires the original Rise of the Triad: Dark War to be able to run.

Along with Episode 2, AstroCreep has also released a bugfix for his port of Episode 1. Downloads on the ROTT Mods page have been updated.

Download Wolf3D EP2 Conversion for Rise of the Triad: Dark War.
Download Wolf3D EP1 Conversion v2 for Rise of the Triad: Dark War.

How to play

To run, just drop the files in the game directory, mount the drive in DOSBox, then type

setup.exe file wolf3d.wad

Navigate to Use Modified Stuff, then Choose Alternate Game Levels. Pick WOLF3DE1.RTL.
Go back to the main menu and choose Save and Run ROTT, and enjoy!