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New Releases

Update: A small bug patch has been implemented. If you downloaded the game on release day, please redownload it to obtain fixed versions.

AstroCreep brings us a new gameplay mod, this time building on a mod made by Thomas Weiling.

Demolition is a series of mods that adds to Wolf3D and map packs with an assortment of new and unusual weaponry and enemies, to try and create new experiences.

Wolf Overdrive came out in 2015, and is the focus of this entry in AstroCreep’s series (It also marks the second time this year that one of Thomas’ mods got an overhaul!). If you enjoy Thomas’ mapping, this can be a good way to re-explore the game again!

Overdrive Demolition runs on LZWolf, and requires the base game of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download Overdrive Demolition

(Note: Demolition features breakable static objects, which can break some map design elements. There is an optional blockstatics PK3 provided, which will preserve the classic experience while providing everything that makes Demolition fun.)

Download the latest build of LZWolf
Download the original Wolf Overdrive (Wolf4SDL) or it’s ECWolf Port
Wolf Overdrive on the Wolfenstein 3D Wiki


Release: Kowtow, by Thomas Weiling

Thomas, creator of All This & Wolf3D and a plethora of other projects, has released a new and interesting game!

Kowtow is a 20 level affair, with all new levels, new features, art and music. It’s the design style we know from Thomas, and the mesh of new sound and (some borrowed) art choices make for a very light-hearted affair.

The game runs on Wolf4SDL, and doesn’t require any addition files to run.

Download KowTow!
KowTow on DieHard Wolfers


After years in on-and-off development, a new DieHard Wolfers community mapset is out!

Project Totengräber came out just over twenty years ago (October 30th, 1999!), and is as fondly remembered and appreciated as BJ Rowan’s other titles.

Following suit with other DHW community projects such as Beyond Mutantstein, various modders and mappers contributed to the new twenty-one level set, including AlumiuN (Who organized the set), Serpens, Chris, ack, and more! (Full credit listing via link below).

The DHW Totengräber Set runs on Wolf4SDL, and does not require any other additional files to run.

Download The DHW Totengräber Set
BJ Rowan’s Records Room (Contains downloads to his other projects)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread (Mapping credits listed here)


There are few mods as universally appreciated as Wolf-Skevos-Jones’ title Coming of the Storm. The game has received major praise throughout the years, and influenced a number of other projects’ existences.

Thanks to Orka (creator of Operation: Nazi Slayer) and the extended functions of LZWolf, you can now enjoy this absolute classic of a game on modern systems, without DosBox!

Coming of the Storm for LZWolf brings us as close to a recreation as currently capable, and it’s pretty good!
The mod is considered “99.999%” accurate to WSJ’s original, due to some (temporary) minor limitations in LZWolf, but that .001% seems to just been some minor decorative and environmental features.

It is fantastic to see this get a port, and hopefully now more people will be able to experience this classic.

Download Coming of the Storm for LZWolf (Download LZWolf)
Download the original Coming of the Storm (Requires DosBox)
DieHard Wolfers Forum Thread
Coming of the Storm on the Wolf3D Wiki


Poet, the creator of classic puzzle mods such as The Tower, has unveiled a new game titled “Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21”!

Much like previous projects by Poet this one requires you to think before you necessarily shoot, with puzzles and hazards to learn to adapt to. It’s challenging and inspired, judging from what little I myself have been able to solve.

The mod runs on Wolf4SDL, and as reported by Poet on his website, is the last in his Wolf-Extra series of mods which started 20 years ago to the day!

Download Wolf-Extra Epilogy 21 from Poet Software (Important tips included on the page!)
View the rest of the Wolf-Extra series on Poet Software
Wolf-Extra Epilogy 21 on DieHard Wolfers


Release: Mutantstein 4 ported to ECWolf

Continuing with the current series of ports, AstroCreep has brought us Mutantstein 4 for ECWolf.

Unlike the initial Mutantstein trilogy, this entry in the series is created by the grandson of John Bucksnort, Bobby Bucksnort, in 2001. He attempts to emulate his late-grandfather’s modding style and difficulty, and from player accounts does a decent job of it.

The game requires the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, as well as the ECWolf source port.

Download Mutantstein 4 for ECWolf
Download the original Mutantstein 4 (Both DOS and Wolf4SDL)
Read about Mutantstein 4 on the Wolf3D Wiki


AstroCreep has given us another classic game to run in ECWolf; this time Wolfendoom, by one of the creators of Spear Resurrection and Spear: End of Destiny.

Wolfendoom came out in 2000, and remains one of the more popular Wolf3D mods to rely heavily on DOOM’s source material without straying far from the Wolfenstein formula of gameplay.
AReyeP’s mod gives us 60 levels, with sounds and graphics from DOOM to create a very different atmosphere.

This release of course means that thanks to AstroCreep you can now play it on ECWolf, which along with the Wolf4SDL port gives you two ways to play on modern systems!

Download Wolfendoom for ECWolf
Visit AReyeP and MCS Wolfenstein 3D Page
Necropost and discuss Wolfendoom on DieHard Wolfers


Edit: The ports have been updated with a small bug fix. Current downloads have been updated.

AstroCreep brings us another classic collection of mods ported to ECWolf, this time the first three Mutantstein games by John Bucksnort and Harry Mass Sr!

The Mutantstein games were released throughout 2000-2001, and were memorable titles in the community’s history.
John Bucksnort was renowned in the community for his challenging mods, and his history as a WWII veteran, and status as one of the eldest modders of the community (He started when he was 80!)

The games were originally made in DOS, but have since been ported to both Wolf4SDL and now ECWolf, allowing modern players to experience them without emulators!

Download Mutantstein I
Download Mutantstein II
Download Mutantstein III

Read about John Bucksnort on the Wolf3D Wiki
Wolfer Spotlight for John Bucksnort, by Andy_Nonymous


Release: Hallowein v3 by Biergut

Edit: Apologies to BIERGUT for the spelling mistakes.

Halloween v3 is as you would expect, the third iteration of the Hallowein mod made by Biergut (Formerly Colonel Bill) all the way back in 1997!

Where earlier versions utilized hex editing to achieve the changes needed, Beirgut has given the game an overhaul with touched up maps, and features like new bosses, new textures, and other extras.

Much like it’s successors, Hallowein v3 is actually a heavily modified shareware release, and is developed with Wolf4SDL, so it will work without emulation on modern Windows systems!

Download Hallowein v3
Download Hallowein v3 on ModDB
Play the original Hallowein mod on the Internet Archive
Hallowein v3 on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


Release: Operation: Nazi Slayer

Operation: Nazi Slayer is a new Spear of Destiny mod by Orka, and is the latest to use the new LZWolf source port!

A Formgen employee! Shoot it!

The game requires the full version of Spear of Destiny to run, and builds upon that base with new weapons, enemies and a complete new set of levels!

Coincidentally, this appears to have been released on the anniversary of Orka’s last mod, Wolfenstein: The Fourth Encounter.

Download Operation: Nazi Slayer (Mirror)
Download LZWolf here (Required to play the game)
Operation: Nazi Slayer on ModDB

Note: On some operating systems, there may be an error with the music (Which is created by Orka himself!). If that’s the case, AstroCreep has created a music patch to fix the problem. Download this and load it alongside the game, and the problem should go away. Also, the music is pretty good.