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Map Editors

Havoc’s Wolf3D Editor

Developed by Havoc
  • Current Version: 0.3.13
  • Last Updated: 2019/03/30
  • Capable of editing multiple games on the Wolf3D engine.
  • Support for advanced modding features including larger maps.

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Developed by linuxwolf
  • Last Updated: 2019/03/18
  • Works from within the Wolf3D engine, using the game’s sprites to generate a detailed map screen.
  • Runs on modern Windows (Wolf4SDL)
  • Support for many advanced modding features.

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By Bill Kirby, Dave Huntoon, Bryan Baker, Matt Gruson, K van den Helm, Chris Chokan
  • Current Version: 8.5
  • The most popular DOS-based Map Editor
  • Open Source (version 7.2)
  • Various versions available, each with their own quirks and game-compatibilities
  • Simple single-screen layout

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Developed by John Romero
  • Current version: 5.0
  • DOS-based
  • The editor used by id Software to create the original maps!
  • A historic piece that is still an interesting and viable Map Editor

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