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New Releases

Release: Macinstein 3D (MacenWolf)

The MacenWolf project keeps moving forward, with a more abstract game released earlier this week!

Macinstein 3D consists of a single map that puts the player in a very different environment to normal; a 3D recreation of the Macintosh desktop, complete with desktop icons scattered around the place.

The project was allegedly made in just 4 hours, and will require a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to play.

Download Macinstein 3D (ModDB)
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Screenshot from MacenWolf ModDB page


Last year’s April Fools Day had ReddimusVonAggrevatii release Astral Anomaly/Sputnikstein, a comedy mod for DOS.

This year Reddimus has released a follow-up, entitled Sputnikstein 2: Nazi Germany 1945.

The project features some interesting changes to both the coding and art, in line with the humorous spirit of the holiday, with several inside jokes and fun little changes to things including enemy behaviours.

The game comes with all the files needed to play the game, but will require a program like DosBox to emulate the environment needed to play.

Download Sputnikstein 2 (MediaFire)
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Years ago, a member of the Wolfenstein 3D modding community named Nate Smith released the first mods of Wolfenstein 3D to include a recompiled version of the engine with new features, including a rocket launcher weapon. The biggest of these mods was Beyond Wolfenstein II SE.

It grew in popularity and unfortunately was brought to the attention of id Software, and due to many factors both confirmed and speculative (including copyright infringement and the impending release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein), it was pulled from download.

It’s been a little over two decades since all this went down, and now thanks to the efforts of MCS, with testing by Thomas Weiling, a port of Nate Smith’s Beyond Wolfenstein II SE has been released.

This version of Beyond Wolfenstein II SE runs on Wolf4SDL, allowing people to play it on modern operating systems. As a historical piece, it’s interesting to see this infamous mod again.

If you want to learn more about the rough history of this game and it’s author, you can read this Wolfer Spotlight about Nate Smith, written by Andy_Nonymous.

You can learn more about the Wolf4SDL port of the game on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.


Note: There are some minor visual bugs in one of the new levels, due to a newly implemented feature. The issues have been reported and are being investigated.

Today, Team Raycast have released a new version of their 2012 release, Operation Eisenfaust: Origins.


The goal of this remastering is to create more ties to the Wolfenstein 3D universe. Environmental tweaks, many art changes and code changes have been made, and new maps have been made by DoomJedi, LinuxWolf and Woolie Wool.

The complete list of changes can be read in the announcement article on ModDB.

Operation Eisenfaust: Origins – Remastered Edition is a standalone project, containing all the files needed to play.

Download Operation Eisenfaust: Origins – Remastered Edition (ModDB)


While the main goal of Serpens and Nexion’s MacenWolf project is to port all mods and games from the Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D modding scene and make them playable on PC, MacenWolf is also intended to work as a base for making your own Mac-themed projects.

Earlier this weekend, it was announced that MacenWolf S.U.C.K. (Standing for Simple User Configuration Kit) has been released. This change to MacenWolf extends the amount of things that can be edited within the MacenWolf framework, through the use of a new scripting system.

This scripting system allows more control of elements of the game to anyone looking to create a MacenWolf project. The system covers a lot of things, including enemy and weapon behaviours, how objects act in the game, and even change the win condition of levels.
This is all on top of the modding capabilities already in place in MacenWolf, which allows the author to change things like episode and map names, floor/ceiling colours, and what music plays.

The release includes a manual explaining the various elements of this new scripting system, as well as multiple playable examples showcasing some of the interesting changes that can be made using it. Footage of which was included in the announcement article:

This new system is incorporated into a new updated version of MacenWolf. To test the example configurations included in the MacenWolf S.U.C.K. download, you will need to ensure you also download the latest version of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter (Below).

Download MacenWolf S.U.C.K. (ModDB)
Download MacenWolf: The Second Encounter v1.1 (ModDB)
Download MacenWolf: The Third Encounter v1.1 (ModDB)


Release: Wolf Carnage Tour (MacenWolf)

Serpens has released a new port for the MacenWolf project this week.

carnagetour 4

Wolf Carnage Tour is a mapset spanning 12 levels, originally created by “Moritz Grund”, originally for the Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D release, The Third Encounter. This project like many others can now be played on Windows, with gameplay closely emulating the original experience.

Wolf Carnage Tour can be played with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest verison.

Download Wolf Carnage Tour (ModDB)
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Image from MacenWolf ModDB article.


Release: Dear BJ (DOS)

Dear BJ is a new release published by the TryHardWolfers ModDB account, providing a unique spin on the Wolf3D engine.

The project lampoons the indie game Dear Esther, introducing RPG and adventure game elements to the gameplay. Instead of shooting enemies, the player starts off exploring an introspective world, meeting (unusual looking) elements of his life.
As with all the releases on TryHardWolfers, this is another excellent example of branching off from the typical and providing a more unique experience inside the Wolf3D engine.

Dear BJ will run standalone, but as it is built on the DOS engine you will need to use an emulator like DosBox to play.

Download Dear BJ (ModDB)


Release: Smurfenstein 3D (MacenWolf)

This week, Serpens has released another port in the MacenWolf project.

Smurfenstein 3D is a demo release by Clubey, featuring three levels with art changes to fit the theme. There’s some history here, as detailed in the release’s accompanying article.

smurfenstein 2

The game can be easily played with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. Make sure your games are updated to the most recent version.

Download Smurfenstein 3D (ModDB)
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Images from the MacenWolf ModDB article


This week saw the release of The Dooomed Invsaion off The Doomde Dmeons from the Doomed Planet of Doom, a project built on Spear of Destiny that appears to be a parody of the various DOOM themed Wolfenstein 3D mods that have come out over the many years in the community.

Attributed to “honto janai” and released by TryHardWolfers, this project appears designed to come off as low effort as possible, with odd mapping choices and some unusual enemy behaviours.
Counter to this, the game boasts some interesting and cool gameplay changes (As is typical of the TryHardWolfers account) which elevate this project above many of the older DOOM-themed projects out there.

The game comes with all the files necessary to play, but will require DosBox or some other form of DOS emulation to run on modern operating systems.

Download The Dooomed Invsaion off The Doomde Dmeons from the Doomed Planet of Doom (ModDB)