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Release: Pacman 3D (LZWolf)

AstroCreep has released a new mod with an inevitable concept; Pacman 3D.

As the name implies, this mod converts Wolf3D to a first-person version of Capcom’s eternal classic.

The mechanics are the same as the original: Collect the pellets while dodging the Ghosts, and it’s an idea that works quite well.

Pacman 3D requires the very latest version of LZWolf and the full version of Wolfenstein 3D. The ModDB page contains downloads of said version of LZWolf, as well as the WDC definition files to create your own maps for Pacman 3D, should you desire.

Download Pacman 3D (ModDB)


This week’s dose of Mac is again served by Serpens, and features two titles; “A Madman”, and “A Madman’s Redemption”

This visual is burned into my eyes (A Madman’s Redemption)

A Madman is another mapset originally made for The First Encounter who’s author is lost in the great void that is the Mac modding scene. A Madman is short, only containing 4 levels.

A Madman’s Redemption(By compyislife) is a more abstract and surreal exploration of map design. The mod reportedly contains nine maps, and explores the less traditional as a way of telling it’s story.

Both projects will run with either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

Download A Madman (ModDB)
Download A Madman’s Redemption (ModDB)

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Luke Strauman has released a one level beta for his new project, Operation: Arctic Wolf. Luke has been modding Wolfenstein 3D on-and-off since the 90s, and this marks his first release in around 17 years!

The release is one level, and sounds like more of a demo/teaser rather than an actual beta test of a game. It’s a little rough (The included README warns to save your game often to protect against occasional game-crashes), but manages to capture the feel of mid-2000s modding.

Luke is responsible for quite a few adventurous titles, though some promising concepts have never been finished. These include titles like Himmler’s SS and the never-finished Sorcerer’s Wrath (Still available as a demo).

Operation: Arctic Wolf One-Level Beta comes with all the files needed for the game, but will require an emulator like DosBox to run on modern operating systems.

Download Operation: Arctic Wolf One-Level Beta (Via Luke’s Page) (Mirror)
Visit Luke’s Website, Wolfenstein 3D Heaven and Hell
Discuss the Beta on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.

Who is Luke Strauman? Catch yourself up with this Wolfer Spotlight, written by Andy_Nonymous!


3DRealms is porting Rise of the Triad!

In news we forgot to post, it looks like 3DRealms is taking it upon themselves to bring the original Rise of the Triad: Dark War to modern systems and consoles!

In a candid and not at all planned video, a 3DRealms worker shows the game running on a Nintendo Switch, and saying it’ll be coming to Playstation, Xbox and PC.
He also discusses improvements being made, including widescreen support, and whatever “revamped multiplayer” may entail. It’ll be interesting to see if this source port will support mods and map packs.

After SVKaiser’s port seems to have fizzled out, it wasn’t clear what the future of ROTT on modern systems was going to be. This is a great sign, and a chance for the game to get a deserved renaissance.


Release: Astrostein II port (MacenWolf)

MacenWolf has been updated to version 1.04, fixing minor issues with the engine. Download and view patch notes here.

This week’s MacenWolf port is a big one; Astrostein II by Laz Rojas!

Both Laz and his Astrostein games sit as some of the most ambitious to come out of the Mac community, and it’s great to see Serpens bringing these classics to us in a form so close to the original experience.

Astrostein II will require a copy of MacenWolf to run (Either The Second Encounter or The Third Encounter). Make sure to update to the latest version!

Download Astrostein II for MacenWolf (via ModDB)

Discuss Astrostein II and MacenWolf on the DieHard Wolfers Forums.


Orka has released a new version of his project from earlier this year; Unwanted Mission Pack.

Unwanted Mission Pack – Take 2 expands on the foundations of the original project, releasing with two ~10-level episodes containing new enemies, and level design features. Despite the new features, Orka has stated that he attempted to keep a vanilla feel to the game, and in many aspects succeeds.

Unwanted Mission Pack – Take 2: Fox Strikes Again will require a copy of the full version of Wolfenstein 3D, and will run on either ECWolf or LZWolf!

