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An interesting mod has popped up by a user going by the name “Lshspain 2020”.

WOLFEMDOM is a feature-rich game built on the engine used for the mod False Spear, and contains 15 levels which appear to be highly detailed and thought out. Much of the graphics are borrowed from other sources, with a list of credits contained in the game’s download.

It is considered NSFW, containing imagery that as the author puts it, contains “intense feeling contents”.

The game runs without the need for another base game, but will require an emulator like DosBox on modern systems.

Download WOLFENDOM (ModDB)


This week sees Serpens continue with the great MacenWolf project, porting three more mods from the often forgotten Mac community.
Each of the mapsets released follow a “Spring” theme, though it seems to mostly extend to the title only.

The first two projects are by a modder who went by the name Richard Peck, who we will apparently see again in future releases.
The mapsets are titled Palm Sunday at the Reich and Spring Has Sprung, but feature the traditional Wolf3D environments. The projects are five and six maps respectively.

Springtime for Hitler is a mapset being attributed to two authors; Tim and Wayne. Beyond the reference to The Producers, the set features eight maps which Serpens analyzes as having two distinct mapping styles to enjoy.

These projects can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. Make sure you’re updated to the latest version for the best experience.

Download Palm Sunday at the Reich (ModDB)
Download Spring Has Sprung (ModDB)
Download Springtime for Hitler (ModDB)

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This week sees the MacenWolf project release *four* new ports! These ports are all connected by the common theme of al-Quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

The first three mods in this release are all created by a man going by the name “George”, and share some odd connections as detailed in the ModDB article Serpens wrote to accompany the release.

binladen1 2

Bin Ladenstein 3D is a one level project featuring new and interesting graphics and sounds, serving as an introduction of sorts to George’s series.

binladen2 2

Bin’s Hole (In The Ground) is extremely similar to Bin Ladenstein 3D, featuring a modified version of the former’s map (Though as Serpens mentions, it is possible the release order may be the other way around). Alleged to be George’s work, but not confirmed.

binshole 2

Bin Ladenstein 2 is a three level project, expanding on George’s earlier exploration into killing Osama Bin Laden.

osama 2

As the final mod in this weeks release, The Search For Osama takes the fight with Bin Laden to the desert. This five map project is made by a man who goes/went by the name of Ken Roar, and is very different to George’s projects, despite the common theme.

Each of these projects requires a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter updated to the latest version to run.

Download Bin Ladenstein 3D (ModDB)
Download Bin’s Hole (In The Ground) (ModDB)
Download Bin Ladenstein 2 (ModDB)
Download The Search For Osama (ModDB)

Images from MacenWolf ModDB page.


Release: Wack- O- Ween (DOS)

Described as “a fever dream of a mod”, Wack- O- Ween is Reddimus’ latest release, and it’s a fun one.

In the game you play as a Spirit of Halloween called Wacko who emerges for the holiday only to find the world messed up, and it’s up to him to fix it.

A simple enough plot when summed up, but it allows the game to visit some interesting environments across 3 episodes, each with their own story, style and atmosphere.

Reddimus says that this is the “closest to a full version” the game will see, following it’s initial demo release earlier this month for Friday the 13th.

Wack- O- Ween is a standalone game that does not require any other game files to play, though an emulator like DosBox will be needed to run the game on modern systems.

Download Wack- O- Ween (MediaFire) (Wolf3D.net Mirror Download)
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This week sees two new ports as part of the MacenWolf project!

Masterful-Confusing is a five level mapset, released in 2001. Like so many of the mods being ported in the MacenWolf project, the author is unknown.

The Fuhrer’s Ambition, by Yoshimichi Endoh, has a more known and colourful history, being released in two different versions (One for The First Encounter, then again for The Second Encounter).
The MacenWolf port of this project includes both versions, and more details on it’s history can be read on Serpens’ blog post.

ambition 3
Image from the MacenWolf ModDB page

Both projects can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version!

Download Masterful-Confusing (ModDB)
Download The Fuhrer’s Ambition (ModDB)


Release: Demon WARRIOR(MacenWolf)

This week’s MacenWolf release is a nice looking affair with Serpens porting Demon WARRIOR, a project by a man only known at the moment as “BeetLman”.

demonwarrior 5
Screenshot from MacenWolf ModDB page

Demon WARRIOR looks to be a more varied and challengine Mac project, spanning 16 levels with what looks to be a lot of enemies and environments.
Serpens also notes this is one of few Mac mods to endeavour to change the colour of the floor, which is interesting indeed!

Demon WARRIOR will require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to run.
Note: Any visual glitches concerning bosses are a part of the original project, which Serpens has tried his best to replicate to be authentic.

Download Demon WARRIOR (ModDB)
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After a little over a year of work, Dunkelschwamm and AstroCreep have released the first community collaboration built on LZWolf!

The LZWolf Open Invitational Mapset is built on LZWolf, using a toolkit created by AstroCreep as a feature-foundation for modders. From there though, each of the authors were allowed to create whatever they want, standalone and with barely any restriction.

The set includes 17 maps, each created with it’s own separate concept.
Some maps range from experiences similar to traditional Wolf3D maps, to more feature laden and abstract concepts, and some experimental maps (As an example, “EISENEDIT!!!!!” takes advantage of map formats in LZWolf to showcase interesting examples of mapping in the engine. Though, those particular abilities aren’t accessible until a compatible editor is publicly released).

The mod allows all levels to be accessed from inside a central map.

The HUB in itself is interesting to explore; with a lot of areas to explore and things to see, and a lot of dancers not practicing social distancing.

The LZWolf Open Invitational Mapset requires the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, and as the name suggests, the latest version of LZWolf.

Download The LZWolf Fisrt Ever Open Invitational Mapset (ModDB)
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Serpens has released the latest two mod ports as part of the MacenWolf project!

This week sees Laz Rojas’ Halten Sie!, a mapset much lesser in scope than some of his other projects, but still a reasonably well-known project.
Halten Sie! has previously been ported to ECWolf, but this port to MacenWolf provides a level of authenticity that is hard to rival.

Screenshot by Serpens, originally posted on ModDB

Von Ribbentrop’s Tea Party is another mod from the Mac community without a known and confirmed author. As with Halten Sie! this is “just” a mapset, spanning 4 levels.

Screenshot by Serpens, originally posted on ModDB

As a final extra to cap off the week, they’ve also released a bonus mod, consisting of a single level. The level is the final map of 48 Hours, which has been ported as part of the project prior to this week.
However, they’ve felt it’s important to give people the opportunity to experience it.

These games can be played with either a copy of MacenWolf: Second Encounter or MacenWolf: Third Encounter.

Download Halten Sie! (ModDB)
Download Von Ribbentrop’s Tea Party (ModDB)
Download Hitler’s Hell (Final map of 48 Hours) (ModDB)


Release: Hitler’s Chalet (MacenWolf)

This week’s release of MacenWolf comes with a new update to the project itself. Be sure to update to MacenWolf 1.07 to ensure a smooth experience!

Serpens has brought us a new MacenWolf port in the form of Hitler’s Chalet, a Third Encounter mod by Ian Brown. Prepare for a lot of enemies, and some new environments!

This 12 level mod can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

Download Hitler’s Chalet (ModDB)
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Richter Belmont has released a new version of Project: X Insurrection after a beta release last year and feedback.

This new version fixes typos and broken maps, and includes newly designed maps.

Project: X Insurrection is a large, story-heavy game with some of the most detailed character animations of any game built on the Wolf3D engine.
It will run without any additional programs.

Download Project: X Insurrection v1.1 (ModDB)