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New Releases

Team Raycast members DoomJedi and Linuxwolf have released the next in their “Eisenfaust” series of mods, which look at released games and expand on them, giving them new flavour.

Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition iterates on the original Wolf3D conversion by Thomas Weiling and Havoc from 2012, adding new features and mechanics to the game to the point of bursting. The complete list of additions is kept a surprise for the player, with the features spread out and introduced slowly over the 45 levels, keeping things interesting.

Early game shows some impressive ideas though; a minimap that can be accessed while still having control in game, as well as enemies with dodging mechanics and animations just to name a couple.
The game also features extended control mapping, and WASD style controls.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Map designs are mostly kept faithful to Thomas’ designs, so if you’ve played the original you will recognize a lot of areas, but with the new changes and new music provided by RonWolf, it creates a whole new experience.

Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition is developed in Wolf4SDL and will run natively in modern Windows systems.

Download Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition (ModDB)
Download the original Time To Kill by Thomas Weiling

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The Tracy Simpsons Show is a Wolf3D mod that takes you around the world of the Simpsons, killing the family over and over again like they’re in their own little perpetual hell.

Officer-Michael-John’s mod runs on DOS4GW, so it requires DosBox to run on modern systems, but is completely in Hungarian so it can be a little difficult to navigate the menu if you aren’t accustomed to Wolf3D.

The Tracy Simpsons Show HUN Full Version (ModDB)


AstroCreep has released a trilogy of new mods, which also happen to be the very first to take advantage of Linuxwolf’s fork of ECWolf!

Wolf3D Demolition adds nine new weapons to the game, many of which with their own special abilities (Such as a Sniper Rifle that actually zooms and a Shrink Ray!).
To go with these, much of the environment is made destructible, and both the original and newly added enemies have unique death animations depending on how they’re killed.

Alongside Wolf3D Demolition, AstroCreep has also released two other Demolition mods. These consist of a new version of his earlier release ‘AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge’, and Executor’s port of ‘Second Encounter’.

Wolf3D Demolition is a gameplay mod designed to work with both of the original games, as well as most pre-existing map packs (If they are ECWolf-compatible).

Download Wolf3D Demolition.
Download AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition.
Download Second Encounter Demolition.
DieHard Wolfers forum thread. (Includes image gallery)

Download builds for Linuxwolf’s ECWolf Fork (Latest versions, Windows and Mac)

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AlumiuN has released his port of Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades for Wolf4SDL, providing an easy way to play this classic pack on modern systems!
This download comes with all (hundreds of?) maps for Super Upgrades in one file, and an exe that will let you select all the different map packs from inside the game itself. You will however need a registered version of Wolfenstein 3D to be able to play.

Important to note is that duplicate sets have been removed from this version, and the unique mapset Temporary Insanity is present in the files, but unable to be played. This is due to the difficulty in replicating the various bugs and exploits that allow Temporary Insanity to exist.

Download Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades for Wolf4SDL
Download the original DOS version, with MapEdit 8.1 and Wolf Creator.
DieHard Wolfers Forum Thread.


As the title suggests, AstroCreep’s latest experimental release is a mod that compresses almost the entire of the first three episodes of the original game into one map each.

Keys and elevators are replaced with switches for progression. The original designs remain mostly intact, with a couple of maps omitted to fit everything, and the mod provides an interesting spin on gameplay due to the way enemies “hear” you in the game.

The mod requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, and runs on the dev version of ECWolf.

Wolf3D MegaMap Download


Release: Oops! All Puppies! for ECWolf

Do you like dogs?

Dunkelschwamm has released a fun twist on Wolf3D, where just about everything in the game is replaced with a dog.

The enemies are all dogs.
The tables are dogs.
The lights are dogs.
The dogs are dogs.

The only things unchanged are ammo (You need as much as you can get) and keys.
Despite the dogs being the weakest enemy in the game, being swarmed by so many of them at once provides a unique (and cute) challenge.

The mod requires ECWolf, and will work with both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny (Though good luck if you attempt the latter).

No you cannot pat the dogs.

Oops! All Puppies! Download
DieHard Wolfers forum thread


AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge is a 10 level mod that utilizes ECWolf features to add new weapons and enemies, and most interestingly a series of hazards into the game.

There are spear traps, falling columns, automatic pushwalls and more to keep you on your toes. and make you rethink strategies of blindly running forward.

The game also includes cool music from a range of sources, and utilizes AstroCreep’s EC_WL6 Map Resource Pack as a base to build off of.

AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D, and the Dev version of ECWolf to be able to play.

Spicy Wolf3D Challenge Download
DieHard Wolfers forum thread


Release: Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion

Colonel Bill has returned with a new game, titled in the game’s ReadMe as “Spear of Destiny Demo (tm id) Fusion Patch”.

Spear Fusion is Colonel Bill’s first mod in over 15 years (!!!), and started life as a 2 level mod for the demo of Spear of Destiny.
As plans changed, the game was extended with extra levels and features. The end result is an 11-level game full of different environments and interesting level design.

Spear Fusion is a standalone download, and comes packed with the source code for anyone interested in using the game as a base for their own projects.

Update: Colonel Bill/Beirgut has updated the game to version 1.1, adding gun bobbing and fixing some bugs. The links below are up to date.

Spear of Destiny Demo Fusion Download.
Mirror Download (Via Wolfsource)
DieHard Wolfers forum thread.


AstroCreep‘s new mod Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge is a total conversion of Wolfenstein that attempts to recreate the atmosphere of Nitemare 3D, a popular retro first person shooter by David P. Gray.

The 10 level mod uses the latest version of ECWolf and includes modified sprites, as well as music from the original game, and a whole slew of advanced features.
AstroCreep also provides an optional file you can run alongside the mod, featuring remixes of Nitemare 3D’s music he created.

The mod requires the latest developer version of ECWolf to run.

Nitemare: Hugo’s Revenge on ModDB
Download Nitemare: Hugo’s RevengeMirror Download
Hugo’s Revenge Music PackMirror Download