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Release: The Damonisch Portal (ECWolf)

A Wolfenstein 3D modding group by the name of Team_Fir2 has published their first mod for ECWolf with the full title “Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal”.

The mod took two months to make, and features graphics from a number of sources as well as new maps reportedly covering the first 3 episodes of the game.

The mod requires ECWolf/LZWolf to play, and comes with an additional file for music as well as instructions for how to play.
While it comes with the WL6 files, the mod does not appear to work with Wolf4SDL or DOS.

Download Wolfenstein 3D: The Damonisch Portal (Via ModDB)
Team Fir2’s homepage


A new modder Xyzzy01 has released his first map, entitled “Blueberry Blitz”!

The map is an unusual challenge, and one that will likely require multiple attempts to deal with the hazards being thrown so unexpectedly at the player.

The mod includes both a WAD file to play the game with ECWolf/LZWolf as intended, but also the altered WL6 game files to try with other engines.
Along with the engine, you will also need a registered/full copy of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download XYZWolf1


Release: Size Matters

Size Matters is a new experimental mapset released by ack, and follows the ideals of some of his earlier mapping exploits.

As explained in the text file included in his download, most maps are confined to 17×17 in size. Despite this constraint there’s no shortage of creativity and challenge in the levels, as the confined spaces tease enemies right from the start.
The set is non-traditional in its approach and challenging if you don’t adjust to its approach. Be prepared!

Size Matters will require the original version of Spear of Destiny to play, and comes bundled with an SDL exe to play without the need for emulation.

Download Size Matters (original download)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers message boards

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Release: Abandon 2020 (Wolf4SDL)

Edit: Thomas has released an update for Abandon 2020, fixing an error in map 30. Links updated in this post. Be sure to update your game!

Today, Thomas has unveiled a new release called Abandon 2020, a remastering of sorts for his debut mod Abandon which itself was released nearly 16 years ago!
Thomas’ idea of revamping his original game has been something he’s wanted to do for a while, it’s initial form being the unreleased Abandon Special Edition in late 2004.

Abandon 2020 includes almost all the maps from the original game (Along with some cut levels, which have previous been included in Abandon v0.0), though with a little extra polish to make the experience play better.
Art has also been fixed up to be a bit more consistent, and some minor engine changes to give the player more of a chance.

The game is challenging with some interesting set pieces and environments.

Abandon 2020 is a 60 map long standalone Wolf4SDL mod, so the game can be played straight out of the box without any extra files needed!

Download Abandon2020
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Release: Astral Anomaly (DOS)

Update 27th May: A new patch has been uploaded for Astral Anomaly. Please update with the new files here.

Reddimus has released a new mod, on this April Fools Day; Astral Anomaly.

The story for the game is described as follows:

You’re a space marine stranded on your own spaceship, chased in the shadows by inexplicable horrors from
the tiny corners of the galaxy, each and every one of them after your blood.

This is a challenging mod developed in the DOS engine, with a number of engine changes to create some interesting effects (The above guards are thinking dying with portals).

The game is distributed as a standalone title, and will need DosBox to be able to run.

Download Astral Anomaly (DOS)
Discuss it on the DieHard Wolfers Message Board


Release: MiniGame: A TRTF Story

The indie game Five Nights At Freddy’s inspired a whole subculture of gaming, and a spin-off series called The Return To Freddy’s continued the universe’s odd story.

MiniGame is inspired by that spin-off series, having the character ” Gregory Takaliken ” storm the Fazbear Inc. company across 60 levels, fighting a range of cartoonish animatronics.

MiniGame: A TRTF Story comes bundled with ECWolf, and will require the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download MiniGame: A TRTF Story (Via Game Jolt)


Today, Wolf3DGuy brings us a brand new DOS mod in Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter.

This mod endeavours to recreate the Mac versions of Wolfenstein 3D whilst keeping the visual style of the original DOS release, within DOS.
The game features level layouts (With appropriate tweaking) from across the Macintosh releases, new weapons from those games (The Mac version of Wolf3D had both a Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower!), and some other nice additions detailed in the Read This.

The game is well put together, and in these difficult times it could be just the thing to finally occupy your time.

Wolf3DGuy hopes that this will inspire others to make DOS mods, and has plans in a future update to include not just the source code for people to modify, but also the definition files to edit the game in most current Wolf3D Editors!

The game can be run standalone, but will need to be run through DosBox if you are playing on a modern operating system.

Download Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter
Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter on ModDB

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This is a new ECWolf mod by MINOTAURiii975, mixing some nice game design elements with silly visuals and illusions.

The mod is three levels, each piling onto the last to create a potentially disorienting (but typically humorous) experience as you search for Hitler.

MINOTAURiii975 is a Wolf3D modder from way back, making Gates of Hell in 2004, and it’s great to see him back!

All Heil The Hunt For The Hidden Hitler requires ECWolf, and the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download All Heil The Hunt For The Hidden Hitler
Download the developer version of ECWolf


Serpens -the community member who started The Wolfenstein 3D Wiki– has created an extension of that project in the form of WL9!

WL9 is a GitHub repository serving as a home for a vast archive of different files and documentation from mods, editors, and other community sources, as well as multiple official documents related to Wolf3D.

These files include but are not limited to:

The project isn’t restricted to just Wolfenstein 3D either, and include files for Corridor 7, Operation Body Count, and the other games built on their shared engine.

This will hopefully prove a useful resource going into the future!

If you have a version of something that isn’t currently listed, you can help out the project by contacting Serpens via email ( nawigator.pirx(at)gmail.com ).

Visit WL9
Just visit WL9