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Other Source Ports

Here is a list of available source ports for the other games built on the Wolf3D Engine, that do not currently work within ECWolf.

Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike


When 3DRealms releasd the Blake Stone: Planet Strike source code in 2013, it did not take long for someone to take that code and port it to modern systems. It gets tweaked now and again over the years, and currently supports both Blake Stone games.
The source repository is available here, if you’re interested in how it differs from Wolf3D or want to compile it yourself (For Linux?).

Rise of the Triad: Dark War
Rise of the Triad

Winrott Ports

The developer has made a few versions of this port, with an OpenGL version (GLRott) and a version that works on 64-bit Windows systems (Winrott_Api)
Built to allow people to play user-made levels, the ports start up with a menu for you to select available .WAD files to play.