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One of the best things about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was ‘Wolfstone 3D’, an alternate-universe take on Wolfenstein 3D which flips the roles, turning Hans into the protagonist, fighting off the Resistance (and Blazkowicz!).

Thanks to Blzut3, you will be able to play Wolfstone using ECWolf very soon! (And sooner if you don’t mind some conditions!)

His new tool will require an installed copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to work, but will turn the 60 level mini-game into a standalone mod file to use with ECWolf!

It is still a few weeks away from having an official stable release while important finishing touches are done, but if you’d like to compile it yourself to test, or read the short explanation of how his tool works, Blzut3 has made it available on his bitbucket account.

Wolfstone.pk3 will work with the latest stable release of ECWolf, but it is suggested to use the latest development version to fix possible issues that may occur with the Read This! function.


Release: Thomas’ Spear of Destiny

Thomas Weiling has released a map pack for Spear of Destiny! It includes 21 levels of classic (and challenging) levels for the game. Be careful!

The mod includes just the map files, so to play you will need the full version of Spear of Destiny to play. However, this also means it will work with any engine for the game (from DOS and Wolf4SDL to ECWolf and LZWolf!)

Download Thomas’ Spear of Destiny
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards (Includes more screenshots!)


AstroCreep has released some simple variations of some of his Demolition mods, titled “Thi-Time”. Included is AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition and Kowtow Demolition, as well as the original Wolf3D Demolition.

Thi-Time changes your character to Thi Barrett from Rise of the Triad, making the player a little faster and adding some new graphics and sounds. Apart from that, the mods are largely the same as the original versions (Packed with new weapons, enemies and destructibles).

The mods require the latest version of LZWolf, and a registered version of Wolf3D to run.

Note: While the original Wolf3D Demolition is compatible with many mods, games and map packs, some of the changes in Thi-Time may result in visual problems if played with Super 3D Noah’s Ark or MacWolf.

Download Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download Kowtow Demolition (Thi-Time)


MetaLLion066 on ModDB has released a simple mod for ECWolf and LZWolf players, which replaces the game’s music with the songs in MIDI format.
The change in quality of the music is immediately apparent, but creates quite a different feeling.

The download comes with BAT files to run everything, or just drop the WPM.pk3 over your ECWolf or LZWolf exe.

Download Wolf Power Midi addon (via ModDB) [Mirror]
Wolf Power Midi on ModDB


Unwanted Mission Pack is a new ECWolf mod that started as a basic 12 level map pack, but ended up with a few new additions including some new enemies, art, and sounds.

The mod is made by Orka, who just a few months earlier brought us Operation: Nazi Slayer, one of the first published LZWolf mods!

Unwanted Mission Pack requires the latest version of ECWolf and a Registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D to run.

Download Unwanted Mission Pack


Yesterday marked an interesting milestone, with the release of a mod that was originally announced over 20 years ago!

Operation: Wasserstein is a new ECWolf mod by gitlance, which has been made to be a loose “re-telling of the Nocturnal Missions, woven together with the Eisenfaust super-soldier programme”.

The game was originally announced on Lance’s Wolfenstein Page in the Nineties, and has come a long way since the original concept. The screenshot below on the left is from the original version shown on the now-defunct website, with the one on the right being from the final release.

The final version of Operation: Wasserstein spans twenty levels, with a plethora of new enemies and bosses, as well as some new weapons to kill them with.

The game requires at least the current development version of ECWolf, and a Registered copy of Wolf3D to run.

Download Operation: Wasserstein for ECWolf
Read and talk about Operation: Wasserstein on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


Beyond The Grave came out a little over two years ago , and today ThunderEnema has released a new version!

The Anniversay Edition of the gothic-themed game adds an assortment of new items, levels, enemies and more, alongside “improved control” options.
The manual, credited to Jesse Stevens, is really well put together as well!

Beyond The Grave (ThunderEnema’s debut in the community!) is a Wolf4SDL game, and is a standalone title. Full credits and details are included in the download, courtesy of the creators.

Download Beyond The Grave Anniversary Edition
The game on ModDB
Discuss the game on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


Release: Deadly Sleep ported to ECWolf

Executor brings us a new port of Deadly Sleep, as part of his growing ECWolf Classics Collection!

Deadly Sleep spans 16 levels and was originally released in 2009 for DOS, and was a collaborative project between veteran modders Arielus and Brian Lowe. Executor’s version is mostly faithful, with a few borrowed graphics.

This port will require ECWolf and a copy of Spear of Destiny to run.

Download Deadly Sleep for ECWolf
Download Deadly Sleep (Original DOS version)
Discuss on DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


Last month, AlumiuN released The Operation Totengräber Community Set, a collection of levels based on BJ Rowan’s classic mod. The release was created for Wolf4SDL, and the maps were designed by an assortment of members of the community.

Today AstroCreep has provided us with a port of this set for ECWolf. It builds off of Executor’s port of the original Project Totengräber, and features all the maps by talented individuals like Serpens, ack, Chris, and Wolf3DGuy (Among many others!).

As seems to be tradition, AstroCreep has also given the port the ‘Demolition’ treatment. The LZWolf mod provides the usual assortment of new weapons, enemies, and effects to change up gameplay significantly.

Each version of the mod will require it’s respective source port to run, as well as a registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D.

Download The Operation Totengräber Community Set (Requires ECWolf)
Download the Demolition Version (Requires LZWolf)
Download The Operation Totengräber Community Set for Wolf4SDL

Discuss the set on DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


A month ago Thomas Weiling released Kowtow, a 20-level Wolf4SDL game littered with unusual and light-hearted design choices.

Today, we have a collection of related releases!

First, Thomas has worked with AstroCreep to fix music issues in the main game, and a new version has been released! Update your files!

AstroCreep has also made a direct port of Kowtow to ECWolf, providing a way to play for those who like the modern conveniences it allows.

Finally, Kowtow is also the latest game to be added to AstroCreep’s Demolition series of LZWolf mods. Kowtow Demolition adds new weapons, enemies, and destructible environments to play the maps with!

Kowtow for SDL is standalone, but the port and Demolition versions will require ECWolf or LZWolf respectively. Make sure you have the most up to date downloads!

Download Kowtow for SDL (Patched version)
Download Kowtow for ECWolf (Requires ECWolf)
Download Kowtow Demolition (Requires LZWolf)