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As the title suggests, AstroCreep’s latest experimental release is a mod that compresses almost the entire of the first three episodes of the original game into one map each.

Keys and elevators are replaced with switches for progression. The original designs remain mostly intact, with a couple of maps omitted to fit everything, and the mod provides an interesting spin on gameplay due to the way enemies “hear” you in the game.

The mod requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, and runs on the dev version of ECWolf.

Wolf3D MegaMap Download


VSWolfTools 2 update 7 released

Today, Vincent has released a new version of his modding tools, bringing support for multiple games (Blake Stone, Corridor 7 and most importantly, Operation Body Count) as well as a couple of other changes.

If you use VSWolfTools 2 be sure to pass feedback, suggestions, or compliments onto Vincent to help shape the program’s development!

Update 7 Patch Notes, as transcribed from Vincent's Homepage
  • New: Support for Blake Stone, Operation bodycount, and the needed extra features.
  • Individual classes files in VSMAPED for certain mods.
  • New: New and more logical format for description files, but don’t panick: older files will be converted automatically.
  • Individual classes files for certain mods, now of the inf type, situated together with descriptions (txt type).
  • A faulty or missing mapheadfile can be restored.
  • Floors and Doors can appear anywhere in the lists.
  • Support for more mods which imply:
  • Blake Stone:
    • 2-plane maps. You can edit but not run a new version.
  • Operation bodycount and Corridor 7:
    • Single images for walls/doors, ‘single’ in the description.
    • 2 images now possible for floorcodes (for the 3D window).
    • Partly transparent walls/doors (for the 3D window).
    • An object can be made invisible to VSMAPED by using a certain symbol.
    • I haved named the items in haste, You can undoubtedly find more fitting names for them.
  • New: Insert a palette in a picture and use the palette tool like in VSWAPED.

VSWolfTools 2 Download (Update 7)
VSWolfTools 2 Homepage
WolfSource Landing Page


Release: Oops! All Puppies! for ECWolf

Do you like dogs?

Dunkelschwamm has released a fun twist on Wolf3D, where just about everything in the game is replaced with a dog.

The enemies are all dogs.
The tables are dogs.
The lights are dogs.
The dogs are dogs.

The only things unchanged are ammo (You need as much as you can get) and keys.
Despite the dogs being the weakest enemy in the game, being swarmed by so many of them at once provides a unique (and cute) challenge.

The mod requires ECWolf, and will work with both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny (Though good luck if you attempt the latter).

No you cannot pat the dogs.

Oops! All Puppies! Download
DieHard Wolfers forum thread


Happy 27th Birthday, Wolfenstein 3D!

It’s May 5th, the day Wolfenstein 3D was released all the way back in 1992.

Thanks to everyone in the above Credit Screen, we’ve had 27 years of fun and expression, not to mention the plethora of games it paved the way for, including DOOM.

In lieu of a long wall of nostalgic text, here are some things you could do to celebrate:


AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge is a 10 level mod that utilizes ECWolf features to add new weapons and enemies, and most interestingly a series of hazards into the game.

There are spear traps, falling columns, automatic pushwalls and more to keep you on your toes. and make you rethink strategies of blindly running forward.

The game also includes cool music from a range of sources, and utilizes AstroCreep’s EC_WL6 Map Resource Pack as a base to build off of.

AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D, and the Dev version of ECWolf to be able to play.

Spicy Wolf3D Challenge Download
DieHard Wolfers forum thread


Release: Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion

Colonel Bill has returned with a new game, titled in the game’s ReadMe as “Spear of Destiny Demo (tm id) Fusion Patch”.

Spear Fusion is Colonel Bill’s first mod in over 15 years (!!!), and started life as a 2 level mod for the demo of Spear of Destiny.
As plans changed, the game was extended with extra levels and features. The end result is an 11-level game full of different environments and interesting level design.

Spear Fusion is a standalone download, and comes packed with the source code for anyone interested in using the game as a base for their own projects.

Update: Colonel Bill/Beirgut has updated the game to version 1.1, adding gun bobbing and fixing some bugs. The links below are up to date.

Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion Download.
Mirror Download (Via Wolfsource)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread.


AstroCreep‘s new mod Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge is a total conversion of Wolfenstein that attempts to recreate the atmosphere of Nitemare 3D, a popular retro first person shooter by David P. Gray.

The 10 level mod uses the latest version of ECWolf and includes modified sprites, as well as music from the original game, and a whole slew of advanced features.
AstroCreep also provides an optional file you can run alongside the mod, featuring remixes of Nitemare 3D’s music he created.

The mod requires the latest developer version of ECWolf to run.

Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge on ModDB
Download Nitemare: Hugo’s RevengeMirror Download
Hugo’s Revenge Music PackMirror Download


Release: WolfROTT for ECWolf

Update 2019/04/10: Mod has been updated with fixed sounds.

AstroCreep has released a gameplay mod for ECWolf that adds a slew of features and visuals inspired by Rise of the Triad: Dark War.

WolfROTT works with most “vanilla style” mappacks, and features animated sprites (With super smooth collectible animations!), new weapons, as well as ROTT music.

Download WolfROTT_gp


The Key To Success contest results

Our first contest to create a key sprite is over! There were so many amazing entries, and after weeks of entering and voting, here we are!

If you haven’t already, check out the other entries! There are too many noteworthy sprites to list them all here.

Third Place

There was a tie between a few different keys, but in the end the winners of third place were these two animated sprites, both made by Nexion!

Eagle Key – Nexion
FacePrint Accessor X – Nexion

The FacePrint Accessor X was quite the interesting spin on the idea of a key; an engineered mask for bypassing facial recognition in a sci-fi themed game!

Second Place

Coming in second place, we actually had several tied entries again! Votes were close, and each of the following keys narrowly missed taking First Place.

Portal Key – Atina

3D Animated Key – Dunkelschwamm
Guard key/SS Key -ReddimusVonAggrevatii

Atina’s Portal Key sprite has over 180 frames to the animation! It really is a sight to behold.

First Place

Ultimately, there was just one winning entry. With 7 votes, the winner of our first contest is Wolf3DGuy with his 8-directional key sprite!

Wolf3DGuy made multiple entries in the contest, but this animated key rose above the rest to prove the favourite! Well done!

To all involved, thank you for making this first test contest work! It still blows my mind that so many people participated and every entry was of quality!

Congratulations all around!

Credit: Perfect BJ image by BrotherTank.
Sprites credited in the Key To Success Contest Gallery.
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Release: The Golden Parrot

Fraggeur has released his pirate themed mod, The Golden Parrot!

The game blends RPG elements with the Wolf3D engine, trying to create a really interesting and deep world. There are merchants, interesting mechanics (Like a nationality bonus for your character) and some very nicely designed areas that fit perfectly with the themes.

It’s challenging, but definitely worth trying out!

The Golden Parrot on ModDB.
Mirror Download.
The Golden Parrot forum thread on DieHard Wolfers.