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Release: OVERKILL (Wolf4SDL)

Thomas Weiling has come out with a new release today, entitled OVERKILL.

This project was originally announced in 2009 and stalled in 2012, but Thomas decided to finally return to it and see it through to completion with an overhaul.

The game spans 45 levels with some contributions from ack, Orka and Wolf3DGuy. There is also new art, and feature additions including new weapons, and hazards, with credits for sources of things provided in a text file.

Given it’s long history, Thomas has some things to say in his release post on DieHard Wolfers, and if you’re interesting in the community and it’s history, it’s worth reading.

The game comes with all the files you need, and is built on Wolf4SDL so it will work on most modern systems.


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  • Asgore89 Asgore89 2021-11-20, 2:57 am

    Holy cow Thomas! Can’t wait to play this release lol

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