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New Releases

Today, Wolf3DGuy brings us a brand new DOS mod in Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter.

This mod endeavours to recreate the Mac versions of Wolfenstein 3D whilst keeping the visual style of the original DOS release, within DOS.
The game features level layouts (With appropriate tweaking) from across the Macintosh releases, new weapons from those games (The Mac version of Wolf3D had both a Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower!), and some other nice additions detailed in the Read This.

The game is well put together, and in these difficult times it could be just the thing to finally occupy your time.

Wolf3DGuy hopes that this will inspire others to make DOS mods, and has plans in a future update to include not just the source code for people to modify, but also the definition files to edit the game in most current Wolf3D Editors!

The game can be run standalone, but will need to be run through DosBox if you are playing on a modern operating system.

Download Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter
Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter on ModDB

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This is a new ECWolf mod by MINOTAURiii975, mixing some nice game design elements with silly visuals and illusions.

The mod is three levels, each piling onto the last to create a potentially disorienting (but typically humorous) experience as you search for Hitler.

MINOTAURiii975 is a Wolf3D modder from way back, making Gates of Hell in 2004, and it’s great to see him back!

All Heil The Hunt For The Hidden Hitler requires ECWolf, and the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download All Heil The Hunt For The Hidden Hitler
Download the developer version of ECWolf


Release: Hitler’s Secret Department

A user called Step9 has released an unusual mod on ModDB, titled “Hitler’s Secret Department”.

The Russian Wolfenstein mod features 60 levels, and features some uniquely styled and simplistic maps. The level design makes for a quick and straightforward playthrough, especially on some maps (An example of an unplayable secret level…).

Note: There is a bug where your weapon may switch at random and become locked. Pressing either 1 or 2 on your keyboard should fix this and allow you to switch again.
Note: There is a bug where you may take random damage when entering doorways.

Hitler’s Secret Department on ModDB
Download Hitler’s Secret Department (via ModDB)

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Edit: Attempts to properly credit for maps in the mod has been made based on what is known.

A member of the Wolf3D Haven forums, Blackmore, has released a mod called Summer Night’s Epitaph.

The creator describes it as a “short but fun and mysterious Wolf3D adventure”, mostly vanilla themed but with some additional scenarios and effects that take advantage of ECWolf’s features.
The mod borrows maps from authors including Dunkelschwamm, stringing them together with some new themes, taking liberties in how to complete maps by removing the ability to in some levels. In order to progress you will have to cheat, which appears to have been the creator’s intention.

Summer Night’s Epitaph comes bundled with LZWolf (Though a copy of the development version of ECWolf should work too), and will require a registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D to run.

Note: There are some tree clipping issues in the forest level that will make traversal a little awkward, but that hopefully shouldn’t get in the way as much as the other intentional issues.


It’s not often that the Mission Packs to Spear of Destiny get attention, so it’s very disappointing to see we missed this little nugget!

ReddimusVonAggrevatii released this graphics pack back on the 9th of August 2019, which was made in an attempt to liven up and make the Return To Danger Mission Pack a bit more visually interesting.

It changes a variety of items in the game, including the pill 1-up item, and the ammo box. For a full list of changes check out the DieHardWolfers thread!

The graphics mods requires a copy of Spear of Destiny: Return To Danger (Mission Pack 1) to run, but will work with DOS, Wolf4SDL and ECWolf/LZWolf!
The Mission Packs are included in most digital purchases of Spear of Destiny, including on Steam.

Download Reddimus’ Return To Danger graphics mod
Talk about the mod on the DieHard Wolfers Message Board


Release: Thomas’ Spear of Destiny

Thomas Weiling has released a map pack for Spear of Destiny! It includes 21 levels of classic (and challenging) levels for the game. Be careful!

The mod includes just the map files, so to play you will need the full version of Spear of Destiny to play. However, this also means it will work with any engine for the game (from DOS and Wolf4SDL to ECWolf and LZWolf!)

Download Thomas’ Spear of Destiny
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards (Includes more screenshots!)


AstroCreep has released some simple variations of some of his Demolition mods, titled “Thi-Time”. Included is AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition and Kowtow Demolition, as well as the original Wolf3D Demolition.

Thi-Time changes your character to Thi Barrett from Rise of the Triad, making the player a little faster and adding some new graphics and sounds. Apart from that, the mods are largely the same as the original versions (Packed with new weapons, enemies and destructibles).

The mods require the latest version of LZWolf, and a registered version of Wolf3D to run.

Note: While the original Wolf3D Demolition is compatible with many mods, games and map packs, some of the changes in Thi-Time may result in visual problems if played with Super 3D Noah’s Ark or MacWolf.

Download Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download Kowtow Demolition (Thi-Time)


MetaLLion066 on ModDB has released a simple mod for ECWolf and LZWolf players, which replaces the game’s music with the songs in MIDI format.
The change in quality of the music is immediately apparent, but creates quite a different feeling.

The download comes with BAT files to run everything, or just drop the WPM.pk3 over your ECWolf or LZWolf exe.

Download Wolf Power Midi addon (via ModDB) [Mirror]
Wolf Power Midi on ModDB


Unwanted Mission Pack is a new ECWolf mod that started as a basic 12 level map pack, but ended up with a few new additions including some new enemies, art, and sounds.

The mod is made by Orka, who just a few months earlier brought us Operation: Nazi Slayer, one of the first published LZWolf mods!

Unwanted Mission Pack requires the latest version of ECWolf and a Registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D to run.

Download Unwanted Mission Pack