Download Unwanted Mission Pack – Take 2: Fox Strikes Again (ModDB)


At the start of this year gitlance released Operation: Wasserstein for ECWolf, a mod originally announced 20 years ago for DOS.

Just eight months later he has released a sequel, Operation: Wasserstein II.
This game sees gitlance move to LZWolf, taking advantage of some of it’s features to create some very interesting scenery in just the first minutes of the game.

The game features around 15 levels, and takes the player across a variety of locations.

Operation: Wasserstein II will require the most up to date build of LZWolf as of writing, and a full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

As LZWolf matures and features are refined, we can most likely expect titles with similarly ambitious environments in the future!

Download LZWolf
Download Operation: Wasserstein II (via ModDB)


This week Serpens has released three new completed MacenWolf ports, this time around choosing three map packs.
None of these packs have attributable authors at this point, but that has and always will be the case when dealing with the earlier days of Wolfenstein 3D modding.

The mapsets are named ‘2 Keys’, ‘6.2.1.’, and ’48 Hours’. Each set has it’s own style, and number of maps (1, 8, and 14 respectively)

These projects require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to play, both of which are available from the project’s ModDB profile.

These are the first MacenWolf sets that don’t come with their own prepared .bat files to run easily, but it is not hard to make your own. Serpens wrote up his own instructions to get people playing MacenWolf mods:

HOW TO RUN MODS: the –file command. Run the game as macenwolf –file foldername to run a mod of your choice after you have placed its folder in the main game folder.

For a step-by-step example: download Spear of Longinus. Place Spear of Longinus.zip file in the Macenwolf folder. Extract the zip. You will end up with a subfolder called “longinus”. Open the command prompt and run macenwolf –file longinus, or create a shortcut for the exe and place macenwolf –file longinus in the target field in Properties, and the mod will be launched. Alternatively, use the .bat file that should also come attached.

Download 2 Keys
Download 6.2.1
Download 48 Hours

Download MacenWolf: The Second Encounter


We have the pleasure of seeing two new MacenWolf ports this week! Also, a small update to last week’s release of Astrostein, fixing some pixels in a sprite. Updating isn’t mandatory, but always advisable.

Strangestein reportedly almost serves as a demo for it’s sequel; spanning just one level, and not fully utilizing all of the content that was modded into it.
Its follow-up, Strangestein 2, features more maps (14) and a different variety of sprite art.

Many of the sprites are snapshots of 3D images created in a program called StrataVision 3D, and their appearance is rapidly different to the regular art in the engine! (Note: At least in my case, I find it a nice change of style)

Strangestein 1 and Strangestein 2 will require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to run (These are the releases that include the files necessary for MacenWolf mods to function).
All MacenWolf downloads are currently available from the project’s ModDB profile, as will most future ports! Be sure to follow that page for future updates!

Download Strangestein 1 (MacenWolf)
Download Strangestein 2 (MacenWolf)

Discuss MacenWolf on the DieHard Wolfers Forums!


Continuing with a steady pattern of releases, Serpens has published two more ports of mods from the Macintosh Wolf3D community.

Death Before Dishonor is another small mapset who’s author remains unknown. According to the release post, it was made using a random level generator for Mac called WolfMaker.
Given the community’s experience with Creator and the repetitive and unbalanced levels it creates, it’s interesting to know there was a similar idea present in other areas of the Wolf3D community.

I haven't updated yet.

The major release of today is Astrostein, one of the more well-known mods to come out of the Mac community. The game is the first of a series (which will hopefully all see ports to MacenWolf!) of futuristic games, made by Laz Rojas.

The game has seen ports to both DOOM and ECWolf in the past, but now thanks to the work of Serpens and Nexion we are now able to play a Laz Rojas classic in a much more Mac-like environment!

This all accompanies a new update to the MacenWolf engine itself, as the engine becomes more refined. This update will be required for future releases, so make sure you update.

Astrostein and Death Before Dishonor will require a copy of MacenWolf to play (Available as downloads of The Second and Third Encounter).

Download MacenWolf The Second Encounter (Via ModDB)
Download MacenWolf v1.03 patch (Via ModDB)

Download Astrostein (MacenWolf)
Download Death Before Dishonor (MacenWolf)