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Serpens has ported two more mods to MacenWolf, helping us all to play more lost Mac mods!

As described on the ModDB announcement, Pussenbootzenstein is originally created by Clubey, and served as a demo for a never-finished Mac project. The mod spans four maps, and features graphics changes.

Image from the MacenWolf ModDB page

Death Row is one of those mods without an attributable author, sadly. However, it is still an available mod, and now it is available to play, should you wish to check out another small mapset.

Image from the MacenWolf ModDB page

These mods will require a copy of MacenWolf to run. Be sure to update to version 1.01!

Download MacenWolf 1.01 (Via ModDB)

Download Pussenbootzenstein (Via ModDB)
Download Death Row (Via ModDB)
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Images from the MacenWolf ModDB page


Along with today’s release of MacenWolf in the form of the Second Encounter and Third Encounter, the first two Mac mods have been ported to the engine, making them finally playable on modern PCs!

Spear of Longinus was released in 2002 by Clubey, featuring 20 levels, originally using The Third Encounter as a base.

Simon’s Oldies is a collection of several titles by Simon, also known as Bicman. Many of Simon’s mods were built for the First Encounter; the demo version of the full Second Encounter release. These titles have all been grouped together, and are playable in an episodic format through MacenWolf.
Like many shareware mods of old, they are very ecclectic.

And some very unexpected challenge. There’s a second Hans behind this one.

To run these mods, you merely need to unzip the contents of the mod downloads into the main folder of a copy of MacenWolf (Either version).
Then to play, just execute the .bat file, or create a shortcut for Macenwolf using the following parameter (Making sure to replace NAME with the name of the mod).

--file NAME

As an example, The Spear of Longinus is contained inside the folder at “MacenWolf\longinus\”, so the parameter to run that mod would be as follows:

--file longinus

Download The Spear of Longinus for MacenWolf
Download Simon’s Oldies for MacenWolf
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Serpens and Nexion, two members of the Wolfenstein 3D community, have released something truly spectacular!

MacenWolf is an engine built on Wolf4SDL designed to recreate the experience of playing Wolfenstein 3D and it’s mods as they were available on Apple’s systems.

And it does a fantastic job.

Many projects have attempted to port the games from Macintosh before, to varying degrees of success.
It’s important to note that this project isn’t mere sprite and map replacements. The creators of this project have gone to great lengths to recreate and emulate many details, including menus reminiscent of the old Mac operating systems the game ran on, and the many gameplay quirks of the engine.

Be sure to look through the menus at the various options available.

Today, the core releases for the engine came out, in the form of recreations of the original Second Encounter and Third Encounter releases.
For the unaware, the Second and Third Encounter were official releases on the Mac in the 90s; a 30-level compressed version of the original game and a 60-level version closer to the original (But with some changes), respectively.


If there were any release this year thus far you should try, let it be this; the games are standalone and won’t require any additional files to play, and will run on modern operating systems.

Be sure to follow the MacenWolf page on ModDB, which will be updating over time as each game and mod is ported!

Download The Second Encounter for MacenWolf (ModDB)
Download The Third Encounter for MacenWolf (ModDB)

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MacenWolf includes definition files and instructions to allow mods to be created within it as well! If you’ve wanted to make a Wolf3D mod in the style of the Mac games, here’s your chance to try!


First announced back in February, Blzut3 has published the first release version of WolfstoneExtract; a tool that allows you to play Wolfstone 3D and EliteHans in ECWolf!

Wolfstone 3D and EliteHans are easter eggs within the MachineGames series of Wolfenstein games. Each are reimaginings of id Software’s original games as they would be in the universe they portray; instead of an American soldier trying to escape the Nazis, it’s Hans trying to escape the Resistance.
Despite the changes that have been made, these games are still very similar to their original counterparts and will be very familiar to long time fans of the games.

To use WolfstoneExtract you will need to own a copy of either Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus or Wolfenstein: Youngblood. You will also need the latest version of ECWolf.

Download WolfstoneExtract (Via ECWolf website)
Download the latest version of ECWolf

Read Blzut3’s announcement post
If you haven’t already, read this interesting post by one of the designers at Machine Games!

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Release: Space Quest Demo (DOS)

An odd release has popped up on ModDB, entitled Space Quest. It’s a graphical modification for the first episode of the game, with some minor modifications made to the first map.

It includes all the files needed to run (Though the version of DosBox included will not work out of the box). There are weird quirks with the game that may result in freezing in places (Especially if you try to play episodes 2 through 6), so it is advised to keep play to the first episode to avoid problems.

The files for ChaosEdit are also included, with a heavy emphasis on creating your own levels with for the mod.

Download Space Quest Demo (ModDB)


Ipank7000 has emerged from hibernation/college to bring us a brand new set of maps for Spear of Destiny!

The maps are designed interestingly and deliberately, and there’s a lot to explore in some areas.

The mod contains just the map files, and will require a registered copy of Spear of Destiny to play.
Ipank7000’s Mapset #2 will work with all the core engines (DOS, Wolf4SDL, ECWolf/LZWolf), but Ipank7000 recommends using one of the modern ports over DOS if possible.

Download Ipank7000’s Mapset #2
DieHard Wolfer’s Forum Thread


Release: The Damonisch Portal (ECWolf)

Update 2020/06/26: A new update has been released for the game, adding a new 3-level episode!

Update 2020/06/11: An update has been pushed, fixing a small spriting error.

Update 2020/06/08: A new version of the mod has been released, cleaning up the files and formatting. The new download is available below.

A Wolfenstein 3D modding group by the name of Team_Fir2 has published their first mod for ECWolf with the full title “Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal”.

The mod took two months to make, and features graphics from a number of sources as well as new maps reportedly covering the first 3 episodes of the game.

The mod requires ECWolf/LZWolf to play, and comes with an additional file for music as well as instructions for how to play.
While it comes with the WL6 files, the mod does not appear to work with Wolf4SDL or DOS.

Download Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal (Via ModDB)
Team Fir2’s homepage

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A new modder Xyzzy01 has released his first map, entitled “Blueberry Blitz”!

The map is an unusual challenge, and one that will likely require multiple attempts to deal with the hazards being thrown so unexpectedly at the player.

The mod includes both a WAD file to play the game with ECWolf/LZWolf as intended, but also the altered WL6 game files to try with other engines.
Along with the engine, you will also need a registered/full copy of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download XYZWolf1


Release: Size Matters

Size Matters is a new experimental mapset released by ack, and follows the ideals of some of his earlier mapping exploits.

As explained in the text file included in his download, most maps are confined to 17×17 in size. Despite this constraint there’s no shortage of creativity and challenge in the levels, as the confined spaces tease enemies right from the start.
The set is non-traditional in its approach and challenging if you don’t adjust to its approach. Be prepared!

Size Matters will require the original version of Spear of Destiny to play, and comes bundled with an SDL exe to play without the need for emulation.

Download Size Matters (original download)
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